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    5 Days On Spironolactone
    To give you a brief background I'm a 32 year old female with hormonal acne; oily skin; large pores; acne mostly on forehead and chin; sometimes get cyctic acne on chin. I have tried pretty much every rx and cream out there, BP, SCA, Retin A, Differin, and a one time prescription of accutance as a teen, which cleared me but caused emotional issues. The acne started when I hit puberty and has let up a bit, my cheeks have become dryer over the years thankfully.

    So I decided to take the plunge and try spironolactone, 25 mg 1x a day. I decided to stop after day 5 due to the side effects, dizzy, light headed, brain fog, and the worst being having to pee every 20 minutes. The pharmacist told me the diuretic side effect would improve over time, but who has time for that? The sad part being my skin was starting to see improvement even after only 5 days, less oil, and and smoother skin, especially my forehead.

    Has anyone else experience similar side effects? How long did they last and did they improve at all? Anyone who has limited or none side effect is very lucky in my opion.

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