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    I know you posted this a while ago and I hope you've found something since! But I've had the same problem with my skin on my face too! It literally just seemed to come out of no where! And the sunlight and make-up made it look 10x worse than what it actually was. I would spend hours searching for answers online looking at remedies to cure it! And I have literally tried everything, I've bought expensive products, seen a professional dermatologist, made my own facial cleansers from natural resources and nothing worked! It was making me so self conscious and upset I literally thought I hit a dead end. My dermatologist told me that my skin is congested - which in other words means that the oil and dirt is getting caught up in my pores and as a result was creating these tiny little bumps, but no matter what I did I couldn't get rid of it. Some I could also extract but some I couldn't! EXFOLIATING is the WORST thing you can do for them, I've learnt from experience - it aggravates the skin I guess you could say, and makes them even worse and it somewhat "spreads". But I've found this new product called "Witch Hazel" - now the bottle doesn't say anything particular about getting rid of this problem BUT I put some on a cotton pad (after a warm shower that has opened my pores and after I washed my face with my normal cleanser - just use a cleanser as it will cleanse your face and the witch hazel will work much better that way) and rubbed the cotton pad on the areas that I have these tiny bumps - I went to bed - woke up and it was literally like magic! You will see such a difference just the next morning. I use it every morning after I've showered and washed my face and before I go to bed after I've washed my face. And as each day goes by the tiny bumps are disappearing and my skin looks flawless. Seriously! Go buy witch hazel, you can buy it from your supermarket or chemist (drug store) and it's sooooo cheap! It has literally been my lifesaver. And a bonus while its getting rid of these tiny bumps, my skin looks smoother and healthier, it's removed my pimples and it's toned my face. It's like a miracle product! Seriously go and buy it, can't stress enough how much it has worked for me and made me happy since. You might want to consider not wearing any foundation also while you're starting out with the witch hazel for few days as it can clog your pores and you might not see results! Good luck!
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