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  1. mr.mike added a post in a topic What has worked for me: SEA SALT   

    the sun + salt has a much more profound effect than salt alone.

    about 2 months ago I spent a couple of days up at the beach with my ex... spent about 1 to 2 hours in the water per day and just lay in the sun a bit (with sunscreen on).

    over the week that followed my cysts went into total submission. I kid you not it was close to a miracle. I have not been able to replicate it with salt baths.

    I am considering buying a lamp and completing my artifical project - salt + sun lamp. if I do go ahead with it ill tell you how it goes
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  2. mr.mike added a post in a topic Pityrosporum Folliculitis ?   

    anyone know much about Tetrasil? it is touted as an option for folliculitis

    too hard to tell what is BS these days. might just to the derm.

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  3. mr.mike added a post in a topic So far this is working!   

    I am going to get the brush tommorow...

    They dont seem to sell the body scrub in Australia

    Actually other than stuff at special boutique stores we seem to lack products with AHA/BHA acids in them.

    The products that do exist at local convenience stores are tiny quantities for insane prices.

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  4. mr.mike added a post in a topic So far this is working!   

    A number of people on here have reported good results with Neutrogena Body Scrub.

    Apparently there is a subtle difference between Neutrogena Body Scrub, and another Neutrogena product which is far less effective.

    If someone could clarify it would be good. I am thinking of trying it myself.

    is this the product?
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  5. mr.mike added a post in a topic Vinegar Cured my Bacne   

    I doubt the vinegar was the reason why it cleared up.

    Your body probably turned the corner and the vineger just helped clear things up.

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  6. mr.mike added a post in a topic Females Thoughts on Males   

    "everything we do or think is a result of our instincts. The reason it may not seem this way with humans is because we are intelligent enough to think ahead of the present and examine things critically."

    That whole sentence contradicts itself. If we are capable of critical thought, and therefore able to react differently to our basic instincts, then everything we DO is not the result of our instincts.

    You pretty much shot yourself in the foot with your first sentence.

    You also left out some very important points. Perception is one. Which varies greatly from person to person and has little to do with pre-programmed instincts.

    A persons upbringing/environment and the perceptions they form are going to have a much larger effect on how they perceive acne as opposed to their 'primal instincts'.

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  7. mr.mike added a post in a topic Females Thoughts on Males   

    heeh I'm in the same boat... attracting a girl and then worrying abouy your back acne sucks.. its a load on your chest indeed.. even though it really should not be.

    There are attractive people can deal with it...

    Having said that, there are also girls who wont date you because of it.

    Although you aint missing out on much if your back is the deal breaker.

    Obviously there are other things about you that are attracting these girls, so its not like you have one major feature - back acne... Sus them out and go with someone who you think will be accepting... You can usually tell who is going to drop you for dead at the sight of a pimple.
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