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  1. kaleidoscope added a post in a topic No Probiotics For Months--Totally Clear!   

    I was going to mention this too. All fermented foods break me out badly, probably because of the histamine content.

    But certain probiotic supplements have really helped my skin. I was taking Kirkman's acidophilus for awhile and that cleared me up a lot. Now I am taking Enzymedica Pro-Bio and it's working well too. This one is improving my digestion more than the plain acidophilus supplement.

    I have to avoid bifidobacteria, FOS, and inulin in probiotic supplements. Those ingredients break me out.
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  2. kaleidoscope added a post in a topic Omega 3 And Returning From Vacations Abroad Causing Break Outs   

    It's probably not the omega 3 fatty acids themselves that break you out, but the sources you are getting them from. Flax seed oil breaks me out terribly, while cod liver oil only improves my skin.
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  3. kaleidoscope added a post in a topic Taking Accutane And Living Healthy   

    You might be breaking out from carbs because of an intestinal yeast or bacterial overgrowth, not necessarily just blood sugar/insulin issues. I used to have the same problem (breaking out from any significant amount of carbs) and I'm doing much better now since I started taking some things for yeast and bacteria.

    What's been helping me the most is peppermint tea, at least 2 cups a day (has antifungal and antibacterial properties), coconut oil (has antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral properties), and cod liver oil (has vitamin A which boosts the immune system to help fight off pathogens).

    Also, before I started peppermint tea, I discovered black tea helped a lot too. It contains tannins which are antifungal and antibacterial. I switched to peppermint, which works just as well if not better, because I prefer to avoid caffeine.

    Probiotics might help too... have you tried them? I'd recommend just a plain acidophilus supplement since some people with intestinal dysbiosis have trouble with other strains.
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  4. kaleidoscope added a post in a topic Gut Flora And Leaky Gut. After 5 Years I Finally Found The Root Cause And I'm Clear Using The Gut Diet:)   

    I'll send you a message a little later (since this is off topic for this thread).
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  5. kaleidoscope added a post in a topic Gut Flora And Leaky Gut. After 5 Years I Finally Found The Root Cause And I'm Clear Using The Gut Diet:)   

    I agree... I don't think anyone can say that any one protocol will accomplish those things for everyone who has food allergies or digestive issues. There are so many factors and everyone is different.

    For example, I started the Specific Carbohydrate Diet several years ago in hopes clearing up my skin. As part of this diet, I started eating lots of homemade yogurt, as well as sauerkraut (actually I'd been eating sauerkraut for a long time). This diet did clear me up a few months or so, but eventually I started breaking out again... and I also started developing severe food allergies (IgE allergies, bordering on anaphylactic) for the first time in my life. And all the foods I was becoming seriously allergic to started breaking my skin out even though they never had before. Why would this happen to me on this "gut-healing" protocol? Well, I later figured out that I had mercury toxicity, which causes allergies, and all of the high-sulfur foods I was eating on the SCD were exacerbating the problem (sulfur binds to mercury and can move it around the body, which is generally not a good thing). So it's not that simple for some people.

    In general, treating yeast and bacterial imbalances in the gut can reduce food allergies/sensitivities, but still, not everyone will benefit from the exact same treatment for these problems. I couldn't even tolerate any probiotics at all until I started taking a supplement that boosts the immune system (something called OKG), which really reduced my yeast and bacterial overgrowth issues.
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  6. kaleidoscope added a post in a topic Reaction To Food   

    Sounds like you have a heck of a lot of food allergies, which probably indicates a leaky gut. I'd suggest cutting out gluten, first of all, since it's a major cause of leaky gut. (I'm guessing you're not gluten-free since you mentioned eating pasta.)

    You may also have a yeast or bacterial overgrowth (due to the antibiotics), which can cause or exacerbate leaky gut. Treatment for these would usually require a more restrictive diet, probiotics, and perhaps some supplements.
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  7. kaleidoscope added a post in a topic Gut Flora And Leaky Gut. After 5 Years I Finally Found The Root Cause And I'm Clear Using The Gut Diet:)   

    The headache is likely from being in ketosis. Read up on ketosis/ketogenic diets.

    Personally, I can't handle too many carbs (no fruit, especially if it's raw) due to yeast and bacterial dysbiosis, but I do try to eat enough to stay out of ketosis because I don't feel well in ketosis, and because a ketogenic diet seems to have some long-term risks. I get most of my carbs from winter squash (acorn, butternut, buttercup, etc.), which is SCD-legal and a lot less starchy than sweet potatoes.

    What do you mean by "not enough fat"? If you're eating very low carb, you need to get most of your calories from fat.

    Also... since you seem to be having a lot of trouble with the fermented foods, I would *personally* recommend stopping them and taking an SCD-legal acidophilus supplement instead. Fermented foods (other than the 24-hour yogurt) are considered 'advanced' on the SCD, I think because people with gut issues often have trouble tolerating the different strains. Kefir has yeasts which I imagine would be a problem for most people with an intestinal yeast overgrowth.

    This is the acidophilus supplement I use: http://kirkmanlabs.com/ProductKirkman/182/1/LactobacillusAcidophilus-Hypoallergenic/
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  8. kaleidoscope added a post in a topic Gut Flora And Leaky Gut. After 5 Years I Finally Found The Root Cause And I'm Clear Using The Gut Diet:)   

    I'm not so sure that fermented foods are good for everyone with acne. I totally agree that the root cause of acne is often leaky gut and imbalanced gut flora, and probiotics should help resolve those issues. However, all fermented foods are very high in histamine, and histamine is an inflammatory chemical that is involved in acne formation. All foods that are high in histamine (fermented veggies, vinegar, canned fish, etc.) will break me out within a few hours.

    Now, a "histamine intolerance" can be caused by imbalanced gut flora, so theoretically fermented foods should help in the long run. I'm sure the reason one of the reasons I'm so sensitive to histamine (and have so many food allergies) is a bacterial and/or yeast overgrowth in my gut. I have found that going on a fairly low carb diet (and taking certain supplements) has reduced my histamine issues. My food allergies (which used to be very severe) have become less severe, and I'm not *as* sensitive to fermented foods as I once was... However, they do still break me out. Instead, I take a probiotic supplement (Kirkman's acidophilus -- SCD-legal), which doesn't break me out at all and seems to help a little. I still have some gut issues, and I still have lots of food allergies... but I've managed to overcome some of my food allergies, and my skin is now pretty much clear.

    I just personally couldn't deal with the horrible breakouts I would get from eating fermented veggies on a regular basis, even if it would improve things for me in the long run. (I'm not sure that it would anyway, because I think I may have a problem detoxifying histamine due a "methylation cycle" problem...)

    I just wanted to mention to this in case anyone is getting a whole lot worse on this protocol... although if you're willing to stick it out to see if things improve, good for you
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  9. kaleidoscope added a post in a topic So Why Do Zinc Supplements Break Me Out?   

    What are the ingredients in your supplement? Sometimes supplements contain food ingredients I personally react to, like soy or rice flour or millet.
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  10. kaleidoscope added a post in a topic How To Hydrate Oily But Very Dehydrated Skin If Everything Breaks Me Out?   

    Taking cod liver oil keeps my skin moisturized. I don't use any topical moisturizer.
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  11. kaleidoscope added a post in a topic Can My Body Tolerate Wheat/gluten?   

    You could have problems with starch in general, not necessarily because of blood sugar issues but because of an intestinal flora imbalance. Some people clear up on the GAPS diet/Specific Carbohydrate Diet, which is basically a starch-free diet.
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  12. kaleidoscope added a post in a topic Histadelia and Acne Sufferer.   

    Try TMG (trimethylglycine). http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Histadeli...le-t264918.html

    Fresh meat isn't too high in histamine.
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  13. kaleidoscope added a post in a topic HCL   

    That's a sign of low stomach acid.
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  14. kaleidoscope added a post in a topic Interesting article about Candida and Mercury Poisoning   

    Cilantro can be dangerous... Some people have made themselves much sicker by trying to chelate mercury with cilantro. "Natural" isn't always better. DMSA and DMPS are drugs, but they're quite safe ones, as long as they are taken properly, on a specific schedule. ALA is a "natural" chelator, and it's the only one that will take mercury out of cells and organs, but again it has to be taken on a schedule (every 3 hours around the clock). Taking it less often moves mercury INTO your organs.
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  15. kaleidoscope added a post in a topic Interesting article about Candida and Mercury Poisoning   

    How do you get mercury toxicity? From amalgam fillings in your teeth, vaccines (preserved with thimerosal which contains mercury), too much high-mercury fish, etc.

    It's difficult to determine mercury toxicity through a simple blood or urine or stool test. It often doesn't show up there because, in people with mercury toxicity, most of the mercury is in the organs. The best way to test is a hair test. Read this page: http://home.earthlink.net/~moriam/HOW_TO_hair_test.html

    The book Hair Test Interpretation by Andy Cutler also explains how to interpret hair tests, and how to chelate.

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