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  1. i think the area is looking a lot better. i think in a few more months it should be totally filled in. glad things are improving for you :)
  2. thanks dan! i appreciate all the effort you put into this site everyday. delovely hope you are doing well these days! you are all very welcome!
  3. give it more time they can take up to 6 months to fill in but i do believe it will fill in. i had a really bad one a few years ago and for the first 4 weeks it got worse then over a few more months it totally filled in. hugs to you!
  4. Spiro Manufacturers

    i have been on the qualitest brandfor over 3 years with no issues. i have a note in my file at riteaid that i will only accept that manufacturer but if i switch pharmacies i always make sure to tell them this up front so that they always have it in stock. good luck with everything and hope you clear up soon