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  1. Dan's aha lotion success stories

    Face hasn't broken out from the aha so far. Skin seems way smoother from using it, pity it looks like I've skin cancer though. Hopefully this helps with the marks and scars
  2. Hey, I don't have a leaky gut anymore, test results and colonics reveal no gut permeability. I'm drinking broths and consuming fermented foods for forever. Leaky gut, candida, liver health, parasites, unhealthy colon are possible causes I believe, everybody is different though so if you've only one of the above you're extremely lucky!
  3. Hey thanks for the replies, haven't been on much. Currently doing parasite and colon cleansing (defo have parasites because I had to get a colonic I was so backed up from the cleansing, a lot of parasites came out), hopefully this is my silver bullet. Low carb, no sugar/gluten/dairy diet, cetaphil cleanser and acne.org aha lotion plus many other supplements are what I'm using atm. Colonic therapist is sure the parasites are causing the skin and food problems, makes sense.. Hope I'm rid of this *hit soon
  4. Dan's aha lotion success stories

    OK, I used coconut oil because it helps smooth out the skin a bit. Has the lotion helped you with your red marks/scarring? Hope this isn't more money down the drain.
  5. Dan's aha lotion success stories

    Aha just arrived today so first use tonight. Cleanse with cetaphil, moisturise, then put some aha on?
  6. OK so I'm pretty positive that the cause of my severe acne and food intolerances is parasites. Whenever I try to kill parasites I become severely backed up (proof of parasites for many). I have explored every other natural avenue (gaps diet,candida diet, dairy/gluten/sugar free,every single supplement/vitamin/mineral known to man, liver cleansing and more). So I was thinking of going about trying to kill them again with ACV, black walnut hull tinctures, etc, and using enemas to keeep the bowels moving. Has this worked for anyone in getting fully clear?
  7. Acne and Working out

    Hey dude, the same thing used to happen to me but good news, I think I can help! I was diagnosed with high cortisol/stress hornone, everytime I worked out, or even did pushups I would break out like crazy! So you want to lower these levels with: The Ashwaghandha herb Nettle tea 3 tulsi tea And that's it! Hope this helps Also, don't overdue cardio, stick to sprints etc, rather than running. Running/jogging is so bad for your bodily systems!
  8. Kinda finished with cleansers and such but suppose I'll try again.. Don't have the money to buy the .org cleanser so what good over the counter brands work for you?
  9. Hey, sorry should have clarified what I meant. Since chewing a lot more, my jaw has squared off a lot more, was walking past a group of teenage girls recently and I could hear one of them say "look at his jaw!!!". At least they didn't say acne
  10. At the moment, I don't really have one, my skin breaks out when I cheat on my diet, even abtiny bit of sugar/gluten/dairy/generic shit food. But even when 100% eating clean, I'm still covered in red marks, scars. I use some kind of natural soap for washing my face. apply coconut oil sometimes at night but it doesn't do much, even after the purging stage. Tried to do manuka honey face masks for the scarring this week but stopped after doing one (started to breakout from it). Topicals have never helped in the past really. Ordered some of the lotion for Dan's regime, hopefully that helps. If that doesn't work, I'm not puting up with this the rest of my life
  11. Did you go on it? If so did it heal scarring and do you break out eating certain foods?
  12. I honestly don't think I can last much longer. The thought of having to put up with this for another day, month, season, year kills me. I have tried everything but accutane, which I know would wreck me and only surpress it, going by side effects I got from tetralysal. Especially the summer period, having to go about in make up as a guy. F**k this
  13. Was just wondering have many people actually seen big improvement from the regimes aha lotion? I've a lot of red marks and scarring, nothing so far has worked so I'm pretty desperate. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  14. Haven't ever tried the regime. But just bought the aha lotion yesterday, will keep you all posted on progress. On so many different supplements, boring diet, afraid to go on nights out, afraid of photographs, afraid to be seen during the daylight, afraid to get haircuts, afraid of mirrors, afraid of randomly catching my reflection to see how crappy I look, the list is endless. Have all you guys tried bowel cleansing/liver cleansing/gut healing/candida and parasite cleansing? Life would be infinitely easier without this shit. Let's struggle on together (working out has helped a bit with my depression anger and self esteem so try it yerselves!)
  15. Anyone else feeling this way? As in, miserable 24/7, always having to put on a straight face for friends and family. They have no idea how on edge I am. They keep saying "oh its not that bad". Seriously? Had to deal with this for the past 8 years, face, body, and chest for good measure. Every spot, cyst leaves a red mark or scar. I've to wear tinted moisturizer and concealer to look half presentable, and I'm a guy. This kills me the most. Cant even watch tv or a movie without dreaming about clear skin. Not being able to eat the foods I love, drink alcohol etc, its now too much. I can't cope anymore. Everyone in work, and in my city have normal skin, never see anybody with severe acne. Most of the time I just think about ending it all. I have no idea how I'm still alive. I just don't want to have to suffer any longer.
  16. Thanks for the reply, funny thing is I've read every article on flushing, even acneeinstein.com. I just hope they work for me, there are people out there who have gotten clear via liver flushes, and food problems..
  17. I'm more or less paleo. Drink bone broth, eat fermented foods. Don't drink alcohol anymore. Taking many probiotic supplements since last year. Taking what seems like a thousand supplements at the moment. Tried the gaps diet ( recent test results show I have zero intestinal permeability/candida/parasites). So I'm focusing on liver flushes at the moment. Have done a few with not much improvement. Anybody have success with these? What about NAET? NMT? I don't know how much longer I can put up with this shit.
  18. 21 year old male writing to tell everyone why weight lifting used to break me out. My nutritional therapist diagnosed me with high cortisol(stress) hormones. They were totally out of whack, I couldn't even do push ups without getting cysts the next day. And I knew it wasn't diet related because I avoid all my food intolerances. Anyways I'm totally fine with all forms of exercise now. I still get acne only when I eat one of my thousand food intolerances, still have scars and red marks (shitloads). Just ordered some Acne.org aha for that, hopefully that helps with that problem. This thread may be more relevant for males, women usually have problems with estrogen so Saw Palmetto would be a helpful product for you ladies. What I did to end my hormonal acne: Drink nettle tea 3 tulsi tea Ashwaghandha (weird herb that tastes like ass) That's it. However, you may also have low cortisol, and if you took the above supps, could mess you up even more, so be careful! However, if you are really easily irritated and angry the whole time like I was, and breaking out from workouts, start off slow and try the teas. You mightn't even need the herb. Peace out.