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  1. freshman added a post in a topic Deep Scar / Ice Pick Scar Cure By Water Fast   

    Don't do this!
    A water fast is NOT going to have any effect whatsoever on your scar.I am positive about this.
    It could, however have a detrimental effect on your health.
    If the scar really bothers you, have a consult with a dermatologist.
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  2. freshman added a post in a topic Punch Elevation For Ice Pick Scars?   

    Thanks for the explanation blahblah82!
    That is what bothers me most about excision - you never know how its gonna turn out.
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  3. freshman added a topic in Scar / red mark treatments   

    Punch Elevation For Ice Pick Scars?
    Hello guys,

    I was wondering if punch elevation can be successful in treating ice pick scars, because it is mentioned mostly in relation to boxcars.

    From what I've read on punch elevation, the base of the scar is excised and then somehow elevated...if this is the case I don't see how it could work on ice picks, but I've read that some people improved their ice pick scars this way.

    Also, I heard about punch excision and grafting as well...Which of these three procedures (punch elevation, excision, grafts) is best for ice pick scars?
    Or does it depend on the size and number of ice picks?

    If anyone has had this procedure done, please share your experience.
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