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  1. SweetJade1980 added a post in a topic Why Is Diet And Acne Constantly Denied On This Website?   

    I like your style. Nice work.

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  2. SweetJade1980 added a post in a topic Virastop by Enzymedica   

    Hi Quanta,

    I do not have a preference. I would go with the one that gives you the most Quercetin and Bromelian (with highest amt of GDUs) in the formulation (also pay attention to serving amount: 1 capsule, 2 capsules, etc.). Some products will show only quercetin on the bottle, but when you look at the back you will see that it also has the bromelian and vitamin C, so make sure you look at all possible products. While Vitamin C is helpful, it's the other two incredients you want to focus on the most. You may want to try one of the following since they fit the bill: Super Quercetin by Bluebonnet or Quercetin with Bromelain by Now.

    As for when you take it, you can follow what is says on the bottle. I don't think that it would be a problem with taking it at the same time as you do your Virastop, but you will have to experiment with that. If you want to learn more about these inflammation regulating nutrients, you can read this bit of info here: http://www.immunesupport.com/92fal004.htm

    Best of luck!
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  3. SweetJade1980 added a post in a topic Virastop by Enzymedica   

    Hi Lili,

    Thanks for sharing how you were taking the other two products. You were taking as directed, but of course these products can also act as systemic/proteolytic enzymes by taking them on a empty stomach. Definately an interesting theory you have and I am curious as to why others were having problems, hence the possible increasing yeast growth & activity theory I came across.

    Unfortunately, ViraStop does not contain any enzymes that will breakdown carbohydrates or fats, especially the main ones (amylase = carbohydrates, lipase = lipids/fats) as you can see here:ViraStop (Click on: nutrition information). The other enzymse listed help breakdown mucous (mucolase), increase circulation (nattokinase, serriopeptidase), enhance tissue repair (serriopeptidase) and breakdown the hydrogen peroxide your peroxisomes (a white blood cell) produces to fight off invaders. You can learn more about the enzymes included in this formula and others by visiting this brief overiew: Enzyme Properties.

    When you take that into consideration, for those that were breaking out it may be more beneficial for them to take a Digest enzyme formulation or at the very least Allerase along with the Virastop on an empty stomach. The Allerase formula containse protease and a variety of carbohydrate enzymes, along with mucolase so that the combination will help breakdown histamine and mucous, common allergy signs, but of course even persons with acne have histamine present.

    Thanks again and hope everything is still working wonders for you!

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  4. SweetJade1980 added a post in a topic Virastop by Enzymedica   

    Hi Lili,

    You mentioned several times that the Digest or Digest Gold enzymes only got you 75% clear? How were you taking those? With a meal, every meal? Or on an empty stomach before bedtime as you do with the ViraStop?

    For anyone that may be confused, you can take any of the enzymes to treat inflammation, among other conditions, in the body. They will all work as sytemic enzymes as long as you take them on an empty stomach and take the most effective dose for you. Where as, if taken with food, depending on what specific enzymes are in the formula, they will predominately digest the food.

    So, I am asking how you took yours because in my first post in this thread I mentioned that ViraStop does not have enzymes to breakdown carbohydrates or fats. So if people are breaking out because it is breaking down viruses and bacteria insufficiently (leaving fat and carbohydrates) than this could be food to feed yeast. Hence, the increase in or new reactions some people may be experiencing.

    If that is the case than these individuals may benefit from taking Candidase as well, or perhaps a regular/high potency digestive enzyme (experimenting "with meals" or "on an empty stomach" for best results) because it will have the enzymes to breakdown the carbohydrates that may potentionally be feeding yeast and causing these new reactions.

    Just more thoughts...


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  5. SweetJade1980 added a post in a topic Virastop by Enzymedica   

    Hi Hesitation,

    In theory, anti-histamines should not make your acne worse because they will be reducing histamine levels in the body, including the histamine that is present in the formation of acne. That said, you mentioned that your sinus infections and acne will flare up around the same time and disappear around the same time? If so, I would consider giving natural anti-histamines a try. The most affordable one would be Quercitin or QBC (take on empty stomach) but of course there are also enzymes that will breakdown histamine (Allerase) or homeopathic supplements that may also work.

    Let me know what happens!

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  6. SweetJade1980 added a post in a topic Virastop by Enzymedica   

    Hi Hesitation,

    There are currently 5 different types of immune reactions and only 4 types have antibodies you can search for. With regards to acne, IgG antibodies (Type III, Immune Complex Sensitivity) may present when there is an antigen OR a specific white blood cell known as a Polymorphonuclear Cell/PMN (Type IV, Delayed Type Hypersensitivity or Cell Mediated) may present itself.

    You can test for the first one, but not for the cell mediated white blood cell activity. Well actually, there are a few tests for that one (NowLeap.com, ALCAT.com, EPC-ODX.com), but again, no test is as accurate as an Elimination & Provocation Diet. So just because you didn't test postive for any of the tests looking for antibodies, it does not mean there may not be foods that affect you unfavorably. Have you personally avoided foods and noted the results?

    Acne as a Delayed Type Hypersensitivity This is a write up based on information others, including myself, posted in healthboards several years ago It mentions histamine because it also plays a role in DTH reactions. So anti-histamines are not just for those that have "allergies"

    Immunohistochemical evidence of chronic inflammation in acne vulgaris
    This is one of several studies that helped fuel the discussion on here as well as healthboards. It's funny because people in the scientific community had tested acne as a DTH reaction as far back as 1980 and they discounted it. Of course, you won't react to just anything...only what you personally are sensitive to.

    Take care,

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  7. SweetJade1980 added a post in a topic Virastop by Enzymedica   

    Hi gMarias,

    I am sorry to hear that there are some breakouts still. I have no idea how many people ViraStop could work for, I was simply offering two possibilities, though there could be more, for why there's an increase in acne from its use.

    The first was the die off effect (with 2 ways to deal with it, a 3rd would be natural anti-inflammatories to prevent the acne) and the second was that it may have increased yeast in the body. I posted a link in my post that discusses how this possibility can occur. Those of us that have found that food affects us, there must be a reason behind it. For some, it's a result of too much yeast in the body. So by feeding the yeast, problems can rise up again, until the yeast start to die off because their *new* food supply is running out (because one's regular or anti-acne diet may not provide enough fuel).

    What do you think of the yeast connection?

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  8. SweetJade1980 added a post in a topic Virastop by Enzymedica   


    First off, Lili I love your hypothesis that Virastop may be working to breakdown foreign proteins in the blood! The body will attack any foreign proteins that appear in the blood because, usually it's a pathogenic invader and the immune system is primed to stop this invader. Any person that is experiencing food sensitivities, whether an allergy or an intolerance, will react because of the protein that the immune system has tagged as an invader that must be destroyed.

    With regards to food, undigested proteins are not supposed to enter the blood stream, but of course this can happen for a variety of reasons. The most popular reasons are due to having poor digestion (lack of specific digestive enzymes, low HCL) or Leaky Gut Syndrome. Most certainly a person can have combination of the two, as may be seen with those that have Celiac's Disease or went through an acute stressful phase or are simply chronically stressed (whether you feel it or not) as this will inhibit your ability to properly digest foods. With regards to developing Leaky Gut Syndrome, we know there are a variety of ways, but one such possibility is the presence of some type of systemic yeast in the body.

    Certain types of yeast can cause a host of neurological, gastrointestinal, immunological (can mimic chemical and food sensitivities esp. gluten) and physical (i.e. acne, psoriasis, rashes) symptoms in the human body when out of balance. If it's present in your gastrointestinal tract, it actually starts weaving itself in your intestinal walls, thus...the development of leaky gut. Ways you can increase the presence of yeast is overconsumption of refined carbohydrates, weak immune system, antiobiotic abuse (and no high potency probiotic), excess alcohol consumption (feeds yeast), glucocorticiods (prednisone, dexamethasone), birth control, heavy metals, hypothyroidism, diabetes, constipation, chronic stress (increases cortisol a glucocorticoid & depresses immune system), parasites and....the breakdown/reduction of viruses and bacteria!

    I've had customers and clients tell me repeatedly that they have had chronic yeast problems for years and that over time, their symptoms and sensitivities worsened. Some people have shared that they experience die off symptoms or increased activity (which could possibly still be die off) when they consume foods or supplements are sometimes known to improve digestion, but most importantly the inhibition/elimination of yeast (ginger, xylitol, Candidex, Grapefruit Seed Extract/GSE, Probiotics etc.). These symptoms include...headaches, fatigue, nausea, mild sore throat or other cold/flu-like symptoms that may last a few days or a few weeks.

    So the conundrum appears to be two-fold with Virastop, correct? Some people have ceased taking it because it did one or both of the following: possibly increased breakouts or made them feel sick. Well, there are a few thoughts with regards to die off reactions:

    If you are experiencing a die off reaction, then what you are taking is working! If you are experiencing a die off reaction, then what you are taking is too strong for your body to handle. Try reducing the dosage or frequency and slowly build up to the suggested amount.If you are experiencing a die off reaction, then you may not be supporting your body in the detoxification and elimination process. Try enhancing this process by increasing water consumption, taking soluble (inulin, acacia, glucomannon) and insoluble fibers (psyllium, chia, flaxseed) and Bentonite Clay (binds viruses, bacteria, toxins) or Activated Charcoal, to help absorb and flush these toxins out of the body.
    Granted, there is another possibility. That possibility is that some of you are not experiencing a die-off reaction, but perhaps increased yeast activity! Enzymedica's ViraStop does not contain any enzymes to help breakdown fats or carbohydrates and according to this source below, that still leaves the carbohydrate component of a select virus or bacteria available as food for yeast! http://www.enzymestuff.com/conditionviruses.htm#10

    In this case ViraStop, containing systemic or proteolytic enzymes, is breaking down components of a virus, bacteria and/or fungi, breaking down products that clog the blood that will help increase circulation & tissue repair, and decreasing acute and chronic inflammation, all further supporting the immune system, but unlike other immune supporting products, does not activate the immune system. So if you are feeling sick, it is not because it's heightening your immune response (inflammation, sore throat, mucous production, etc), something else is going on. Although, it does free up the immune system so that it can function better, so it may feel like it made you sick or prolonged your cold when instead it allowed your immune system to function more optimally. Of course...if it is breaking down products that are not being eliminated properly or inadvertently feeding certain types of yeast, this can also mimic signs of the flu or a cold. Additionally, if your body contains a virus (like HSV-1) you may also experience die off symptoms from that as well. Just a thought...

    So yesterday I spoke with our demo person for Enzymedica and he felt that if digestion is the problem you need to take digestive enzymes. Of course, this company is among the best out there regarding enzymes, it's predominately all they do! You may be a person that needs to take both a digestive enzyme and a systemic enzyme. For something more specific, the company (among others) makes an enzyme product to breakdown the gluten protein, Glutenase, for those of you that eat out and are concerned with cross-contamination. Actually, I received a sample bottle of a Digest Gold + Probiotics that contains a small amount of DPP-IV (which is the enzyme that breaks down gluten), but it does not do what ViraStop does, yet some of you may want to try consider one of the two when eating out. If you have chronic inflammation going on, acne is an inflammatory skin disorder that can certainly be a sign of another chronic inflammatory condition, than he recommended doing ViraStop over Repair Gold. Both work on reducing inflammation, but he felt the ViraStop would do a better job, especially for chronic inflammation.

    Furthermore, since acne has multiple forms of inflammation involved in the development, including histamine production, you may want to consider something that reduces or balances histamine. Remember Histadelia? Enzymedica makes a product called, Allerase that does just that. Our demo person said that it would work for those that have food sensitivities as well. In fact, there's another product on the market known as Histame, which works by providing an enzyme that regulates histamine levels to prevent over accumulation, especially with regards to consuming high histamine foods. Of course, you can also reduce the over production of histamine by taking a combination known as QBC (quercitin, bromelian and vitamin c) or just plain Quercitin. If you take the QBC form, take it on an empty stomach (1 hr before or 2 hrs after eating) so the bromelian will help breakdown inflammation.

    Personally, I love my job! My company hires nutritionists to provide free nutritional education and counseling for staff, customers and members of the community, among other things, and as a result I get to work with so many different types of people. So if any of you live near a Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage, I invite you to come in for a visit or setup an always complimentary coaching session with the nutritionist there. As for the prices that have been quoted so far for Enzymedica products, we have those beat! If you do not live near one, we do have a website that you can always shop from as well: Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage and hopefully it will help further support your savings in this economy.

    Additionally, I mentioned a product called Histame. We don't sell this product and it is quite costly (you do get one free)...but if it works...it's probably worth it. Their website: Histame

    Remember, acne can exist for many reasons and whether you do or don’t have a diagnosis as to why yours exists, it can still be a trial and error process. Getting to the root of the problem should always be the goal and, again, I’ve met people that have done so via the same methods as some members of this board: series of detoxification & cleansings, liver flushes, balancing systemic yeast, healing leaky gut and/or desensitization for food/chemical sensitivity. For those that ViraStop did work for and especially those that it didn’t, you want to think about what you were doing:

    When were you taking it? How many a day did you take? Were you already showing signs of a cold? (There are some customers and employees that LOVE this product, taking it for therapeutic use at least two days as directed, or more frequently, eradicates the flu for them) Do you know whether you have food sensitivities? If so, that’s a huge one, but this entire post covers possibilities for you. Do you know whether sugars breaks you out? Perhaps if it’s only sugars than things that help support balanced blood sugar levels and perhaps histamine regulation may be of benefit. Did you do anything differently when you tried this product? Were you eating foods you normally would not?What was the total length of time you took the product? Let's say it works by treating chronic inflammation, you would need at least 4 - 6 weeks to see if it really works.
    Those are just some thoughts for some of you.

    Best of luck!

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  9. SweetJade1980 added a post in a topic 10 months of diet/hollistic and still breaking out badly   

    Hmm...what type of inflammed acne do you have....cystic (breaks spilling contents) or nodular (becomes reabsorbed)?

    There's other schools of thought on this issue, but do you know why you have acne? Meaning did the doctors dx you with anything? Do you suffer from any other signs or symptoms that you feel aren't normal? Are there any predominant health issues that run in your family?

    It can definately be some other reason you have acne that may have a specific diet and holistic regimen or it may be something that's better treated with Prescriptions/supplements. It just depends on what your signs/symptoms are.
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  10. SweetJade1980 added a post in a topic 10 months of diet/hollistic and still breaking out badly   

    Are you eating any "Sugar"?

    100% Fruit Juices

    Table Sugar

    Corn Syrup/HFCS


    or Artificial Sweeteners....i.e. Splenda?
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  11. SweetJade1980 added a post in a topic 10 months of diet/hollistic and still breaking out badly   

    I am suspect of Ghee....however....if Dairy were an issue...you should have SEEN improvement because you eliminated all other forms of dairy.

    You should have seen a difference, even if you were not 100% perfect on your diet.

    How long have you been following this particular diet?

    What types of Veggies are you eating?
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  12. SweetJade1980 added a post in a topic 10 months of diet/hollistic and still breaking out badly   


    It always helps if you explain what you are doing.

    Out of Beans/Legumes, Nuts, Seeds, Dairy, Meat, Vegetables, Fruits & Grains, Supplements, etc

    What exactly are you eating?

    What exactly are you avoiding?

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  13. SweetJade1980 added a post in a topic Getting the REAL answer...........   

    Best of luck to you. Of course, to make certain the tests are able to pick up any problems, dont forget to start eating Gluten again at least a few days prior to the tests.

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  14. SweetJade1980 added a post in a topic Results of fat-free, low-GI diet (after 2 weeks)   


    I believe Dotty may not be around because when she started this thread it was supposed to be about her results (and others that try THIS diet)....instead you see what it's become.

    Therefore....please, lets all take this extra part of this discussion elsewhere (start a new topic) and let's return Dotty's thread to what it was orignally intended for.

    Thanks All.

    P.s. How are you doing?
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  15. SweetJade1980 added a post in a topic Results of fat-free, low-GI diet (after 2 weeks)   



    Yes, people may be biased toward what worked best for them, however I've long since learned that we aren't the same and as such, the same diet won't work for us all. What surprises me the most about the statements you make is...you believe in trusting the scientists and doctors and yet.... you appear to be doing the same thing that other members and scientists and doctors were doing ....when for decades upon decades they said Diet and Acne had No Connection !

    I understand that it takes A LOT before a theory is finally recognized in the scientific community, that being said....we as individuals don't have that kind of time. There are an increasing number of studies out there, as recent as the year 2008, that conflicts with the connection between heart disease and saturated fat intake, and evidence of such should be recognized.

    I'm not saying that for some people saturated fat intake is not an issue, BUT there are studies indicating that Wheat consumption is highly associated with heart disease where as consumption of other grains it is not. The most notable, is The China Study (pub. 1996) which shows a correlation (where upon we must look at all possible variables) of decreased heart disease in communities that consumed animal protein and low amounts of grains. Also showed a correlation of consumption of high vegatable intake and wheat intake and....higher incidences of heart disease! http://bradmarshall.blogspot.com/2005/12/i...tion-maybe.html

    This isn't about "faith" for me. Based on things I hear and read and bump into, I come up with a possible connection, look it up and if I find evidence to support it, I report back. I did the same thing regarding the diet and acne connection 6 years ago. It was initially indirect evidence and finally after years of debating & fighting & ignorance, we are starting to get direct evidence....but as usual, there's plenty of people that still dispute it. Yet, does the existence of a diet & acne connection make it any less true for those of us that know otherwise?

    Therefore, I would like to see a study that specifically looks at saturated fat intake from animal products vs. plant saturated fats vs. wheat (and other grains) as individual variables and see which ones increase cholesterol production the most.

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