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  1. tracy521 added a post in a topic ***bumps On Nose Form Old Acne, Please Help****   

    kenalog injections will help you out. make sure you find a skilled derm that knows what they are doing. good luck!
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  2. tracy521 added a post in a topic Fractional Co2 Resurfacing - My Experience   

    yeah I would say in a few months you should know for sure what type of results you had with this laser. my face always look amazing afterwards too then once the swelling died down it looked pretty much exactly the same. don't expect too much and then you wont be disappointed. I went the laser route many many times in the past but wont do it again. good luck with everything!
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  3. tracy521 added a post in a topic Vinegar On Nose Bump Scar W/pictures   

    there should be a few good derms in your area to get that injected. it would take that down pretty quick without damaging your skin. I would stop doing anything else crazy to your skin because you are young and you don't want to live the rest of your life with damage on your nose.
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  4. tracy521 added a post in a topic Vinegar On Nose Bump Scar W/pictures   

    did you ever try getting that injected? i have a few raised areas on my chin that the doc said was hypertrophic scarring but since they werent that raised nobody ever wanted to inject them until i saw a new derm. he injected them 2 weeks ago and they look so much better already. thats the easiest and quickest way to get results without having to do crazy things to your skin. you might need a few injections to flatten it out but it is well worth it.
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  5. tracy521 added a post in a topic Saline Injection For Cortisone Atrophy?   

    Yup! Mine was on my jawline about the size of a dime
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  6. tracy521 added a post in a topic Saline Injection For Cortisone Atrophy?   

    i dont have any experience with saline but i know various derms who do that when atrophy from a cortisone shot occurs. i had a few shots indent but never had saline injected and after a few months they all filled in. good luck to you!
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  7. tracy521 added a post in a topic *pictures Body Image: How Clear Is Considered Clear?   

    i haven't had acne in almost 3 years but when i get a small bump it really makes my anxiety go sky high and brings me back to those days when i felt so awful and just cried all the time. i dont think anybody that hasnt gone through it can ever truly understand how devastating it is have bad acne and scars it just really screws you up for a long, long time and sometimes its something you can never get over. for me working out a lot and listening to a ton of music really helps me as well as just keeping super busy so i dont have time to dwell on things too much. i do have to say though h88frances that your skin looks pretty freaking awesome even though its just a picture the difference is like night day. try not to be too hard on yourself and if you ever need to chat i am here
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  8. tracy521 added a post in a topic Hormonal Acne Is Ruining My Face, Help Me   

    nothing has worked better for my hormonal acne than spironolactone and in the past antibiotics worked well too but you cant stay on them forever like you can the spiro. i like to use a toner with glycolic acid in it too just to keep my pores from getting clogged. i wont breakout now with clogged pores while being on spiro but i prefer not to have any of them if i can avoid it. good luck!
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  9. tracy521 added a post in a topic Who Has The Best Scar Doctor In The Usa   

    I think thats a great idea! I do have his email too if you want it. I say go for a consult and see what he has to say and go from there. Keep me updated!
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  10. tracy521 added a post in a topic Epilating Electrode?   

    Its not just a needling device? That is what it sounds like to me but why dont you email and ask him. He should write you back pretty quickly - his email is [email protected] - good luck!! i've seen him recently which is why i have his email address if you are wondering
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  11. tracy521 added a post in a topic Who Has The Best Scar Doctor In The Usa   

    Wow thats odd who did you talk to? Sunji does all the scheduling but i only talked to him via email before my appointment and he wrote me back right away both times and was very nice. When i went to his office he spent an hour with me talking about everything before he even did the injections he was literally the nicest doc i've ever met. You are so close I would see him if you have the chance he knows so much about all types of scarring and he wont do any procedure unless he thinks its the best option for you. He doesnt use lasers either which i love because having been duped out a few grand on lasers that dont work its nice to finally see improvement on these scars. Good luck to you in whatever you do

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  12. tracy521 added a post in a topic Please Help Me, It Just Keeps Getting Worse   

    hey i just want to tell you that as hard as things are now they will get better. i can promise you that! i would see what the derm thinks of going on accutane but have you tried antibiotics at all? if you havent that will most likely be the first thing that your derm will want you to try as well as some sort of retinoid. i know for myself getting accutane was a real struggle they never wanted to give it to me until i already had scarring but thank goodness i found spiro because that was what i needed for my hormonal acne. the hard part is that there is nothing that will get rid of your acne immediately but there are things that can help it get better within the next few months. just try to hang in there for now and get some good makeup that will help you feel better when you have to go to school and stuff.
    i am sending you lots of hugs and you can pm me if you ever want to talk. its all going to be ok
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  13. tracy521 added a post in a topic Alba Botanica Fast Fix For A Pimple   

    i've had good luck with the bare minerals blemish therapy and i think that stuff is only 3% sulfur. i dont get much acne anymore but i do have one small stubborn spot that i might try this stuff on. i would think with 6% sulfur it would work pretty darn fast. did it dry out the spots a lot? i know when i used to use the blemish therapy stuff it really dried the crap out of my skin.
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  14. tracy521 added a post in a topic Who Has The Best Scar Doctor In The Usa   

    I just saw him last week! He is a very knowledgeable doctor and is very nice and spent a lot of time talking with me and explaining everything. He told me the raised scars on my chin are hypertrophic scars so he injected them and said that should make them flatten out pretty nicely. He said I can come back in 3-4 months to get needling done on the area if I want as well. He charged me $350 for 3 injections so I didnt think that was very much. He also told me he has no consultation fee so I just paid the $350 and was on my way. I also liked that he has a no wait policy so when you go into the office he is ready for you so that part was cool. I have seen probably 15 doctors in the last 3 years and he was the only one that really listened to me and really seemed to care. I would highly recommend him and will be making the trek to NYC every few months to see him. I want him to work on a few of my indented scars too.
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  15. tracy521 added a post in a topic How To Overcome Social Anxiety?   

    its really hard but force yourself to do 1 thing outside of your comfort zone at least once a week but getting back into working will help a lot too. when i got my scarring i was still working so i had no choice but to be around people all the time but it took me a good 2 years to really get back into seeing all of my friends. i did it slowly though i would see 1 friend every few months that i hadnt seen in a while and then once i felt bold enough i would go to a concert outside with a friend or to a ball game but for a good while sitting outside was really hard for me. i do find the more i am out and about though the less i think about it. i think once you get over the fact that your scarring looks worse to you than to others and that people will still like you even with scars then you can move forward with your life. i'm not saying that once you get over the social anxiety part that everything is going to be easy peasy but i find with time things just get easier to deal with. sending you hugs! i know this is all so hard and its not how you pictured how your life was going to be but it will all be ok.
    one more thing too is make sure you are working regularly because i know for me it helps to burn off some of that anxiety and then i listen to a lot of uplifting music everyday to put me in a good mood as well. lastly get some really good high coverage foundation that will make you feel more confident when out in public. i wear dermablend and even though its like a mask because i really layer it on it allows me the freedom to leave my house and feel fairly normal.
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