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  1. Beekerz86 added a post in a topic Who else is addicted to music ?   

    Tool, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd. ooo and spaish guitar is wonderful as well
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  2. Beekerz86 added a post in a topic Good movies about life   

    Saving Private Ryan really hit me hard and made me have a deeper appriciation for life
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  3. Beekerz86 added a post in a topic Music on rotation   

    Pink Floyd
    Aphex Twins
    and some mediteranian jazz/ classical music

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  4. Beekerz86 added a post in a topic Candida = Acne   

    Thats awsome! Keep up it- I'm following a similar regimen along with a colon cleansing product (with no topicals btw) and am feeling/ looking better each day!!!! FINALLY
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  5. Beekerz86 added a post in a topic bodybuild & accutane   

    yeah I also have been wondering this. I'm starting accutane on the 29th but have been kinda worried about the negative side effects it will have on my body (mainly sorness/ recovery time). Being a competitive bodybuilder in the builking phase, I will be lifting heavy weights (almost powerlifting). I still eat VERY clean and avoid dairy, I just eat tons. heck, I can tell I'm really going to need all that food even more now that I'll be on tane since I don't want to jeprodize my workout intensity/ recovery time I will also be taking plenty of fish oil to help with my joints. Best of luck to all you guys.
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