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  1. KIDDDD added a post in a topic Any good fast food not bad for acne?   

    The best place to go is a place that offers grilled food like damons or something and order salmon or chicken, kfc is another good choise but get chicken only cause side dishes like bread may cause acne.
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    great post, i found that website about people with acne are actually healthy and our bodies deal with toxins diff than people without acne, i tryed to tell people that long ago everyone dismissed it.
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  3. KIDDDD added a post in a topic "The Last Acne Solution"--Leo Kiesen   

    The info is great but I didnt buy the book i just used the info supplied in the free e book and apllied it with my own research and common sence. The program i hear is way to intense and not necessary. All u gotta do is improve diet, get sleep, and exercise espcially after eating sugar to prevent acne. Ive noticed that when i eat carrots, kiwi and sunflower seeds, by the way those 3 foods cover all ur basic needs for fat and water soluable antixidants, weather or not thats the root cause of acne it prevents new pimples. So just add those 3 things to ur diet it should help a lot.
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  4. KIDDDD added a post in a topic My Acne Program   

    nice post but no one has time for all that and its dangerous, a simple 2 week healthy diet will do the same thing
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  5. KIDDDD added a post in a topic SWEATING plays major role in overcoming acne   

    My pic is my avitar. Im clear except for a occasional 1 or 2 zits when i eat to much junk food. I never had sever acne i use to get 4 or 5 pimples though. I noticed that when i eat ehalthy i dont get any new pimples ever and the existing ones fade away quicker. Theres no point in posting before and after pics because looking at my pics u cant tell i have acne because its not severe its only a few spots but that still bothers me. You can be like ripley and believe it or not but all i know is food matters, weather its poor digestion, hidden food allergy, excess antibiotics or horomes in meats, preservative and addictives or toxicity from to much junk food food causes acne period. Anyone who says it dosnt is just to lazy to do a proper diet, Im done posting, i tryed to help people but there to ignorant i guess. YES i posted a lto of different threads, they ALL work togeather in a system to cure ur acne , sweating, detoxing, and proper diet will help anyones acne, its helped me and lots of my friends. Im done trying to help people who dont appreciate it, ive done hours and hours and hours of research and trial and error and I know what im talking about peace
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  6. KIDDDD added a post in a topic SWEATING plays major role in overcoming acne   

    loll people like u are addicted to the foods so u dont wanna believe it causes acne. In moderation its ok like a serving at a time but NO ONE eats junk food in moderation. If u eat 1/3 or half a candybar at a time then NO i t wont cause acne but who do u know that can eat little servings of junk food NO ONE it taste to good and after u eat a small peace it makes u go into this starivng mode where u gotta eat more. Junk food makes u hungry and makes u crave for more and more. Anyone who says proper diet, exercise and less stress dosnt work is crazy. The reason it may not work for people is because eating healthy is not convient and people always end up cheating. Like is aid many times keep a notebook write down the foods u need and go get them and follow ur mealplans. If u follow all natural diet u wont get acne period.

    Everyones body works different. People with acne are actually the most healthy people around. Our bodies deal with excess toxins by makeing it come out of our skin. I for example can eat 10 cheeseburgers and never gain weight but ill get pimples, my friend on the other hand can eat all junk food he wants and never get acne but hes fat and needs glasses. No matter who u are if u eat garbage diet its efecting u somehow, it sucks some people get acne but id rather have acne then be fat or have some much more serious disease. Acne is nothing but ur body telling u something is wrong, what is wrong is ur organs are full of garbage, detox ur organs and acne will dissapear. It may not actually be the food causing ur acne ut it could all be due to poor digestion or hidden food allergies but food is involved.

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  7. KIDDDD added a post in a topic SWEATING plays major role in overcoming acne   

    lol sweating vclogs pores is bs that doctors make up. Sweating resleases the toxins that cause acne.
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  8. KIDDDD added a post in a topic SWEATING plays major role in overcoming acne   

    They all help, salmon, pomegrants, lemons, flaxseed ectttt, anything that i mention helps acne. Ive tryed them all and they not only help acne they make ur entire face just look better because acne is a inflammtroy disease and all those foods have anti inflammtory properties. Sweating combined with good diet should b enough to cure anyone, its easy to talk about it but doing it is totally different thing. Eating no junk or processed food is very very hard by itself, and a lot of people have jobs, school ect... so they cant get out and sweat every day. If u wanna conquer ur acne u need to make lifestyle changes, change diet and visit the gym, thats it good luck.
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  9. KIDDDD added a topic in Diet & holistic health   

    SWEATING plays major role in overcoming acne
    Basically acne in everyone is caused by the same thing, your body is full of excess toxins and or horomes and ur liver, kidneys and bowels are not detoxifying fast enough so ur body then has to use its last organ of elimination which is the skin which = ACNE. I recently learned that sweating plays a MAJOR role in ACNE. Our bodies releases 25% of our toxins through the skin by sweating. If we dont sweat regulary then the toxins are dumped to our other chambers of elimination which are idneys, bowels and liver and if those organs arent working at there best the result is acne because our bodies respond by using our skin to eliminate the toxins. Most people just dont know that the skin is the last organ or elimination.

    Another interesting fact that i learned is that the thyroid gland controlls the function of the skin and iodine controlls proper thyroid gland function. LOL mabie thats why doctors tell people with acne to avoid iodine becuse iodine makes thyroid work properly and thyroid controlls skin functions which means if thyroid works properly then ur chances of flawless skin are pretty good. The problem is most people work full time jobs ect.. so everyone may not have time to sweat regulary, one thing that worked wonders for me was steam showers or saunas, good luck

    sorry i forgot to post a link to where i got this great info click on tips for healthy skin enjoy
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  10. KIDDDD added a post in a topic Is steaming your face beneficial?   

    i think it helps a little but i do that sweating like total body sweating daily helps to cure acne because 25% of the bodies toxins are expelled through the skin and if ur not sweating regularly then the excess toxins are put on ur liver and kidneys and if there nto working uo to par u get acne.
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