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  1. Check out these before and afters

    The only difference in these pics is different angles and different lighting to make the scars look better.
  2. Have you had subcision done bc the norkor needle can create more scarring at the incision area.I do not recommend subcision due to passed experiance of getting more scars.If you insert a needle in your skin you can create more scarring,do multi needling like dermarolling and it won't. When dermarolling your face always lift the dermaroller off you skin when you go in one direction,otherwise it can leave lines of scars on your face where the needles have run.Never do a diagonal roll,only vertical and horizontal bc diagonal can leaves more punctures in the centre which can lead to more scaring. The dermarolling procedure has change,there is a new way to dermaroll the face.Look it up before you dermaroll your face again.