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  1. rakiebakie added a post in a topic Oil Cleansing Method - Ruined My Skin And Now I Can't Fix It No Matter What I Do! Please Help!   

    After 4 months on Lymecycline and Duac I am finally 100% clear. Best thing you can do if you had issues on the ocm is to stop using it and head straight to your doctors. It takes ages but you will get there eventually!
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  2. rakiebakie added a post in a topic Vitamin D Has Cured Me Of Oily Skin And Acne   

    Hey, this is really interesting. I've had a hideous breakout recently, and been put on lymecycline and Duac, which has seen some improvement. However during the base blood tests I gave on starting Duac, I found out I have a Vit D deficiency think my level was 35 so I started on 3200IU D3 each day. I had previously been taking D2 but stopped.
    It's only been 2 weeks since I started the supplements, so not enough time to tell really. It seems to be quite a bit better but I don't know if that's the antibiotics which I have been taking for around 6 weeks now kicking in. I'm certainly not clear but the acne on my jawline has gone. This post have given me hope. Will let you know how I get on in the coming weeks.
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  3. rakiebakie added a post in a topic Oil Cleansing Method - Ruined My Skin And Now I Can't Fix It No Matter What I Do! Please Help!   

    I have to say since starting with Lymecyline, and Duac (benzyclin) my skin is so much clearer. My chin area is pretty much acne free, bar some scarring. Even the blackheads around my chin are nearly gone. I still have 4-5 spots at any one time but it's an improvement. My doctor said he might put me on dianette but that's a bit more complicated. I'll give you an update once I have finished the antibiotics. To see such improvement after 5 weeks is very encouraging though
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  4. rakiebakie added a post in a topic Oil Cleansing Method - Ruined My Skin And Now I Can't Fix It No Matter What I Do! Please Help!   

    I am yet another person who had a horrific experience with the OCM. I experienced TERRIBLE cystistic acne on my forehead, cheeks and jawline and chin area. It's the worst my acne has ever been. My skin looked great for like a month and then all hell broke loose! I carried on because I believed the bullshit that it was purging! I tried switching from jojoba to grapeseed with no improvement.
    I stopped just before Xmas and have seen a dramatic improvement after using tea tree wipes and witch hazel. I went to my doctor though as I still have a lot of blocked pores and new smaller breakouts. My doc has started me on Duac and Lymecyline and I am having tests to check thyroid function.
    I wish I had never discovered the OCM and just gone to my doctor in the first place.
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  5. rakiebakie added a post in a topic Oil Cleansing Method   


    Thanks for your reply.

    I'm vegan so dairy is not an issue. I avoid sugar anyway and but I'm considering going Raw for the new year.

    What supplement would you recommend?
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  6. rakiebakie added a topic in Other acne treatments   

    Oil Cleansing Method
    Hi guys,

    I started doing the oil cleansing method 3 months ago on jojoba oil. The first month was amazing, my skin cleared up. Then the breakouts started... I've been using pure which hazel as a toner for the last month as it got so bad! Now it's a little better but I still have bumps on my jawline and really bad scarring.

    I was advised to switch to grapeseed oil which I did yesterday, but to be honest I'm feeling pretty down about the state of my skin. I've been told to ditch the make up which I have also done but people stare when I go out!

    Have others had any success on the OCM? My friend is thriving on it but does not have acne like me. You can see how t was a couple of weeks ago in the photo.

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  7. rakiebakie added a post in a topic Breaking out really bad   

    I have that problem, I get acne round my mouth and on my cheeks and forehead. I tend to find the worst acne is on my cheeks. Just stick with the regimen for now, I know that sounds pretty useless, but if you go off now your skin is likely to get worse. Maybe you could try using more BP on the areas that need it.
    Maybe after 4 months and your still not happy, stop BP for a week and see what happens, and depending on what happens you could ask to try accutaine?

    As for diet, I don't think it makes that much difference to skin, I used to have a bad diet, and now I eat healthily, loads of fruit + veg and all that and it makes no difference to my skin.
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  8. rakiebakie added a post in a topic Crossed fingers for CSR   

    Maybe you should try the 2.5% rather than 5%, cause that might be what's causing the burning sensation as it's too strong.
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