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  1. Miss added a post in a topic Minocyclin and Retin-A   

    Retin a + minocycline is helping me very much. You need to combine retin a with a antibiotic to prevent cyst or pimples.
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  2. Miss added a post in a topic Vinegar Cured my Bacne   

    Braggs apple cider vinegar ( organic one . i bought mine in GNC store ) works wonder on my skin. I am on it since 1 to 2 weeks with great resuts.
    Check out the makeupalley.com site and tell me.
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  3. Miss added a post in a topic how do i get rid of these red marks? its been 6 mo   

    Peels especially salicylic acid are the best for that ( it also helps with the active acne!
    I have been doing peels weekly and my marks go bei 1 to 2 months ( 20 % salicylic acid peel ).
    Search for ROBERT's posts about salicylic has no respect in this board. You will find lot of helpful tips.
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  4. Miss added a post in a topic Can microderm remove clog pores/blackheads?   

    Hi Lovely,

    What brand of SA are you using?
    I am using the Neotrata ( Neoceuticals 2 % SA : high amount of alcohol !!!) since 1 month and the results are not very noticeable.
    Mornings i am using the 10 % AHA + 2 % hydroquinone also from Neostrata and a weekly 50 % Glycolic peel.
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