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  1. ppx11 added a post in a topic Do you get new spots everyday?   

    This has been happening to me recently. It's getting extremely extremely annoying. I'll take an hour nap and wake up to see a new spot on my face. Lovely.
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  2. ppx11 added a post in a topic Pimple that mirror each other.   

    this jus happened to me. last week my left side was clear and my right just stopped breakin out but this week my left has been gettin owned....
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  3. ppx11 added a post in a topic Omega 3, 6, and 9 Fatty Acids   

    Okay I decided to ramp up my dosage to ~4g when I usually took 1-1.5. One quick question, should I try to get as close to 1:1 3to6 as possible or will 4g be enough. I'm guessing most of the time I'll be able to keep it decently even but I ate a salad today and looked up the omega3/6 of sesame dressing and it has 3000mg of 6 and like 300 of omega3 in 1 tbsp. That's so damn much! I'd have to take another 6 pills to make up for that... :[ I guess I'll use Ranch from now on since that has alot smaller amount of omega 6.
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  4. ppx11 added a post in a topic whats the deal with ice?   

    Does anyone know if there's a detrimental effect caused by too much icing? I usually ice my pimples for periods of 10+ min several times a day. Sometimes over an hour in total.
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  5. ppx11 added a post in a topic whats the deal with ice?   

    ^Yeah. That's one if it's main purposes. Just put a cube in a sandwich bag and ice away to reduce inflammation. It's more effective on developing pimples rather than one's that are fully matured and whatnot.
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  6. ppx11 added a post in a topic .   

    its been about a month and i've seen slight improvement. i'll be clear for a few days, then get 3-4 new pimples and so on. i used to be clear durin last summer and then i started breakin out again in september once i went back to school. i also tend to get inflammatory acne (paps pustules zits) which sucks ass. now i gotta start alllll over with all these new red and brown marks i've acccumulated..

    did you ever have bacne? i have mild bacne similar to the type on my face.

    do you use bp as a spot treatment or all over the face?
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  7. ppx11 added a topic in General acne discussion   

    What are these and what can I do? PICS
    EDIT: ARgh. pics not working. one sec.
    hm. they won't work. just click the urls to see pics... thanks.

    So I have some of these on my body and recently got a few on my face.

    And my bathroom's light sure makes my acne look worse. :[

    I used to have a papule? (soft flesh colored bump) where that dark dot is. The pimple started fading away and then recently it turned black and now it's just there. It's a soft bump.

    Another slightly hard flesh bump in the middle of my chest. Been there for over a year now.

    I've had this on the back of my shoulder for over a year and a half. It used to have a dark dot like the one on my face but now it's just reddish. It's very hard and doesn't hurt or anything.

    Another on my upper arm. Basically all of these feel like there's a ball inside. 1 year+

    Any help would be appreciated.
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  8. ppx11 added a post in a topic Getting pimples in the same place/area as old pimples..   

    So if it was a whitehead, would it be better to just pop it and get everything out? What about for papules? Those shouldn't be popped but what can I do to ensure it won't come back?
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  9. ppx11 added a topic in General acne discussion   

    Getting pimples in the same place/area as old pimples..
    I've been on the dip method for the past 2 weeks and have noticed that I'm getting pimples in the same area or even on top of where I had pimples a week or two before. Is this cause I'm not getting all the bacteria and whatnot completely out before the pimple heals and goes away so a new one forms there? Most of the pimples that disappeared were not popped and faded by themselves although some I did pop, albeit carefully. I plan on adding Purpose cleanser because of this. Oh, and I also exfoliate everyday too but it seems like that's not enough.
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  10. ppx11 added a post in a topic .   

    Personally, taking the pills so far have done almost nothing to help my skin. I JUST recovered from a horrible breakout of inflammation acne (which is what I get mostly). I've been taking 1.6 grams each of flax/fish/borage for over a month and have seen little to no improvement in my skin. The only thing that has reduced my oil production a bit is the dipping method. However, I'm probably going to end up using Purpose cleanser since I don't think the water is sufficient enough to clean the oil and dirt off my face even with exfoliating. B5 was more effective for me than the omega/efa pills but I think I grew out of the B5.

    EDIT: AFter looking over Kodi's post and some more info on the omegas, it looks like I'm NOT balancing my 3's and 6's. I've been taking the pills which give equal amounts of 3 and 6 which wouldn't be helping to balance at all so I think I'll try taking just omega 3s and stop taking the pills with omega 6.
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  11. ppx11 added a post in a topic A Simple fast FREE regime!!   

    I think I may have to add a cleanser (thinking of Purpose cleanser) since my face is just too oily to use just water. Everytime I wash my face I can see all the little clear white-ish particles coming out my skin but it never feels like it's fully washed off using just water. I've been getting pimples in the same place as old pimples which could be due to the fact that everything left over from the old pimples aren't gettting cleaned properly. I'll wait till the end of the week and then add in a cleanser.
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  12. ppx11 added a post in a topic .   

    I use a soft bristled tooth brush... is that okay to use rather than a baby brush?
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  13. ppx11 added a post in a topic A Simple fast FREE regime!!   

    So it's been about a week a half since I started my second try of the dip regimen. The first time it worked phenomenally for the first 2-3 weeks but I got lazy and my acne got worse and I ended up trying other methods. But nothing really worked so here I am trying the dip regimen again. The effects the 2nd time around are alot more minimal compared to the first time. My oil production has decreased maybe 25% whereas in the first time it decreased like 90% in a matter of a few days. I'm still breaking out (although it's reduced a little) whereas the first time I was clear almost instantly for the first few weeks. I'm going to still keep going with this for at least a month and then go from there.
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  14. ppx11 added a post in a topic A Simple fast FREE regime!!   

    I've decided to give this regimen one more try. I did it a few months ago and had great results the first few weeks and then I started breaking out. I wasn't sticking to the 2 dips a day fully and I got lazy which may have been the case. This time I'll keep strict to the regimen and hope for better results cause I've been breaking out like mad for the last few months using a cleanser.
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  15. ppx11 added a post in a topic .   

    Just here to check in for an update. It's been a week and no change so far. I know it takes at least a couple of weeks but it's still frustrating :[. I think it may have to do with the winter season since I was pretty damn clear until around the end of Fall when I started breaking out again for no reason. I have inflammatory acne (most pustule/papules with very few small pimples). The massive oil production ain't helping either. Must...wait..it...out....
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