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  1. SadinChicago added a post in a topic Do probiotics or enzymes cause an IB?   

    I would say it is good to take them with colostrum, I do. I bought the Symbiotics brand probiotics that contains colostrum in it as well. Not sure if its just a marketing gimmick though.
    I hvae heard that some people experience bad die offs from colostrum/probiotics while others dont experience anything. I think I might have felt a little sick during the first couple of days, but not realy sure if it was the die off or if I had a mild cold. I dont think I experienced any type of acne break out..If I had one, it must of been mild.

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  2. SadinChicago added a post in a topic Great Acne Treatment; the Best, actually   

    What else are you doing other than taking colostrum, and what type of colostrum? Are you eating right? Are you going out and drinking, partying, eating junk food? Many more factors to this that just taking a supplement and hoping everything else falls into place.
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  3. SadinChicago added a post in a topic Interesting article about Candida and Mercury Poisoning   

    Very interesting read. I never thought about getting tested for mercury..I should of asked the Dr to test for that too so I could of had my insurance pay for it. I guess I could try to find a reputable mercury test kit and see what it shows.
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  4. SadinChicago added a post in a topic Great Acne Treatment; the Best, actually   

    I have been on on a anti-candida diet, which is similar in some ways to a low GI diet, it just limits a lot more stuff, such as no fruits, no grains of ANY kind, etc. I think the diet is very important. We aren't 100% sure what the colostrum is supposed to be doing that has acne clearing effects. If it is supposed to work by killing off candida then you could only benefit from a anti candida diet. I know its too early to tell, but the only people that seem to have good results so far from the colostrum are the ones that are following some type of strict diet.
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  5. SadinChicago added a post in a topic Great Acne Treatment; the Best, actually   

    Glad that its working good for you! So you are taking just the powder right?

    In an earlier post I mentioned about Symbiotics recommending both the powder and the capsules.
    So I ordered 240 capsules of .960 g of Symbiotics colostrum capsules, thinking they will have some special type of coating, but NOPE. Its just a regular gelatin capsule. The type that dissolve as soon as any type of liquid comes in contact with it. I cant see a gelatin capsule helping the colostrum reach the small intestine any more than the powder would..I know that gelatin capsule will disolve instantly. Guess Symbiotics just conned me into buying their capsules. I payed about $60 for a 600gram container powder, which is prety reasonable..then payed almost $30 for 120 grams worth of capsuled powder..Live and learn.
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  6. SadinChicago added a post in a topic Great Acne Treatment; the Best, actually   

    So this is why a lot of people continue to get acne:

    So lets assume that we have a excellent source of Collostrum. As little as 700mg will be enough to trigger a lactose intolerance response, which to us may mean more acne. How many grams of colostrum where the people that kept getting breakouts consuming daily? Now imagine if they had a poor quality colostrum that might have more lactose in it. So the people that have lowered their dose down are on a right track. Whats interesting to me is this part
    So by reading that, it makes me think if we were to split the dosaging in 3 servings a day, would still get the effects of the colostrum, but maybe not the effects of the lactose. And this is the source where I found this info. Not sure how accurate or reliable it is, but I figure they must be going by some type of research.
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  7. SadinChicago added a post in a topic How I cured my acne   

    Yup it long as the filter get changed regularly.
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  8. SadinChicago added a post in a topic Great Acne Treatment; the Best, actually   

    Something else I that I would like to mention..I was thinking how could this work so well for the OP's son, and not seem to work for other people. Maybe its because they aren't using it as long as is required for their body/life style/circumstances..But what if there is more to it. If I recall from what Denise posted, her son was having an allergic reaction to food. His face would get red and swollen immediately after eating. No matter what he ate. I dont know about you guys, but I have never had that happen. YSounds like he was suffering from a different type of skin condition than what the average person on here might have. So I am a bit skeptical about what this will do for me..That being said, I will still go through with it for a few months, along with a anti-candida diet and see where it leads me.
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  9. SadinChicago added a post in a topic Great Acne Treatment; the Best, actually   

    So I just read all 64 pages, yes every single post on this thread tonight. Lots of good reading, and too much bickering lol. It got me thinking..Then I went onto Symbiotics website and read something interesting that someone else posted on here as well but no one seemed to respond to it. I took this right from the FAQ of Symbiotics website.
    According to this paragraph, I would come to believe that in order to fix the "leaky gut" we would need to take colostrum via the capsules..While the powder is good for repairing body tissue, fat utilization for fuel, anti aging. Powder sounds like it can do good stuff, but its not what we are trying to treat now is it? So it sounds like those of us using the power might not be doing much for the leaky gut issue? Maybe the powder does work, it just takes a long time to show results as most of it might not be getting the small intenstine? Maybe we would have faster results if we used a combination of both. Such as taking half the serving via the capsule and half via the powder at the same time. Just throwing some things out there. I am not trying to hate on anyone. I want this stuff to work as much as the next guy.
    Although I wonder what type of capsule they come in? I know most capsules I have taken seem to dissolve as soon as water touches them.
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  10. SadinChicago added a post in a topic A String Theory for Acne?   

    Very interesting topic. I have a question that is related. Digestive enzymes help brake down the food right? So would cinnamon bark do the opposite and thus cause more issues to someone who suffers from leaky gut?
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  11. SadinChicago added a post in a topic A Zinc Regimen: Draft 2   

    any updates?
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  12. SadinChicago added a post in a topic Lubriderm as Moisturizer   

    I used to use Lubriderm until last month. I was using the original one, not the newer ones that they have. I dont even know if it was for the body or face..Well I thought it was good, but when I would use it and it got a lil hot, I would sweat buckets. Just my face would, while the rest of my body was dry as a bone. I thought it was me, that I was a freak or something. I changed to Eucerin skin renewal, and problam went away. Plus the lubriderm made my skin look very oily and shiny. The eucerin makes it look a little shiny, but not realy oily if that makes sense. I couldn't find the eucerin at the store that I went last time, and I had to pick something real fast because I was leaving state, so I bought the Netrogena oil free that has a alpha hydroxy acid in it. I think it leaves my skin a bit less shiny than the Eucerin skin renewal, but it was a bit harsher on my skin because the alpha hydroxy acid is stronger than the Lactic acid in the Eucerin.
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  13. SadinChicago added a topic in Diet & holistic health   

    For the past 8 months or so, I have tryed to cut all dairy from my diet. I have had good results. No dairy whatsover. Like 1 time a month I will slip and have a slice of pizza, or order something that has a little cheese on it and not realize it until after I see what I ordered, so I just end up eating it.. Well on Friday night I had a small slice of pizza with cheese on it..and yesterday I had some more . I had blue cheese on my steak at my godfathers house(thats how he makes his steaks) and I tryed some of the apetizer cheese he had becaue he said it tasted very good. Well, today when I woke I was shocked at how my face felt. I used to have real real oily skin, and I knew this feeling. The feeling of your entire face being covered in oil. I looked at the mirror right away, and I haven't had skin this oily in about 8 months. It looks as if I just dipped my face in oil. Now I know its not my imagination that dairy makes my skin oily, leading to acne.

    I have posted about this in the past, but I dont think too many people belived this. I guess the only way to believe it is to try it yourself. I was cutting back on things to see what would help me. After I stopped dairy, I saw good results. Then I searched the internet about acne and dairy, and found LOTS of webpages with facts on why dairy caues acne. Now dont think that I am a vegy or one of those people that dont wnat to harm animals. I eat lots of meat, but I am just saying what I have found with my skin and dairy.
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  14. SadinChicago added a post in a topic Who is done with Smoothbeam, and has had success?   

    Exactly. The point I got it done was to prevent the acne. It did help my scars a bit, but for now I just want no acne, and I will worry about the scars later..
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  15. SadinChicago added a post in a topic Who is done with Smoothbeam, and has had success?   

    Jdang, you have been missinformed. Its supposed to do both. They advertise it to stop acne, and help scars. Trust me, i went in there for the main purpose of stopping the acne, and they said that it aslo slightly helps scars. It will help scars, but hte main point is to stop the acne.
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