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  1. Dermablend Cover Creme Help!!!

    i havent used that one but i do use the leg and body foundation as my foundation because it covers everything. i love the stuff and a big tube of it is only like $30 at ulta. i haven't broken out from it either. i used to use the dermablend intense powder camo before i found this stuff but found that this just covers way better and its great for drier skin too since its very creamy. i have to use the setting powder with it though to keep it on all day. good luck to you!
  2. Co2 For Raised Scars?

    hey i just saw your post.  even though we talked via private messaging i wanted to update this thread anyway. on sept 8th i saw dr. nelson novick in nyc and he looked at my scars and said they were hypertrophic and injected them with kenalog. they do look better but i would like to have the one scar injected again at some point. he does want to needle them as well later on but that wont be for a while since both of my cats are sick. anyway i am so glad i found this doc but pissed that i struggled with these scars for 3 years and did so many laser treatments and chemical pills when a few little shots is all i needed to see them going down a bit. i will update again when i get back to nyc sometime in the future.
  3. New Content error

    thank you so much for the fast reply and you are very welcome ;)
  4. When a user selects New Content on the page they get a server error. It is the new content link right next to the mark all content on the site as read link. thanks
  5. you look great! thanks for updating!