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  1. goldierocks added a post in a topic Accutane side effects :(   

    im almost finished with my second month and have not had any terrible flaky side effects, but I use salon shampoos (You might try Nioxin) and moisturizing soaps in the shower. I have had the fatigue problems. THere's also nothing wrong with seeing a counselor and/or getting on some antidepressants (though be sure your dr is certain there will be no negative drug interactions. Also if your liver function etc is fine, I'd try the lower dose... and ask your derm the same questions.
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  2. goldierocks added a post in a topic My Post-Tane Log   

    HI P & W,

    I've been reading your logs for sometime, and I also wanted to say thanks for taking the time to update your post-tane log. I'm 39 and just started my first course of isotretinoin-- tomorrow will be one week. I've appreciated your perspective.

    Best to you,
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  3. goldierocks added a post in a topic girls, what about prenatal vitamins   

    Hey BB:

    Hope you're well. I've heard of women taking prenatal vitamins for hair and nail growth... don't know why it wouldn't be worth a shot.
    Good luck!
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  4. goldierocks added a post in a topic how many ppl on here are on differin or have used it before?   

    my derm has me using bp + moisturizer and sunscreen during the day, and differin at night. i am also using doxycycline. together this regimine it has helped a great deal with the random cysts I used to get.
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  5. goldierocks added a post in a topic Kids view of people with acne/scars   

    I'm sorry, I don't mean to deny the way it made you feel, but indeed a kid will start crying just because they don't want an intruder on their mommy & daddy time, or because the sun shines in their face, or as another poster said, maybe she'd just pooped her britches. Did the kid say, "It's the scarwy lady, she's a monster?"
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  6. goldierocks added a post in a topic Getting swelling to go down on a cyst !   

    usually, before I give up and visit my derm for an injection (probably your best bet if you have a derm). Although, and the derm should tell you, injections can cause dimpling, scarring, can cause muscle atrophy, etc. though I've only had a couple scar and none of the other possible effects.

    I try a spot treatment of apple cider vinegar for about ten minutes, then recently I tried nutmeg and honey mixed really thick and left that only on the spot for about an hour. Then I usually end up spotting it with a huge mound of bp 10% or so, I let that dry for as long as I can. Usually after that crazy procedure some redness has subsided, but also, it seems to dry the upper layer of skin and then that peels, and perhaps then a warm compress might help bring the rest of the nasties to the surface. But honestly that works best after an injection.

    Good luck!

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  7. goldierocks added a post in a topic Neutrogena's Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask   

    I use this stuff as a spot treatment, sometimes even over night. I think it works well to dry up pimples and sometimes cysts. I don't like it as a wash either.

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  8. goldierocks added a post in a topic Does it matter if ur Dermatologist an Ivy grad??   

    Perhaps some of the derms who are graduates and still have connections to major university research hospitals-- Johns Hopkins, for example. I doubt visiting a good derm guarantees you'll get clear/stay clear. But then again, I think the problem with finding good knowledgable derms might have been addressed on these boards before--acne isn't given much research funding.
    Some fodder:
    My present derm is a grad of University of Chicago, and I don't think he knows much about acne. I think he bought a new car and has student loans to consider (currently hunting a new derm, too). One before that was a grad of U. Toronto, and he seemed to believe accutane was a cure for everything and misdiagnosed me with rosacea (really sun damage), one before that was female, went to U Oklahoma, she was pretty good but kept telling me my skin wasn't bad, and wouldn't give me accutane. Before that Vanderbilt U-- couldn't figure out what herpes was, kept asking over and over, "did you pick at a pimple, you had to to get it all infected like that." Ummm... not sure where the other two were educated. I think it really depends upon the individual, how much they focus on acne and research, and the biggest reason, why did they go into medicine in the first place and do they still embrace the idea of helping people and listening to them and thinking holistically? But might be interesting to hear other opinions.

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  9. goldierocks added a post in a topic Question about sun   

    Ask your doctor, but I'm so paranoid that I'll get rough, red skin and the bits of brown spot on the forehead back after ALA PDT that I plan to wear a hat eternally... at least when doing outdoor activity. I already use SPF 30, on rainy days even!
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  10. goldierocks added a post in a topic Does it matter if ur Dermatologist an Ivy grad??   

    Ivy league doesn't always mean better-- look at who's leader of the U.S.
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  11. goldierocks added a post in a topic Vinegar Cured my Bacne   

    Congrats! DO you apply the vinegar full strength? I've heard that's rough on the face, but probably not as much so for the back.
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  12. goldierocks added a post in a topic In all honesty does this seem weird?   

    Marvin would sell folks (well he'd have an overseer with clear skin to do that for him-- so he wouldn't have to see any.. dare I say it ACNE) with acne to the highest bidder as slaves... although we probably wouldn't be allowed in the kitchens or the house for that matter. And if he could he create someplace desolate and isolated for all of us to hang out-- Acne Reservations. Oh yes... he's normal for a racist pond scum licking stupid unenlightened moron. Maybe a couple of centuries ago your ignorant way of thinking would have been accepted. Hell, folks burned witches for less. Don't go to college Marvin, there's no point. You obviously can't learn anything. And don't worry, you can still get the bubble-brained highclass babes for a trophy wife. They'll just fuck around on you...
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  13. goldierocks added a post in a topic Same bumps in the same spot all the time?   

    Dunno if it's "natural", but a lot of acne sufferers on these boards, myself included, have recurrent cysts, the hard under surface ones that almost never come to a head. I've had some come back after being injected, etc. My derm said if they kept coming back I needed to get them cut out! YIKES! Good luck!
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  14. goldierocks added a post in a topic In all honesty does this seem weird?   

    Yeah, I'm sure they'll love a prick like you offering them tubes of BP.

    I agree with CheeseMonkey about the shrink. Your instability reads with me about an 85% chance you will kill yourself when your acne comes back.

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  15. goldierocks added a post in a topic A BIG   

    This may not go over too well, but having gone to a nasty wealthy redneck high school, where I dropped out (junior year) more for those reasons than my acne, I thought I'd say that a high school diploma doesn't mean a thing in terms of an individual's ability to succeed (and even though I have a lot of letters after my name! and that may mean nothing to you). Two days after I dropped out of high school I took the equivalency exam, passed, and went to the local junior college instead. Then I went on to college, grad school, etc. I think folks at junior college were much easier to deal with than the typical high school student--more real.

    Goldierocks, G.E.D., B.A., B.A., M.A. (PhD forthcoming)
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