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  1. Saw+Dr.+Novick+today+(updated+with+pictures)

    Congrats! Man, so jealous. I wish I could use my savings for subcision. I have been dying to try and improve my scars for the past 15 years and I was going to, but life keeps dealing me the worst cards in the game. I'm literally dumping everything I saved up for in medical treatment because I have no insurance. I have to see a doctor once again to fight for my health. Every time I think i'm ready to embark on this scar healing journey, I keep getting roadblocked. Why is life so cruel? Why can't I feel healthy for once and finally be able to do something for myself? I have spent my 20's and now my mid 30's feeling sick and when I finally think I'm healed and can move forward, life looks down on me shaking a finger and telling me I have no right to smile. My skin won't stay young forever and the longer I delay treating my scars, the harder it will be.
  2. So the Vitex worked for me. I took it over the course of a little over 1 month, 1x day 400mg capsules. Incredibly, the first thing it did for me within a day of taking the first dose, was trigger my period and start clearing up my acne. I had not had my period in over 5 months so for my period to coincidentally start after taking the Vitex was incredible. Absent periods is a longstanding issue with me since I was a teen. I have a history of hormonal problems, more specifically adrenal tumors. This was resolved. I no longer have Cushing's disease, but a lot of my symptoms were not resolved even years after getting treatment for the Cushing's. Originally, it was assumed that my absent menses and acne was a result of the Cushing's. It probably, to some degree played a role, but did not paint the entire picture. I'm suspecting PCOS. Last time I was tested, everything was normal except my dHEA was high and possibly my progesterone levels were low (I can't tell because I don't know in what follicular phase I was in when I got tested). So, I tried the Vitex because unfortunately I can't see a doctor anymore since I lost my insurance. It worked like clockwork. Within a week, all the tiny bumps around my face went away. It went as far as improving the texture of my skin, helping my pitted scarring to become a little softer and less noticeable. It gave me a nice little glow to my skin. The weird thing however, is that it did not improve how much oil I was producing. In fact, I observed how my skin became oilier while on the Vitex. I didn't mind this as long as I wasn't breaking out so I continued to use it for about a month. Around the 3rd/4th week, I began noticing my hair getting a curly texture (my hair is naturally flat-iron straight). Then the strands became thinner and eventually started shedding, mildly at first. I usually don't freak out over stuff like that since I've been through the experience when I had the Cushing's. I figured, if it is the Vitex, it might have triggered a fluctuation in my hormones that are causing the follicles to enter the resting phase. It's normal and will probably slow down as I continue to stick with it, I thought. After the 5th week on the Vitex, I decided to wash my hair since I normally only wash it twice a week. As I was rinsing my shampoo out, a huge glob of hair fell into the shower sink! It was so much, I literally heard it plop on the tub. My heart sank because immediately I thought Cushing's! But then remembered I was on the Vitex. I was having a mild panic attack. The following day I decided to discontinue the Vitex to see if it was the problem. And it was. It took me about 2 more weeks but my hair stopped falling out and my hair began to get thicker again. Unfortunately, along with my hair came back my acne. We are now in a new month and I have missed my period once again. I'm disappointed I had to get off the Vitex as it was working wonders on one thing, but breaking something else. This is all leading me to suspect PCOS, if this doesn't continue to be an adrenal issue. I'm thinking about giving Saw Palmetto a shot if my problem is high dHEA or androgens. I would like to get retested, mostly because I'm supposed to be following up on my cortisol levels every year in case of a Cushing's reoccurrence. Unfortunately, I'm unable to work and lost my insurance. For now, my best bet is eating clean, and trying herbal and natural remedies. So far, no such luck. Anybody else heard of Vitex causing hair loss? It's usually the opposite result for most women.
  3. Guide to Hormonal Acne - PCOS and Estrogen Dominance

    I'm surprised this post hasn't had any responses. Thank you for taking time to compile all of this info. Some of it comes as a surprise. Particularly the use of Zinc to counteract the effects of testosterone. I have heard quite the opposite. I started taking a food derived multivitamin (Nature's Way Alive: Women's Once Daily) with 15mg of zinc and I add an additional 10mg with as a separate dose. Can't say if it is helpful as of yet since I don't feel I've been on it long enough. I have a longstanding history of hormonal issues. My symptoms were much more sinister than acne. I had Cushing's disease when I was 23 from an adrenal tumor. I had irregular menses, hair loss, and acne. It has been 11 years since I lost my left adrenal (they had to excise the entire organ). After surgery, the hair loss and acne halted for about 9 years. I did not see any difference in my menses becoming regular, even after surgery. The acne returned about two years ago. My hair periodically changes texture (dry, brittle). My skin is usually also coated in sebum in the mornings and afternoons. It is a lot! I observe symptoms no matter what time of the month it is. Symptoms also aggravate with mild to moderate exercise. I have been looking into PCOS for a while and been tested by an endo with no conclusion. About 15 years ago, a family doctor told me I had a small cyst in one of my ovaries. He said it was so insignificant that he didn't think it was a problem. Then I found out about the Cushing's and everything else took a backseat. Labs from last year didn't conclude any PCOS, although PCOS I think was secondary to what my endo was looking for. She was more focused on CAH or Adrenal Insufficiency because I told her I was having fatigue and joint pain. I have noticed I am on the high end of DHEA-S. I've included my labs here if anyone is curious looking though it. I would continue to pursue an ovarian sonogram to look for cysts, but my fatigue and pain got so bad I had to quit working and lost my insurance.