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  1. This article was featured on Yahoo recently. Although diet doesn't always work miracles for everyone, I find some of this information true for myself. I am from Dominican ancestry. If any of you are familiar with our diet, we have a very Afro-centric influence to the foods we choose, including a lot of tubers. I have observed that with my country people and their diets, particularly those exposed to touristic regions, have been drastically affected with the way they eat. Often raising their chances of disease, hormonal disorders—hence acne. This is compared to people in the countryside who largely remain untarnished by outside influences and continue to eat traditionally as their taino ancestors where used to. Despite poverty and other ailments, these folks live to a very ripe age and if you observe young people, they are mostly free of blemishes. I, myself unwittingly started going back to my traditional foods because I became ill for a long while. I had a very sinister hormonal disorder involving an adrenal tumor. Because of this, I became sensitive to a host of foods, mostly sweets: sugar, saccharine, high fructose, sugar alcohols like xylitol, sorbitol—even, natural sweeteners like fructose, stevia and honey. I will literally stop functioning if I eat this. I get pain in my joints and severe fatigue and depression. I'm also intolerant to gluten and dairy and can only eat small meals at a time otherwise I trigger my adrenals to overproduce. My digestive system is pretty much damaged and my only saving grace were bland non-starchy foods like yucca, yams, yautia and malanga. Mostly plant based, no meats except for fish. I essentially eat foods that have a low GI and it has tremendously helped with the bloating, bathroom issues and acid reflux. I still, unfortunately, continue to have acne (I am 32 years old). Again, my problems could be deeply rooted in my endocrine history. I haven't been able to find out the exact cause. I stopped seeing doctors last year because I became too sick to work and therefore became uninsured. One thing is for certain, what I eat today is NOT contributing to my acne. Just sharing. Thanks.
  2. Her explanation seems pretty basic. Not much in the knowledge, but I just found this interesting seeing that I don't see many scar sufferers speaking about their self-treated process on YouTube. If you look at her before and after videos, she has pics on her scarring. It's actually pretty impressive results. Just thought I'd share in case ya'll haven't seen it: