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  1. i would stick with the spiro it takes a good while to kick in i think at least 3-6 months. what you can do now though is ask to be put on a good antibiotic to help clear up the acne you have. i was on keflex and it cleared me right up and then i stayed on that for a while after before i stopped. i am 4 1/2 years into spiro now and still clear so its worth it. spiro was the only thing that kept the cysts away for me. good luck and get on that antibiotic stat!
  2. Help with scars, dermapen?? Pics included

    i dont know if i would start with dermapen for what you have now. i would probably do a series of ipl's for the redness that will help a lot. if you have indented scars then you can do dermapen treatments in the future when you dont have any active acne but for now dont do anything crazy. i am doing dermapen treatments now for my indented and raised scars on my chin. its helped for the indented scars but not doing anything for the raised scars. i've had 3 of them and will do at least 3 more in the next 3 months. good luck to you!
  3. Is this a hypertrophic scar?

    its looking really good!
  4. Is this a hypertrophic scar?

    doesnt look like a scar at all it might take time for that to completely go away. it could be a small cyst. use some bp on it and it should go away in a week or two.
  5. Saw+Dr.+Novick+today+(updated+with+pictures)

    i will for sure i plan on seeing him again this summer. in the meantime i'm doing dermapen to try and flatten them out a bit more and i'm also having it done on my indented scars too. i go for 2nd treatment of that on saturday. dr. novick uses kenalog to inject the hypertrophic scars. good luck to you!
  6. Saw+Dr.+Novick+today+(updated+with+pictures)

    i think your skin looks fantastic! i love dr. novick he is the only doctor that ever truly listened to me. he injected a few hypertrophic scars on my face. they do look better but i need to see him again for another round of injections to completely flatten them.
  7. IPL expectations

    glad your treatment went well. the results you have will all depend on the setting your derm used on you. if you dont see much results this time around then have them adjust the setting for the next time. usually for somebody that never had ipl they are very conservative at first then gradually increase the setting until they know what your skin can handle. for me they know they can do a high setting so they do that every single time which is why i have really good results with it. i think its good to take things slow for now. good luck to you!
  8. IPL expectations

    you only get the coffee ground look on the brown spots. they take about 3-5 days to go away. they will just flake off while washing or drying your face. when your red marks are zapped they will get redder for about an hour after the procedure then gradually get lighter. you should see results after the first treatment unless they are very conservative then it might take 2 treatments but i would say no more than 3 treatments should be needed to get rid of the red marks. for myself if the marks are new usually 1 treatment does the trick. dont worry it should all go fine its really a very easy treatment and is very quick. i need to go get another one myself for the brown spots that i have i get them from the sun even though i wear spf 50. i hate that! good luck to you!
  9. ipl is the answer. it was the only thing that ever removed my hyper pigmentation. the place i go to does spot ipl's for about $100 each so its not too crazy expensive and there really is no downtime. i have had more ipl's in my life than i can count. cant say enough good things about it.