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  1. tdot added a topic in Diet & holistic health   

    Yogurt Cleanser/Mask
    I've been using plain organic yogurt as a face cleanser for a week and my skin feels amazing.... But then I started to wonder... why is the yogurt okay to put on the outside of my body but not the inside?? Why does my skin like it so much as a cleanser but if I actually eat it, I break out??

    I read great reviews on the yogurt mask/cleanser... it is said that the probiotics and the lactic acid are great for fighting acne.... But what happens if you are allergic to dairy like me? Am I going to get a huge breakout soon?? Is this the calm before the storm? LOL...AHHHH! I wish I could find a natural cleanser that actually works and a natural moisturizer..... So far I'm using witch hazel and yogurt as my cleanser and then plain old jojoba oil as my moisturizer. I cant use too much jojoba though or it will break me out.

    What's everyone's thoughts?
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  2. tdot added a post in a topic Great Acne Treatment; the Best, actually   

    I'm pretty sure this stuff made me break out too. I dont think I was on it long enough to really tell though.
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  3. tdot added a post in a topic Anyone tried Classic Coastal Creations?   

    The makeup looks great and has good reviews but the shipping to Canada costs an arm and a leg!!! YIKES!!!
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  4. tdot added a post in a topic Anyone tried Classic Coastal Creations?   

    Ooooh cool! Thanks for that .... You know so much .
    Now I would just be concerned about the corn starch haha... never heard of it in makeup before... wonder if anyone has had bad reaction to corn starch?
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  5. tdot added a topic in Cosmetics & grooming   

    Anyone tried Classic Coastal Creations?
    They have very different ingredients, no mica, no zinc oxide or titanium..... It looks interesting, I'm thinking of ordering some samples.....

    Ingredients: White cosmetic clay; USDA Certified Organic, non-GMO cornstarch; high purity, filtered synthetic iron oxide brown (CI 77499, CI 77492, CI 77491) and yellow (CI 77492)

    I don tknow about these synthetic colours though??
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  6. tdot added a post in a topic THE CAKE!!! can i have it??   

    What's eft??
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  7. tdot added a post in a topic Dessert Recipes and Ideas   

    OH MY GAWSH!! THESE SOUNDS AMAZING!!!! I'm trying the fudge soon!!
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  8. tdot added a post in a topic Boys never look @ me anymore   


    You have low self esteem... PERIOD. Your story reminds me of my life.... I went through the same things. I did not get raped.... but I had a family member who CONSTANTLY put me down. He called me stupid all the time, told me I was a bad person.... basically he wanted me to feel worthless. Then I suddenly went through a huge depression over my face, the acne, the scars, I thought I was getting wrinkles.... blah blah blah.

    It took me 5 years to figure out that HE was the reason I couldnt love myself. I needed assurance from other people that I was beautiful/smart/pretty/talented/fun/funny/happy. I NEEDED OTHER people to tell me these things for me to believe them. Because I had been put down so much in my life it was like I needed a pick me up.... I relied on MEN looking at me, gawking at me, calling me hot.... to feel good about myself. IF this didnt happen.... if I didnt have a man tell me I was pretty... even for one day.... I would start to think I was UGLY/WORTHLESS/STUPID.

    Finally I realized that I had NEVER loved myself, I had only ever gotten "little highs" out of compliments from other people.... and when the high went away I was back to being the UGLY GIRL with acne.

    THEN I met a guy who changed my life. My boyfriend of 3.5 years now.... He's helping me get over my insecurities, he's trying to help me love myself as much as me loves me. He is a kind and gentle person and loves me for who I am, he doesnt care about my scars or my acne. He just wants to be with me.

    ANYWAY my point IS.... when you got raped you may NOT think that it affected you at all, just like I thought my family member's verbal abuse didnt affect me much... but it DID majorly. It caused so many self esteem problems for me... and I am wondering if that's what is happening to you. I think what you need to do is get yourself a nice outfit, one that makes you feel sexy, get some good makeup to cover up your scars, do your hair, make youself FEEL pretty. Then surround yourself with people who love you.... you will feel GREAT. There is no reason acne scars should be stoppin gyou from feeling good about youself like you did before. Be who you want to be!! Your scars will fade in time... be patient. And in the meantime, dont waste your life, go have fun, you're young and beautiful!!!

    PS: And maybe you could even go talk to a therapist about what happened.... you may not realize how much it could help.
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  9. tdot added a post in a topic Candida Diet--- Been going strong for 3 months   

    LOL oh Necro.... are you being flirty?? Thanks for the compliment!! Haha....

    Hmmm yes I think I might do this... I have been thinking about it for a while. I was going to just buy it but it's expensive!

    Update: What is totally crazy about my skin right now is that the spot where I break out the most is 99% clear.... The hormonal chin area is where my breakouts usually are... and right now it seems like they have migrated to my cheeks.
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  10. tdot added a post in a topic Candida Diet--- Been going strong for 3 months   

    Thanks for all the advice guys .
    I do agree that LOW CARB, HIGH GOOD FATS seem to really help acne. No matter what I am going to keep my diet that way.
    I'm still scared of butter, yesterday I had some in my breakfast and I had THE WORST stomach ache!! I get the same thing when I take colostrum tablets too. My body does NOT LIKE DAIRY. But I'm going to try to eat a little butter every day and hopefully my body will get used to it. My doctor says I'm allergic to casein too.

    I'm not eating too little, I eat lots of fat, I'm not scared of fat. I eat two avocados a day (they used to make me break out but when I eat them with a meal and enough coconut oil they dont seem to be a problem), 5-6 tbls of coconut oil a day, lots of fats from meat and lots of olive oil.

    Chey: Being prepared is KEY! I forgot to bring my hardboiled eggs to work this morning for breakfast, and I was STARVING by 10am I had to dig into my lunch, thank god I remebered that! If I dont bring my meals to with me to work I STARVE. There's really nothing I can eat here. It's really stressful.... I hate panicking about food... What I try to do is make ALOT of food for dinners so I have lots of leftovers (I never heat things up in a mircowave, I have a toaster oven in my office at work lol).

    It was my birthday on Tuesday and I had to make my own birthday dinner , no cake, no treats, so sad . I did get a great massage out of it though lol.


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  11. tdot added a post in a topic Candida Diet--- Been going strong for 3 months   

    Thanks for your reply . I'm not afraid to eat fat that's for sure.... I load all my meals with fat and I eat a lot of avocados.

    I just feel like crying right now.... maybe I'm emotionally detoxing again.... I was fine for two months on the diet (the first month was HORRID) but the last bit of this last month has been hard again, I've been getting cravings again.... I dont understand, I thought I was over them. I FEEL good like health wise... but mentally I'm just going nuts again. I would like to do this for a year but I really dont know if I can!

    Thanks for your reply......

    I know Bee took nuts out of her diet.... but I am not taking them out. I've read about success stories on Bee's diet who included nuts. They are my only snack food and they dont bother me at all, so I'm keeping them. Haha no ifs ands or buts!!

    I'm glad you're doing well on this diet , congrats. Thank-your for the encouragment to stay with it.

    I've never really drank the egg drink.... just seemed like I had to wait too long for it to cool down after blending it and I didnt want to drink it hot. Plus I'm alergic to dairy and the butter in the drink bothers my stomach .

    I just dont know how long I can do this... but I will for sure stick with low carb. I'm just super emotional right now.... trying to make up my mind on what to do with this....

    Thanks Chey, how are you doing?? On the diet too?
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  12. tdot added a topic in Diet & holistic health   

    Candida Diet--- Been going strong for 3 months
    I have been on the most STRICT candida diet there is, Bee's candida diet.... for 3 months now.... My skin is JUST started to show some improvement. This has been a long journey. I must have really messed up my body over the years for it to have taken THIS LONG to even see improvements.

    Basically all I eat is meat and veggies and only nuts that are soaked.
    NO high carb veggies like potatoes, carrots or sweet potatoes.
    NO dairy (except for organic butter or ghee)
    NO grains
    NO sugar
    NO fruit
    NO canola oil/sunflower oil ect....

    I've been fine on the diet, I fill myself up with meat and veggies and I down spoonfulls of coconut oil like 5 times a day. But I can honestly say I dont know how some people can do this for the rest of their lives. I feel like I can do it for a few months, but I want to eat my favourite foods again..... I want to LIVE again. I'm so paranoid about my diet that I cant go for dinners, I cancel plans with friends because I feel like I'll be tempted by the food their eating.... And yes the carb cravings are pretty much gone now, but it doesnt stop me from looking at someone eating a peice of toast with peanut butter and bannas on it and wanting to snatch it out of their hands and gobble it down. I dont know how people can DO this for years sand years..... I'm okay with it for now, but I feel like I would go crazy if I continue with this for much longer.

    My goal is to finish one more month.... on November 1st I want to be done. I will slowly bring back higher carb veggies into my diet and some soaked grains and sourdough yeast free breads. My diet will be way different than before I started the candida diet.... I'm going to keep it lower GI and eat more fats and protein. I will hardly eat ANY sugar except for in lower sugar fruit.

    What do you guys think? Any advice on how to wean myself off of the candida diet?



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  13. tdot added a post in a topic Bye-Bye Birth Control Log   

    YAY Smartie!!! I am soooooooooooo happy for you .

    So what is your diet like? Are you on any special supplements?
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  14. tdot added a post in a topic Negative Health Implications of Low-carb Diets   

    I had to just say that I actually laughed out loud when I read that. Good post.
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  15. tdot added a post in a topic Negative Health Implications of Low-carb Diets   

    Hey Mike....

    Check out this website:

    Make sure you read through EVERYTHING. This woman was helped SO many people over come their illnesses by advising them to eat a paleo based diet. She advises that we need animal fat and protein to heal properly. Make sure you read the success stories too...

    I agree with many people on here who have been saying that these studies you have brought up are probably not based on people who eat balanced healthy meals. These people probably eat the typical american diet... And yeah I can see why eating burgers, steak, subs, and stuff like that with red meat in them could cause problems.... If they dont come from organic meat they are all packed with hormones and antibitiocs.... plus the lunch meat is FULL of chemicals to preserve them. It's because of the CRAP we add to our food that makes it unhealthy. Although I'm sure if someone ate red meat three times a day with very little veggies, that could cause issues... but having read meat 3-4 times a week is GOOD for you.... as long as you are getting it from a good source and you are eating a balanced diet with it.
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