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  1. Post Subcision Results w/Picture

    @JackAlfonso They seem pretty soft to me. I think you primarily have rolling scars and maybe a few boxscars. They look like prime candidates for subcision.
  2. Don't be so harsh on his response. I for one appreciate being made aware of the possibility of a dangerous risk. I think you are the one out of line here. Sorry.
  3. Post Subcision Results w/Picture

    Pretty cool stuff! You have similar scars to mine, except mines are more numerous and extend to my cheek area. I'm ethnic as well and we have similar skin types. I was planning on getting subsicion and I had an appointment set up for mid-June. However, I must have a black cloud hovering over my head because things happen at the worst time. Our car broke down and now we have to get a new one. It's an emergency situation and I wouldn't be able to get around without a car, much less make it to my appointment so I'm going to have to cancel. This setback is going to hurt me financially. If and when I do get subsicion, I plan to upload my progress online. I love it when people encourage us like yourself and let us know how things are going. Thanks so much!