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  1. Whiteboy added a post in a topic Godiva licorice anti blemish pack   

    i know all of you will douibt it but pls try it first pls.... its for your own good.... pls listen to me

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  2. Whiteboy added a topic in Over-the-counter acne medications and products   

    Godiva licorice anti blemish pack
    pls believe me.... hope all people in acne org especially in the emo forum can read this and try it... it is simply amazing... this is afterall the dream come true for all acne sufferers... believe or not, this is the cure... so just try it pls... for your own good... you will realize that indeed diet and all other stuffs are not related to acne...
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  3. Whiteboy added a post in a topic how big a part of your life is acne   

    7 years i have acne and i've tried everything, been through diffrerent mindsets just like that... but just after when i felt quitting i found the national solution....
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