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  1. Do Dr. Nelson Lee Novick treatments work?

    good luck to you. please post your progress on here after your procedure.
  2. Do Dr. Nelson Lee Novick treatments work?

    yeah i liked that he didn't charge a consult fee so for him to inject my 3 hypertrophic scars it cost me $350. if i do get back to see him i want him to work on my indented scars as well.
  3. Help With Cystic Acne Bumps

    i have a few of those bumps on my chin and it was determined it was hypertrophic scarring. kenalog injections would help those go down and you might need a few of them to get them flatter but as far as i know there is no way to totally remove them. hugs to you.
  4. Do Dr. Nelson Lee Novick treatments work?

    i went to see him a little over a year ago and he was very knowledgeable. he spoke with me for a good 45 minutes about my hypertrophic scarring and ended up doing kenalog injections on my raised bumps. the bumps got flatter but not totally flat. i would love to see him again for more injections and then eventually doing needling but its too hard for me to get back to nyc. one thing i like him about him is that he isnt into laser at all and will be very honest with you on what might work and what wont work. you can email him pictures of your face and he will write you back very quickly on what he might be able to do for you. i saw about 10 different docs and derms and he was the only one that was able to tell me exactly what type of scarring I had. good luck!
  5. yeah its hard i've got so many conflicting stories from so many people. i've probably seen at least 10 plastic surgeons and about 4 different derms and they all say something different which i find so odd. i would go with the injections until you get them almost totally flat then try the needling but maybe just do it on one area first to see if it works. i think i am going to try it because at this point there isnt much left to do.
  6. IPL expectations

    you will be fine. i've probably had 50 ipls' in my lifetime with no eye issues at all and you had on goggles so you will be fine.
  7. i did the erbium laser then had 2 co2 laser treatments 100% ablative and then had 2 fraxel restores on the highest setting. the fraxel restore hurt like a biatch and it was a total waste of money. i had the best luck with the kenalog injections to get them flatter. i've read alot about needling being good to help break up the scar tissue. you are very welcome i know the feeling i actually hate the raised scars more than my indented scarring. \ i've done various peels and microderm too. it helped with skin tone but thats it.
  8. i can feel your pain that is exactly what i have too. i had a few injected on my chin which helped but they arent totally flat yet. the doctors where i live in pittsburgh wont do it for me so i would have to go back to nyc to get them injected again but its hard for me to get there. anyway i did various laser treatments with no luck i actually think it made the area worse. i've read a lot of good things about micro needling and was thinking of trying it as well. if you do get it done please go to a very reputable doctor. good luck to you and hugs
  9. i wasnt on birth control before spiro because i had to stop a few years prior but it works great for me and i've been on it for almost 4 years. before that i was getting painful cysts and nodules and had to get them injected every week. i tried everything you could think of before going on spiro besides accutane. if i get a spot now its very small and goes away very quickly. good luck to you