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  1. No one can tell me what scarring this is

    I'm really concerned about the high prevalence of body dysmorphia in these forums.
  2. Thinking of self-subcision (Scar pics)

    No, I do not have unemployment. I had to leave voluntarily. They essentially made me quit because the agency couldn't keep up with the many account losses over the past 3 years. We lost nearly all of our benefits and the unsurmountable workload due to all departments slowly vacating was too much for some people, including myself, to handle. I was poorly paid as well. It's a tough market where I live. Not ideal for my line of field. I'm not sure if subcision is in essence a dangerous thing if performed by a doctor obviously, but I think I have no other choice. I have been hovering over the idea of using whatever I have left of my savings and just chalk it up, treat myself to something for once in my life and get it done by a doctor, no matter what they charge. Go into debt. I never buy anything nice. I never dine out or travel. I never do anything for myself. I've been through a lot of crap and taken a lot of crap from people because everyone thinks I'm a pushover. For once, I want to do something good for myself. I really haven't discarded the idea of getting subcision done properly by a professional. In fact, just this Monday I called my local derm. However, their secretary told me that they actually don't do subcision there,which confused me because it was listed as a treatment option on their site. She says that I have to see an esthetician to get an evaluation. This immediately raised a flag, because I told her in detail that I have pitted decades old acne and that laser hasn't worked for me before. If they were seriously experienced with this,they wouldn't be suggesting an esthetician. No amount of treatments from an esthetician is going to treat what I have. I need a doctor and an invasive treatment plan to treat scarring. Unfortunately, they were the only derms in my area whose website claimed did subcision. The other 2 centers here only offer laser. I think I may have no other option. I'll have no other choice, but to do it myself. I'm just hoping I get enough feedback to properly do this. I would like links to supplies/methods/regimens (Nokor needles and gauge/suction tools/topical healing treatments/how to insert nerdle, etc...). If anyone has experience with self subcision, please share your process. Thanks.
  3. I've heard in the range of $175–$300 for subcision. I lost my job a few weeks ago, anything a derm is asking, even if cheap, I will likely not be able to afford it. I've done needling before with some success using both the single needle method and a needling pen. I'm not 100% confident in doing it myself, but not afraid either. I just want to be very well informed on the process. See pics attached. Primarily rolling scars with boxscars and bumpy texture. All of them are my left cheek in different angles.
  4. Scar Success!

    Maybe I missed it somewhere in this long thread, but I'm still struggling to understand how do you treat diffused scarring/rolling scars. Meaning scarring that doesn't seem to have a defined point where it is tethered. It is hard to tell, but you seemed to have a few of them on your old picture. While most of mine are boxscars with a few icepick ones, I have numerous rolling scars around my mouth area and I think those bother me the most. I have been needling for a while but inconsistently. I'll admit, I don't keep up with it on a schedule so I won't see the results I want unless I keep it consistent. I did at one point do the single-needle method and I saw results for a single scar, but in my obsession with getting rid of my rolling scars that I hate the most, I invested in a needling pen tool. It has been great. I prick on multiple scars at a time and get an overall benefit for fine lines and wrinkles, but I also know I'm hitting my scarring straight on rather than an angle. The pen may have or may have not helped with my rolling scars, I won't know unless I treat them more consistently. However, I don't know if that IS the proper way of treating rolling scars. I have always been dreadfully afraid of TCA, but as a veteran member since 2005, I have seen the miracle of what it has done to people. My skin is NOT sensitive at all. I have pounded my face with a bunch of irritating chemicals and my scarring seems as stubborn as ever. For this, I feel I have to start at a minimum of 30% TCA. Most scars are 15+ years old and are actually not very deep, somewhat shallow, but they are numerous and stubborn. They get red sometimes making them look terrible in natural/overhead/fluorescent lighting. To the point I'm used to people commenting on them. I'm considering getting back on the scar treatment boat and trying a combination of TCA/needling. I'm just wondering how exactly did you tackle your more diffused scarring or treat uneven textured skin (if any) and was there a method you used to apply the TCA? On what kind of scars? Thanks and congratulations on your success.
  5. Acne scars

    Sorry, but this is not "severe".
  6. Acne Scars causing ageing?

    It's not your acne/scars it is your face structure. You look "chiseled", if that's an appropriate word. Guys in their early 20's still have baby fat around their face giving away their age. You look more developed than most 20 year olds and that's not necessarily a bad thing, scars or no scars.
  7. I've never been a big believer in natural home remedies for treating acne/scarring. In my experience, it would take forever for me to see meager results or none at all. However, mom sent me a link for a natural papaya mask since she likes Googling/typingwith a single finger all kinds of natural remedies to heal the world. I wasdubious, but I gave it a go and I have to say that I was a little impressed by the results. I recently went through a spontaneous breakout along my jawline, including some of those old cystic nodules from back in my teen heydays (those fuckers hurt!). When the acne healed, they left really dark spots especially on my chin. I'm the kind of gal that has to wait forever to get rid of hyperpigmented skin. It can take up to 2 months for me to see any lightening and 4-5 months for them to go away completely. I figured this mask wouldn't do much, but after 3 consecutive days of treatment, I noticed that my overall color was more visibly even, redness had subsided and my dark spots were 2 or 3 shades lighter. I'd even dare say that although I'm sure it did not directly affect my hypotrophic (icepicks/rolling) scars, it has helped reduced the redness enough that they look more even and less deep. If anyone is interested in trying this, let me know your results. Papaya Mask 1/4 strip of fresh papaya w/skin and seeds 2 tbsp of raw organic honey 1/2 of a fresh lemon Include the papaya, honey and lemon in a blender and blend until you get a paste. Dab on face in layers for a thick coat. Leave on for 30 minutes and rinse off. Optional: You can cut out holes in a plastic sandwich bag for your nose and mouth and place over the mask to lock in the effect. ________________ Word of warning: If you have really sensitive skin or are under any medication that affects your skin, I would stay away from this treatment as it can be irritating. Even if you aren't sensitive, I would not try this longer than 3 consecutive days. The active ingredient working here is the naturally occurring enzyme papain in the papaya. Although this makes a great exfoliant, this enzyme is so effective it can break down protein in cells if overdone. You might feel a tingling sensation the first time you try it and this is completely normal, but if you do feel your skin is starting to burn or itch rinse it off and stop using. Thanks.
  8. Advice/recommendations on Scarring (PICS)

    How old are you? You look pretty young. You are correct in understanding that acne scarring is very difficult to treat, but not impossible. The reason I ask your age is because there is a big chance that because you are still breaking out and your scars look fairly recent,your scarring may fade away on its own in time. However, this can take years and I know you don't want to hear that. I don't think your scarring is bad at all– I'd say mild to moderate. What makes it look bad is the fact that: #1 it is on your face and we all see it worse than it really is...#2 redness and active acne will always make scarring look more pronounced. After a 6 month course of Accutane, it took me 2 years before I started treating any scarring. I would have done it a year sooner, but expenses didn't allow me. I was reccommended the Smoothbeam laser 13 years ago, which at the time was one of the cheaper laser options derms in my area provided. I only paid for 3 treatments before I stopped.Years later I came to realize it would have been a waste of time and expense had I gone full out the reccommended 6 treatments.Not that it couldn't have worked, butin reading more about it and reading other cases, I learned that in my case, I could achieve the same results with patience and other less expensive options. Some lasers work in different intensities, but in general, they all work similarly in trying to help rebuild lost collagen especially in older scarring that has stopped healing. The key here is collagen that has stopped rebuilding itself! There is a chance yours is still healing and the shape and density of your scarring may change all on its own. I'm not the one with the degree but honestly, I don't see that your acne is severe enough that they can't start some sort of treatment. Unless your doc is talking about laser and you came off of something like Accutane... it is totally understandable why he won't touch your scars. But I think that some mild microdermabrasion may help your scarring and even helpyour current acne. In looking at your pictures,I think that at this point, any type of exfoliating treatment may be your friend. If down the line you want to try something more aggressive, then it'll be up to you. Good luck.