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  1. Sickening added a post in a topic THe Lounge?   

    You need at least 100 posts to access it.
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  2. Sickening added a comment on a gallery image At home   

    Finally at home after a long semester!!! Here I am with my daddy... he makes me feel so unconditionally loved and special
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  3. Sickening added a comment on a gallery image 12/23/05 taken in natural light (sorry for some shadows...)   

    Happy Holidays to everyone!!! I hope you get to spend it with your loved ones, the ones you know care about you no matter what

    I haven't had any new major spots in almost a week!!! Crazy, huh? I'm thinking it has to do with cutting out dairy. But, the past two nights I've had ice cream, cake, and coffee, which I usually try to avoid. But acne can't keep me from celebrating my BIRTHDAY and CHRISTMAS, right????!!! :lol2:
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  4. Sickening added a post in a topic advise   

    Thank you for defending me, but abuse is irrational and unreasonable. No matter what we say, they will never stop abusing me. They're predators and i'm their prey. They are bonding over abusing me, just like in high-school when there were "cliques". Unfortunately, they haven't matured past that stage.

    I'm not being mean to you. Basically, I stated what I stated so people here wouldn't call the authorities on me. Like I said, ugly faces equal ugly character in the eyes of society. I'm a weirdo to them. I'm evil because of my face. I just don't want to get in trouble for something I didn't do.
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  5. Sickening added a post in a topic advise   

    Amazing, you're fifteen. I'm twenty-three. Please don't ever insinuate anything like that again. When you have a disfigured face like me, people assume the worst. Therefore, they'd assume I was a pedophile. People think an ugly face = ugly character. Go watch "The Man Without A Face."
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  6. Sickening added a post in a topic advise   

    They have a free accutane program. Call dermatologists around you until you find one who offers it. Other than that, I feel your pain. If you killed yourself, I would not blame you. If I killed myself, I hope others wouldn't blame me.
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  7. Sickening added a post in a topic advise   

    My gallery pictures show just how real I am, even though they were done in flattering lighting with a cheap webcam. If i'm not real, though, don't respond to me. I know that i'll be putting you on permanent ignore if you ever falsely accuse me again.
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  8. Sickening added a post in a topic advise   

    Suicide is endearing. Whenever someone kills themself, I automatically form an unspoken bond with them. If you decide to ever do it, which I don't think you will, I will completely understand. May God save your soul, child.
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  9. Sickening added a post in a topic I've had enough   

    You say God doesn't exist, but if this is the case, why do you curse Him so much?

    Anyhow, i've stopped using acne products as well. I believe they break me out worse, too.
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  10. Sickening added a post in a topic My World just crashed   

    Juiced is back!
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  11. Sickening added a post in a topic "The Man Without A Face."   

    Well said.
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  12. Sickening added a post in a topic "The Man Without A Face."   

    juniperberry, you really don't have to do this. It feels good to have the support of another, but even the moderators here abuse me. I have put the moderator you speak of on permanent ignore because she wouldn't quit antagonizing me with abusive remarks. Like was previously noted, i've done a lot of wrong in my life, but i've tried to move on and become a better person. I feel we've all done wrong in our lives. However, i'm the "one" that has the collected finger pointed at him on this site. It's hypocritical, of course, but I accept it and ignore anyone who abuses me.
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  13. Sickening added a post in a topic "The Man Without A Face."   

    Thanks, but as you noted, I only know what I know because i've experienced it. It's not like i'm a genius. Anyone would know what I know if they experienced what i've experienced.
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  14. Sickening added a post in a topic ever been called "ugly' before?   

    I never once deliberately attacked you. If I offended you, I apologize. If you don't have a small penis, there was no need to get so hasty. However, even if you do have a small penis, it's not the end of the world. A lot of men have the same problem. I personally don't think living in denial is helpful, but you have to be willing to accept it if it's true. I had to. Anyhow, I didn't know you were so sensitive. I'll refrain from making any remarks to you from now on since this is the case.

    God bless you.
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  15. Sickening added a post in a topic "The Man Without A Face."   

    juniperberry, thank you for trying to defend me, but you can't reason with abuse. Abuse is irrational and unreasonable. Like i've previously stated, it's not uncommon for a group of people to come together and collectively point their finger at one person. While doing this, they form a bond with one another. Secondly, they get to be the "good" guys. When a "clique" targets one person, they automatically gain acceptance from other attackers. This happens in school, the workplace, social gatherings, etc. I don't do this, simply because i've learned how hurtful it is by being the target of the attacks. There is obviously a lot of hypocrisy in all of this, seeing as how none of us are perfect.

    Thanks, but you can't reason with abusive people.
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