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  1. 4 years later update on my acne status

    Thanks for your post. Im a 33 y/o male who has suffered with acne since my early teens. I went Gluten/Dairy/Sugar free about 6 months ago. I've also tried to incorporate Yoga (specifically DDP Yoga) and breathing exercises into my daily routine too. I do feel it helps a lot. Just a few questions... Weight lifting... Do you think this aggravates acne? Do you drink Alcohol at all?
  2. Quinoderm face wash? It gives me that slightly dryish/tight feel that you mention. It contain a BP/SA mix which I've been using.
  3. So it seems for the past 4 years, I get these large cyst type spots between my nose and cheek. Always happens around this time of year. Can anyone give me any advice on what to do?
  4. Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D3 and Zinc

    I ended up changed to a lower form of zinc (Vit C with 15mg Zinc) and cut out the Mg and Ca, as my cheeks got hella greasy and i broke out there whilst taking them. The Zinc did contain a copper supplement too, so it might have been that, that gave me the reaction. I may experiment with the Mg and Ca again in the next couple of weeks. I also bought a weights bench and started some (quite moderate) benching. I really want to be able to work out, but I'm praying it's not whats breaking me out. I bought some Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar, Vit A and B5 supps a few weeks back, but they're currently just sitting on the shelf. I don't wanna try too much at once because then it's hard to know whats doing what then.
  5. So I've been pretty pleased so far with what my dietary changes have done, (Cut out Gluten, Dairy and Sugar) for my Acne. No huge pustules for a few months now. MY skin is 10 times better than what it was, but now I wanna really try and tie up any loose ends with it. I've been taking D3 and Omega 3 since I started, but from some Googling, I've found many people also having success with Zinc, Magnesium and Calcium supplements. I've bought some myself and have been taking them for the last 2 day. Zinc (with copper and Vit C) in the morning an hour after breakfast. Omega 3 after lunch. Calcium, Magnesium and D3 supplement after my evening meal. I'm hoping to have some success with this also. Anyone have any thoughts or experiences ?
  6. Snacks... WHAT TO DO?

    Eggs? Grass fed beef?
  7. How do I get the motivation to eat healthy?

    Check out my topic ' 4 months Low GI, wheat, gluten, dairy' diet topic on page 1.
  8. How do I get the motivation to eat healthy?

    If your acne is having that kind of effect on you, isn't that enough motivation in itself for you to try? My advice to you would be to embrace cooking. I mean, we spend so much of our lives eating food, why not learn a little about it? Cut down on the Wheat/Gluten, Sugar, Dairy and processed/Packet foods Eat more Kale, spinach, broccoli, carrots, Blueberries, Apples, Raspberries, Strawberries. Drink water not pop
  9. Hey guys, Nearly a month since my last update and it's been just over 4 months since I started my journey. I've been pretty good with my diet since. I've eaten out/at friends a few times where I've eaten things I'd normally try to avoid, and I'm finding that as long as this doesn't happen too often and I stick to my ways on the regular, I'm ok. The only notable issues I've had were a tiny spot became much worse due to my own actions... I stayed at a friends, and in a drunken stupor, fell asleep on a pillow that was absolutely matted in his Cat's hair. The small spot I had on my jaw seemed to turn into something much bigger. But I got it under control in a short time. The other was a small whitehead on my neck, that I aggravated whilst shaving, but again, it didnt last long. Aside from these things, it's been pretty easy going. The red marks I talked about last month seem to be getting better and any whiteheads I get are pin sized and gone in a day. Not a single cyst or large/inflamed pustule in 4 months! typical day as follows.. Breakfast: Quinoa/Almond Milk porridge with chopped almonds, pumpkin seeds, blueberries and cinnamon 2 hours later: Apple, Peach, Small handfuls of Strawberry, Raspberry, Black grapes, Blackberries, blueberries Lunch: Chicken Breast (baked in coconut oil) Quinoa, Lettuce, boiled egg, hanfdful cherry tomatoes, cucumber, redwine vinegar Snacks: Boiled eggs ,Almonds, Pumpkins seeds, Cashews, 2 squares Dark Chocolate Dinner: Chicken Breast/Salmon/Beef/Turkey, boiled egg, Quinoa, Sweet Potato, Kale, Broccoli, Carrot (Veg all steamed) I have been mixing in a few gluten free bread rolls and a few pork sausges now and again too (Cant help myself) Supplements; Vitamin C and Zinc Omega 3 fish oil Green Tea Vitamin D (although when it's sunny I do not take) Drinks: I try to drink at least 2.5 litres of water 2 or 3 cups of. De-caf green tea 1 coffee with almond milk (2 on a weekend) Usually a few light beers or glasses of red wine Skin Care: AM: Shower in lukewarm water with Quinoderm Facewash/ CerAve Moisturiser PM: Lukewarm wash in Quinoderm Facewash/ 5% BP/ CerAve moisturiser I can't believe it took 10 plus years before I figured out what helps, I don't believe I'll ever be acne free, but this lifestyle change sure does minimize the effects for me.
  10. How severe is my acne(pics included)

    @triolink Brother you are looking good! Congrats!
  11. Add me to the list of people finding success with diet changes. I have a post somewhere in the first page (my gluten dairy low Glycemic diet) in which I've talked about it. Great to see others having results.
  12. What Changes Should I Be Making?

    When you say, just carbs, what kind of carbs are you talking about? Simple carbs will release sugar into your blood stream much quicker than complex carbs, there are many that believe this to cause inflammation and aggravate acne symptoms. Anything with white flour, (Breads, pastas, Gluten/Wheat in general) Look into Glycemic Index/Load. Why aren't you eating any veggies? Carrot, Kale, Brocolli, Sweet Potato etc etc... All these wonderful antioxidants you're missing out on Fruits with high antioxidant qualities are blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, apples, oranges.. eat them in moderation. see if they help.
  13. Bread

    20 slices of bread a day is pretty damn impressive/insane Quadboy makes some very good points. definitely give that a shot.
  14. Diet and Zinc Supplement Question

    Im on a gluten/dairy free diet.myself and I don't think I saw any real results for the first month, but I guess everyone is different. Are you consuming dairy?
  15. Good to hear! really pleased that you're staying positive and are seeing progress. I too suffered with terrible chest/bacne for many years. not eating gluten has seemingly cleared that up though. I'm also still seeing progress. I do still get smallish pimples on my face, but they do seem to heal quicker. not getting anymore large cysts / pustule though so that's good. Sorry my friend, I don't really do social networking. hoping chatting through here will be OK for you? Keep on staying strong. Resilience breeds resilience! much love
  16. Is it safe to take multiple vitamins daily?

    I've been taking Vit C, Vit D, Omega 3 and Green Tea Supplements for a while now. Being in the UK myself too, I was taking vitamin D because of the lack of sunshine, but if this nice weather were having keeps up, I'll probably knokc that on the head.
  17. @triolink How are you doing man?
  18. so as I mentioned the other day, my issue at the minute seems to be redness rather than spots themselves. over the last week, I've added in more amounts of beef, vegan cheese and cashews. I've also started eating a bowl of fruit (sliced apple and a handful of Raspberries, black grapes, strawberry and blackberries) about 2 hours after my morning quinoa porridge. I also changed up the salad bags I use and noticed that the brand I'm buying contains quite a lot of beetroot which is high(ish) GI so I'm probably gonna switch that up. . I got the tiniest of whiteheads this morning. it's only the size of a pin head so nothing to worry about. Just trying to work out if any of the above changes are causing the redness onwards and upwards! much love
  19. Just really because there's a lot of rubbish in them and their not really good for you. Also I've discovered Turkey sausage which I believe to taste better and is probably marginally better for you. I'll post another update later
  20. I rarely fry foods but if I do I use Extra Virgin Olive Oil. for baking I use coconut oil. I don't find problems with either. you mentioned food allergy testing... is that something you do at home or through the doctor?
  21. I started to cook heavily with Canola (Rapeseed) oil a lot towards the end of last year which coincided with the worst cystic breakout around my lower lip/chin that I've ever experienced. It looks nice in a bottle of my shelf, but I wont be using it ever again.
  22. Soaked/peeled almonds?

    I only started eating a lot of Almonds (and Cashews and Pumpkin seeds) recently myself. Everything online tends to suggest you do need to soak them and then properly dry them. I did try and do this a couple of times, but it's far too impractical as thet he whole process takes a very long time (the drying side) I've been eating an unsoaked portion of each per day for a while now and don't believe they cause me to break out.
  23. here's a pic taken this morning. wish I had some photos from around Christmas when my skin was at its worst. As said, there's still some redness, but it's all progress!
  24. So yesterday marked 3 months of my diet. As I've said, I've not had any large pustules or cysts at all during this time. I am getting the occasional spot, but they go down super quick and never seem to come to a head. I've tried to up my calories this last week. I've been eating more eggs, beef and coconut oil. nothing major to report at the minute, but I'm so happy with my progress to this point. for anyone struggling, I'd seriously recommend a low Glycemic, low gluten/dairy/sugar diet. it has truly amazed me. much love
  25. Clear/yellowish liquid after popping a pimple?

    I'd say, if you're getting blood and clear liquid, I would say the spot isn't ready to be squeezed.