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  1. What Changes Should I Be Making?

    When you say, just carbs, what kind of carbs are you talking about? Simple carbs will release sugar into your blood stream much quicker than complex carbs, there are many that believe this to cause inflammation and aggravate acne symptoms. Anything with white flour, (Breads, pastas, Gluten/Wheat in general) Look into Glycemic Index/Load. Why aren't you eating any veggies? Carrot, Kale, Brocolli, Sweet Potato etc etc... All these wonderful antioxidants you're missing out on Fruits with high antioxidant qualities are blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, apples, oranges.. eat them in moderation. see if they help.
  2. Bread

    20 slices of bread a day is pretty damn impressive/insane Quadboy makes some very good points. definitely give that a shot.
  3. Diet and Zinc Supplement Question

    Im on a gluten/dairy free diet.myself and I don't think I saw any real results for the first month, but I guess everyone is different. Are you consuming dairy?
  4. Good to hear! really pleased that you're staying positive and are seeing progress. I too suffered with terrible chest/bacne for many years. not eating gluten has seemingly cleared that up though. I'm also still seeing progress. I do still get smallish pimples on my face, but they do seem to heal quicker. not getting anymore large cysts / pustule though so that's good. Sorry my friend, I don't really do social networking. hoping chatting through here will be OK for you? Keep on staying strong. Resilience breeds resilience! much love
  5. Is it safe to take multiple vitamins daily?

    I've been taking Vit C, Vit D, Omega 3 and Green Tea Supplements for a while now. Being in the UK myself too, I was taking vitamin D because of the lack of sunshine, but if this nice weather were having keeps up, I'll probably knokc that on the head.
  6. @triolink How are you doing man?
  7. so as I mentioned the other day, my issue at the minute seems to be redness rather than spots themselves. over the last week, I've added in more amounts of beef, vegan cheese and cashews. I've also started eating a bowl of fruit (sliced apple and a handful of Raspberries, black grapes, strawberry and blackberries) about 2 hours after my morning quinoa porridge. I also changed up the salad bags I use and noticed that the brand I'm buying contains quite a lot of beetroot which is high(ish) GI so I'm probably gonna switch that up. . I got the tiniest of whiteheads this morning. it's only the size of a pin head so nothing to worry about. Just trying to work out if any of the above changes are causing the redness onwards and upwards! much love
  8. Just really because there's a lot of rubbish in them and their not really good for you. Also I've discovered Turkey sausage which I believe to taste better and is probably marginally better for you. I'll post another update later
  9. I rarely fry foods but if I do I use Extra Virgin Olive Oil. for baking I use coconut oil. I don't find problems with either. you mentioned food allergy testing... is that something you do at home or through the doctor?
  10. I started to cook heavily with Canola (Rapeseed) oil a lot towards the end of last year which coincided with the worst cystic breakout around my lower lip/chin that I've ever experienced. It looks nice in a bottle of my shelf, but I wont be using it ever again.
  11. Soaked/peeled almonds?

    I only started eating a lot of Almonds (and Cashews and Pumpkin seeds) recently myself. Everything online tends to suggest you do need to soak them and then properly dry them. I did try and do this a couple of times, but it's far too impractical as thet he whole process takes a very long time (the drying side) I've been eating an unsoaked portion of each per day for a while now and don't believe they cause me to break out.
  12. here's a pic taken this morning. wish I had some photos from around Christmas when my skin was at its worst. As said, there's still some redness, but it's all progress!
  13. So yesterday marked 3 months of my diet. As I've said, I've not had any large pustules or cysts at all during this time. I am getting the occasional spot, but they go down super quick and never seem to come to a head. I've tried to up my calories this last week. I've been eating more eggs, beef and coconut oil. nothing major to report at the minute, but I'm so happy with my progress to this point. for anyone struggling, I'd seriously recommend a low Glycemic, low gluten/dairy/sugar diet. it has truly amazed me. much love
  14. Clear/yellowish liquid after popping a pimple?

    I'd say, if you're getting blood and clear liquid, I would say the spot isn't ready to be squeezed.
  15. So I went out after work with a few colleagues last Friday to a steak restaurant. I checked the menu before hand and pretty much everything had Gluten in it. I ended up having a steak with sweet potato fries, onion loaf and a salad with blue cheese and Stilton. washed down with several pints of craft beer. A few days later, I had the familiar tingling and redness under my lip. I prepared for the worst but as of today, it hasn't come to anything at all, although there is still a little redness there but that is fading. main point being, no cysts! that seems to be the thing with me now.. just redness, rather than spots. thought I'd posted my daily eating plan too just to give some people an idea breakfast. - Quinoa porridge made with Almond Milk and cinnamon. blue berries, almonds and pumpkin seeds. (1/4 table spoon of Golden syrup) mid morning snack - Strawberry, raspberry, Apple, black grapes lunch - Chicken breast (cooked in coconut oil) quinoa, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, boiled egg Snack - almonds, cashews pumpkin seeds coffee with Almond milk Dinner - chicken breast/Turkey/salmon, quinoa, sweet potato, kale, carrots, broccoli 2 squares on 85% dark chocolate (not every day) I am eating some vegan cheese now and again too. I need to start putting some. more weight on whilst keeping my low GI/ low gluten/ low dairy diet. I will start adding a 1/4lb burger to my evening meals and may start eating more than 1 egg a day too. Onwards and upwards! Peace!
  16. Candida Diet Journey!

    Along with my Gluten/Dairy ban, I am trying to stay quite low GI myself. I do wish I could put on a bit more weight though. I feel too thin.
  17. Candida Diet Journey!

    Congrats! keep up the good work!
  18. 1 week update. So my girlfriends, Grandad's 90th Birthday was on Sunday. At his request we ordered a ton of Miss Millies (KFC type place) Chicken and Fries. The beer was in full flow, so I ended up devouring 2 boxes of Fried chicken and Fries, I also gulped down 2 brown bread rolls with butter along with it. When we got home that night, it was kinda late and I was kinda drunk, so I didn't feel like cooking. We ended up ordering a Papa Johns Sausage and Pepperoni Pizza and a warm Cookie Pie as a dessert. I ate about 4 slices of Pizza and 2 pieces of the Cookie pie... It was a day of terrible (but delicious) food. I was conscious about it during every bite, but damnit, it was like crack cocaine to me at the moment. Up until the sunday, my skin was the same it's been for the last several weeks -pretty good, But today I am feeling a cyst type spot in the usual place under my lip and I do have 2 tiny spots that have already come to heads and gone. I have to think it's down to my Sunday Funday. I will admit I have had a piece of Cookie pie the last 2 days as I didn't want throw it out, but I'm back on the wagon as of today and will keep my fingers crossed that this big boy under my lip doesn't hang around too long. I'm a little bit worried as I have an after work gathering on Friday which involves a nice Steak restaurant and another heavy session on the beer. I'm just praying they have a sweet potato option instead of chips/fries. See you guys in a bit! Much love.
  19. Sorry, I completely didn't see this. In all honesty, I stopped using it after a few days. I found the BP better for me. in the past I used a 10% BP cream but I've switched to a 5 now and it's not so drying
  20. Things to Snack On?

    Pumpkin Seeds Quinoa (make up a big batch and keeps in the fridge for 4-5 days)
  21. OK, so it's been about a week since I last posted. We've been having some nice weather the last week, (I live in the UK) so I've been able to get out in the garden. I've gotten a little tan which is helping my complexion and makes any spots look less noticeable. I'm gonna start slowing down my Vitamin D supplements because of this if the nice weather stays, although it's cloudy today. My post friend glutinous weekend binge cleared pretty quickly which was nice. I have got 2 active spots currently but they're not large by any means and I'm confident they'll be gone soon . I'm noticing that the spots I do get rarely come to a head anymore, which is cool. I mentioned before That I used to have the occasional spots on my shoulders, back and chest, but I've been clear in these areas for 2 months now! in terms of my diet, I've been pretty good since my buddies left. I picked up some gluten/wheat free cookies the other day and whilst I know they're jam packed full of sugar, they were so good to eat over a few days. I also grabbed some fried chicken fillets at the hot counter one day when I felt hungry. no big episodes after these things so I can't complain. Apart from that, I've been pretty good. I'm going to a family gathering for my Fiances Grandad on Sunday so I'm sure I'll be dabbling in some problematic foods there. Ideally, I'd like to put on a couple of pounds so I'm gonna try to up my calorie intake a little. I'll report back as I go. much love!
  22. give it a go. you may find it helps. I celebrated 8 weeks gluten and dairy free on April 2nd. this day coincided with a few of my friends staying the weekend. I thought this would be the best time to experiment. I ate 2 large white flour bread rolls with bacon and sausage, 6 slices of pizza and handfuls of pastry snacks like sausage rolls and pasties and cakes. sure enough, a few days later, my skin isn't looking so good again. nothing major, but I can feel/see a difference. no huge spots at this stage so I'll keep my fingers crossed. time to cut that stuff out again! I'll report back shortly.
  23. 6 and a bit weeks update... Things are going great. my skin over the last week has been the best it's been in a long time. No new cysts forming and again, the last few spots I did get healed much quicker than previous. As before, my general mood is much healthier and the added exercise I'm getting helps with the stress and overall general wellbeing. I'll keep posting updates, even if no-one reads them!
  24. 1 month in, and I feel pretty good to be honest. 33/M. I have suffered with acne all my life to some degree. Originally joined this website in 2002 when my acne was really effecting my social life (16/17 years old) I'd been to my doctor about it and he prescribed my some pills (I have no idea what they were) which I took for around 6 months. They did nothing to help my acne, but absolutely rotted my stomach and gave me diarrhoea. I stopped using them and started using UK based products similar to Dan's Regimen when I got here. After a while I got my acne down to something I'd describe as mild and I could live with it. I'd occasionally get a big inflamed pustule that would last a week, but they were infrequent and I thought nothing of it. I'd just BP the hell out of them and keep my fingers crossed. Flash forward to around mid December last year, I was getting some HUGE inflamed and large pustules/whiteheads around my chin and lower lip area... it was pretty bad. just a constant stream of them. One would go down, and 2 more would pop up, sometimes double whiteheads! I did my usual thing of avoiding as much social contact as possible (Which is hard with a fiance at Christmas), I even took a few days off work going into January as it was so bad. , I looked in the mirror after waking up and I just wanted to cry. Why was this happening? I took decent care of my skin. I cleansed morning and evening, gently! I used BP and I moisturised. I thought about the food I'd been eating recently. It was Christmas, and I'd been going hard at it on the food and booze for a while now. I came back to this wonderful place, I needed help badly. I clicked on the 'Diet and Holistic Health' Subforum for the first time in my 15 year tenure on this website. My mind was blown. I'm 33 now, and I'd say for the last 25 years of my life, I've eaten at least 4 pieces of bread each day. porridge with milk, I'd drink 3-4 coffee's most days, all with skimmed milk. I regularly consumed pasta and rice. Chips, Pastries, Pizza, Burgers a TON of cheese, fried foods, Beer by the gallon, I eat that stuff weekly by the bucket load. Another thing I never thought of was that during the day, I'd often have bad stomach cramps and sudden bowel movements. This was happening regularly over the last 6 months. I cut it all out. In the first 2 weeks I lost weight. I didn't know what I could really eat! I was living off Broccoli. chicken and sweet potato. I eventually came across Quinoa and it's my favourite thing. It goes with everything. I use it in porridges with cococnut milk and it's a great side for all dishes. bought an electric steamer and am enjoying veg for the first time in my life! Currently eating all meats except pork sausage. All fish, Tons of Kale, Sweet Potato and pretty much all veggies (Have been looking into FODMAPS so avoiding Onion and Mushroom), Also eating blueberries, banana, Coconut Oil, EVOO, Eggs, Pumpkin Seeds, Almonds Using almond milk to have the occasional coffee and having a few squares of dark chocolate here and there. feeling full after every meal. Drinking Green Tea. Lots of Water. Supplementing Omega 3, Vit d and Zinc. I like to cook, so trying all of these new foods has been great for me. I don't plan on cutting everything out forever, and I will start experimenting with some stuff in a few weeks. Overall, after a month I'd say my acne has improved for the better. I am still getting the occasional spot, but the ones I've had have been smaller, and quicker to heal. Much less whiteheads too. my skin complexion is also noticeably better. I have a few scars from the rough breakout over Christmas. Thy tend to look red if I get a spot coming anywhere near where they were. but I'm hoping this will lessen as times goes on. No more huge inflamed pustules though, which is wonderful! On the whole there seems to be less Sebum too. My cleaning Routine is 2x a day Cleanser: Quinoderm: BP and Salyclic Acid Facewash Topical: BP 5% or Skinoren (Azelaic Acid) Moistureiser: Cerave Lotion In addition to my acne, I've also found my general mood and stress levels have greatly improved by this diet change. I also have felt encouraged to start exercising and doing DDP Yoga/ Upper body workouts again and I've even started doing some meditation/breathing techniques to help with relaxation and stress management. I've cut down on the booze massively too. Overall I just feel more balanced and happier. I'm no way out of the woods yet and I'm sure there will be many more bumps to come, but I Just wanna say that this place has helped me so much. To all the beautiful people here that add so much knowledge and their time. You are amazing. God bless you all. Never give up. I wont.