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  1. brig added a post in a topic Vitamins for the Skin   

    I take perfectil, which is vitamins for the skin, hair and nails. I think its made an improvement, nothing insanely huge, but my skin is more matte, pores are allot smaller..pimples heal faster...
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  2. brig added a post in a topic THIS REALLY WORKS!!!   

    Yea, less is more, too much stuff will just thin out your skin.
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  3. brig added a post in a topic Candida = Acne   

    Seems that its deal allot with the walls of the intestine,

    "Common symptoms of Candida

    A minority of suffers have numerous symptoms; the vast majority have thrush + a few others; not every sufferer has thrush.

    Group 1: The damage to the intestinal wall allows undesirable toxins to permeate into the bloodstream. This condition called ‘leaky gut syndrome’ often leads to:

    food allergies and intolerances
    foggy brain
    muscle aches"

    think oratin would be a good idea for people with this problem? Since it gets rids of bacteria in the intestine?

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  4. brig added a post in a topic Naturally Clear?   

    Actually I looked up PCOS and I think i may have that...which is scary..grea..t now i have to go see a doctor..
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  5. brig added a post in a topic mineral makeup   

    well i use bare minerals, and i love it, they have this SPF 20 sunscreen called summer bisque and it has zinc in it...totally gets rid of the it...i actually feel normal when i wear it...
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