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  1. jasmin added a post in a topic Anyone here not mind their scars???   

    But, I'm trying needling now anyway. We'll see. James
    Did you try TCA cross also? How about fraxel, saline injections? What do you think of isologen?
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  2. jasmin added a post in a topic pulse dye laser for hypertrophic scars?   

    Where have you seen these pictures? I read an article published by Tina Alster, she is known as the laser queen which said pulsed dye lasers are effective for hypertrophic scars. I am going to ask Dr. Fitzpatrick about this in my consult. He is always booked though so it will probably be next month.

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  3. jasmin added a post in a topic Restylane after Fraxel??   

  4. jasmin added a topic in Scar / red mark treatments   

    Experienced Subcision Dr. in California
    Please write in if you had this done with an experienced reputable Dr. in California. Please tell us about your results. I am in Los Angeles but would travel out of state close by if there is someone highly recommended. The only one I have heard of is Dr. Rapaport, but he is across the country.
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