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  1. Gave Up All Hope (Nothing Is Working!)

    Have you taken any antibiotics at all? A severe case like that won't be cured by any soap or shampoo I'm afraid. Cystic acne is too deep into the skin to be affected by anything you put onto the skin. As some already pointed out; watch for supplements as you may have intolarance to something. I assume you do protein shakes and that sort. As for accutane.. I did it and never regreted it either. It didn't stop me from going to the gym or like that. Good luck!
  2. If it's a gel then it may be clogging.. the topical solution I got is clear liquid so no way it could cause a breakout unless you would be allergic or so.. Anyway, as a preventive measure I'll stick with the antibacterial soap and the ointment and see where that takes me.
  3. Not in the best mood now; got to see the doc today and was basically told it was a mild case of bacterial folliculitis and that it was too mild to warrant any prescribed treatment.. I did get a topical fusidic acid ointment to use in my nose to see if I can get rid of any staph hiding there which I suspect might be the cause. However I've already ordered neosporin online and will switch once I get that. I also got topical clindamycin solution. Thinking of using any of the two as a localized treatment of the infections. Which one you think is better?
  4. Head and Shoulders: miracle bacne cure in 1 week

    If head & shoulders works for you or you just wanna give a try; get the 2% Pyrithione Zinc Therapy Soap instead (or similar brand). H&S is good for oily skin but if yours is dry to begin with you'll end up with a rash or other skin problems.
  5. So my past acne is gone and I've been 99.9% clear on my face for the past years mostly using good cleansing and Epiduo but, I can't seem to get rid of those stubborn red bumps on my neck/upper chest and occasionally back. I pretty much self-diagnosed this as folliculitis but how do you know if it's bacterial or fungal? I know that antibiotics will clear it short-term but this will always come back. The worst part is the scalp's hairline with big red bumps. The skin there is quite itchy as well. It can actually itch the worst just before a breakout. What I tried; head&shoulders shampoo as body wash for a year now. Once or twice a week antibacterial soap (hibiclens generic product) and a sulphur/salicylic acid shampoo. I also use a probiotic but will upp the dose now a little. I would bet it's fungal but, I have dry skin and every doc says fungal folliculitis is all the pics I've seen the bumps are many in numbers while I only get 1-5 at any given time. I have however suffered a lot from jock itch in my groin area even if it's been a while since the last case. I was considering candida but I eat little sugar and dairy (lactose intolerant) and have no cravings for sugar to speak of. What can I do to get the cause? Already seen a few derms but they think my case is mild and can really not tell the cause..