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  1. Ariventa added a post in a topic What am I doing wrong?   

    No, you don't.

    You eat 2 eggs a day...that is about 12 grams of protein.

    An entire pound of dried lentils is only around 100 grams of protein, and plant protein, at that.

    If you are only eating a bowl, I would guess that would about 20 grams of protein...30 grams total (like someone else said)...that is not enough protein for a 7 year old, let alone a teenager.
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  2. Ariventa added a post in a topic What am I doing wrong?   

    Focus on the diet. From a cursory glance, it is severely quite a bit of nutrition. Yeah, it is better than the typical teen diet of fast food and such, but that is no true measure since the bar is set so low.

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  3. Ariventa added a post in a topic What am I doing wrong?   

    Agreed. Plus, the diet is so limited and so low on calories, I can't help but think OP is deficient in macro and micro nutrients. At the very least, get some pastured butter and start putting that on everything. Also, get some good animal protein sources.
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  4. Ariventa added a post in a topic The Timehealsall Megathread   

    Agreed. Plus the point concerning the body only establishing the difference between internal/external bacteria makes no sense in light of probiotic cultures from supplements or foods (saurkraut, Japanese natto, kim chi, yogurt, etc) For instance, although information concerning this nutrient is fairly new, K2 is produced in the intestines, but dietary K2 (butter, natto, cheese etc.) seems to have powerful effects in the body through positive effects on blood vessels, but also shuttling calcium to where it belongs. Intestinal k2 does not seem to have this effect, but external does.
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  5. Ariventa added a post in a topic How many wash their hands before eating?   

    Well, acne is the result of an immune system response to an over buildup of P.acne bacteria caused by a clogged pore. This is why antibiotics worked (temporarily) because they can kill the P acne bacteria before the immune system gets it wack. Of course, antibiotics used in this manner will cause much more damage than any proposed benefit.

    Also, there really is not much of a strong correlation between inactivity and obesity. The correlation/causation is almost purely dietary. A person can be completely inactive and lose or maintain weight, if they so choose, by manipulating their diet/calories.
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  6. Ariventa added a post in a topic Acne; A problem with society, not us   

    Yeah, I guess so.

    Honestly, though, years ago I would have felt, and probably argued, the same way. And my acne bordered on severe, and yes, I was suicidal for quite some time, but overcoming these struggles was my responsibility, and I am glad I chose that path.

    I also do find it ironic the OP's appeal to logic and reason, when his posts, and much of those of his supporters, are mostly comprised of irrational emotionalism; wanting to lash out at anyone not supporting self-pity and victimization of oneself.

    Again, I cannot really blame you guys, as I was similarly irrational and emotional. All I can say is that your furor is misplaced and pointless, will never have any positive impact on your life, but contrarily will drag you down deeper and further into depression and self-pity. If you continue to make that choice, so be it, but at least have enough courage and awareness to knowledge that you are choosing this path and the consequences that come along with it.
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  7. Ariventa added a post in a topic Acne; A problem with society, not us   

    Quite dramatic. Worrying over appearance is a luxury of any person or society that possesses excess means, be that in the form of time, money or emotion. Were the individual truly fighting for survival or subsistence, worrying over appearance would be unaffordable.
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  8. Ariventa added a post in a topic Acne; A problem with society, not us   

    Society does not make people feel anything or do anything. It may influence a certain mindset, but it absolutely cannot determine it. Anyone blaming society for this or that is basically shirking personal responsibility for their own life, happiness and well-being. THIS is the problem with our society - the citizens blaming everything on everyone else instead of at themselves, the one person that can change circumstances for the better in a mere instant with something as simple as a shift in perception.

    Sure, I once felt like the OP. Now past that stage, I am can say unequivocally that the OP's points are 100% bullshit. Nothing but blaming the universe for his problems, instead of himself, or at least accepting responsibility for his life and its direction. As long as such a toxic perspective persists, nothing will change. Sadly, this is common, be it acne or unemployment or being short or this or that, millions of people blame the world so nothing ever really changes. Oh well.
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  9. Ariventa added a post in a topic Bad Things They Do To Our Food-Factory Farms, Subsidies, Regulations, Genetic Modification, World Domination, Control Of Food Supply & More   

    Pretty shocked. I never would have guessed that the numbers were so skewed.
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  10. Ariventa added a post in a topic Has anyone had any success?   

    You CAN eat whatever you want. From whom are you asking permission?
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  11. Ariventa added a post in a topic Has anyone had any success?   

    Why do you troll the nutrition forum so much? In a previous post, you even admit to having no intelligence when it comes to nutrition, so why post in a nutrition forum, spamming about shampoo and other nonsense?
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  12. Ariventa added a post in a topic Has anyone had any success?   

    You can go the drug route, but then if you continue to eat foods, like bread, that your body obviously rejects, you will be slowly damaging it which will almost certainly guarantee harsher consequences in the immediate and long term future. What, specifically, those consequences are is anyone's guess, though.
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  13. Ariventa added a post in a topic High dose zinc = no period?   

    I would cut back. Supplementing with that much isolated zinc might not be the greatest idea, especially if you have reason to believe it may be causing adverse effects.
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  14. Ariventa added a post in a topic Green smoothie excessive consumption   

    So is pretty much every vegetable there is.
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  15. Ariventa added a post in a topic How can I avoid screwing up my body with Antibiotics?   

    Nothing you can really do during the course. The probiotics in commercial yogurt is probably negligible, so you wouldn't really be wasting much, if anything. My advice would be to order a strong probiotic for afterwards.

    Also, I would go to the store and buy a bunch of cabbage and salt and start making some sauerkraut and let it begin to ferment. (This a good idea for just general maintenance).

    Also, if you have a whole foods or something you can buy some kimchee to eat afterwards. Again, commercial stuff may be iffy since you don't really know if any of the bacteria is still alive or was handled properly.
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