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  1. Probiotics and hormones levels

    I've taken probiotics for years now, but it hasn't made any difference on my skin, unfortunately. I take the PB8 one that you can get on Amazon, which is supposedly a highy recommended one.
  2. Anybody found anything that actually works for oily skin?!

    I took Saw Palmetto a few years ago for my skin, and I broke out in a rash all over my throat where my lymph nodes are. It did not agree with me at all. But my bf took it, and he was just fine.
  3. What has dramatically reduced your oily skin?

    The two products that have worked...or at least helps is mIlk of magnesia (but that's not recommended, so I've only used it a few times) and Estee Lauder's pore minimizer lotion. I was surprised at how effective Estee Lauder's lotion was for my skin at keeping oil at bay. Other than that, only Accutane has ever really made a huge difference as far as oil, which I won't be going back on. I had a good experience with Accutane, but I won't go back on it just to treat oil