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  1. I remembered I used to come on this site when I was desperate to try something new. The site owner had the regimen which I tried and it didn't work due to the fact that I had severe nodular acne. There where other threads on accutane and back at the time you could post up pictures of yourself so a lot of people kept accutane logs with updated pictures once a month. Looking at the great results I decided to try it as I had used minocycline tetracycline and a few other antibiotics that would clear the acne but as soon as I stopped would come right back. I remembered this thread had a lot of replies at the time I was shocked when i checked it yesterday it was still around with over 2000 posts. I hope it helped some people.
  2. Wow, I started this topic almost 13 years ago. In 2005 I completed 6 months of 80mg of accutane. My acne was reduced by 95 percent. I went on to become a law enforcement officer and have a lot of different relationships. I am now outgoing with a large group of friends . I am 30 years old and am loving life. Accutane saved me at 18 years old. I urge anyone reading this to get on accutane if your acne is affecting your life. This drug literally saved me.