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  1. veggie girl added a post in a topic QUESTION ABOUT INGREDIENTS IN THIS SOAP???   

    SLS is a very harsh detergent that can dry out or irritate your skin.
    I have used Dr B's soap (although I prefer to cleanse my face with Kiss My Face Olive Oil bar soap) and the organic oils gently remove impurities without stripping your skin of necesary oils. It has never made me break out. must dilute Dr. B's liquid soap-make sure to read the instructions, or get his bar soap.
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  2. veggie girl added a post in a topic *`*~FABULOUS Skin Food (GREEN SMOOTHIES)~*`*   

    I stay away from high sugar fruits, but eat plenty of fruit: lemons, limes, cucumbers, avocados, and tomatoes...many people forget (or I guess don't know?) that the last three are fruits.

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  3. veggie girl added a post in a topic *`*~FABULOUS Skin Food (GREEN SMOOTHIES)~*`*   

    I just came across this thread and have to say I green smoothies-have been making them for a few months now.
    I agree with the acne bomb comment! If I drank/ate all that fruit I'd break out really bad for sure! Not to mention all that sugar=yeast.
    IMO, adding a handful of greens to a fruit smoothie does not make it a green smoothie! I guess my definition of a green smoothie is not the color, but rather the ingredients=mainly green vegetables.

    I'd love to see her credentials and find out why she thinks it is dangerous, as I have read quite the opposite-that an alkaline diet is very good for you and one should aim to remove the acids from their body. I've been following an alkaline diet and have never felt healthier or had clearer skin. Some of the more commercial versions are the PH Miracle & the Acid-Alkaline Diet. This is a diet recommended by many holistic doctors and also given to Cancer patients, Diabetics, Candida sufferers, people looking to lose weight, etc.
    In another topic on juicing I think I posted a green smoothie recipe, doesn't taste all that great, but once I noticed the difference in how I felt, how my skin became radiant and clear, and how much energy I got from it I was hooked! Variations could be adding organic powdered (or freshly juiced) wheat/barley/dog/lemon/shave grass and/or juiced: asparagus, turnip greens, dandelion greens, parsley, basil, mint, boston lettuce, or green peppers.
    Alkaline Green Smoothie Recipe:
    1 peeled lemon
    1 peeled lime
    2-5 stalks celery
    1 roma tomato
    1 peeled cucumber
    handful broccoli
    2 handfuls kale
    1 handful mustard greens
    small bunch collard greens (too much makes it bitter)
    1-2 cups spinach
    2 tbsps olive, flax, or coconut oil
    1 gram sea salt
    Juice all veggies except the spinach & avocado, then liquefy all in the blender.
    -To sweeten, omit the mustard & collard greens and add 1 juiced pear, another cucumber, and you can also add up to 1 tsp of Stevia.
    -An easier version would be just cucumber, kale, lime, spinach, and avocado.

    I don't believe that the flax oil or veggies are creating the dry skin, in fact they usually make dry skin better if not go away altogether. Make sure you are drinking adequate water; 1 liter for every 40lbs you weigh, dry skin brushing helps, don't take really hot baths or showers, and moisturize with an oil such as almond, coconut, or sesame right after you shower.

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  4. veggie girl added a post in a topic HELP With Ingredients in MMU   

    Going by what works for my skin, what I have learned, and what I believe, out of the above mentioned, I would choose foundation #4 and setting powder #3.
    Mica breaks me out, as does high amounts of Sericite-and both can look shiny & oily and will slide or settle into fine lines. Boron is very similar to Bismuth Oxychloride, and for some can cause the same itching and breakouts. I avoid cornstarch at all costs-it breaks me out. I refuse to use silk powder because I prefer Vegan cosmetics.
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  5. veggie girl added a post in a topic The OIL CLEANSING METHOD (Highly Recommended!)   

    I've been using Kiss My Face Olive Oil & Green Tea to cleanse and Jojoba Oil to moisturize, and my skin is clear and soft!
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  6. veggie girl added a post in a topic jojoba oil.   

    I use it as a stand alone facial moisturizer, on my lips, on my cuticles, on scalp, as a make-up remover, and mixed with shea butter & almond oil for a body cream.
    I use Burt's Bees shampoo & conditioner and it contains Jojoba Oil in both.

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  7. veggie girl added a post in a topic Make-Up 101   

    Sounds like maybe mineral make-up may be the thing for you. Some types are very good for your skin and once you get the hang of it, you can apply within seconds, it looks natural, and lasts a long time.
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  8. veggie girl added a post in a topic Other vegetarians/vegans on this site?   

    I'm a Vegetarian and have been toying with the idea of going Vegan. I went Veg for ethical reasons, but found my health and skin improved.
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  9. veggie girl added a post in a topic why are vegans disliked?   

    True, so a correction of my statement should be, fruit contains very little protein. Which is why I do not count on the protein in fruits for my requirements. Not sure where you are getting your stats from, they seem to high, for a true measure you can't compare foods by weight, but by calories.
    So, if you do a comparison of 100 calories of each food, their amount of protein in grams looks like:
    soybeans - 8.77g
    chicken - 8.65g
    steak - 8.65g
    green beans - 5.87g
    whole wheat bread - 3.94g
    potato - 2.15g
    apples - .32g

    By this logic, couldn't the same be said for humans?
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  10. veggie girl added a post in a topic why are vegans disliked?   

    Some feel like that is exactly what they are encouraging. Instead of feeding millions of cows, chickens, pigs, and other animals wheat, you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone by feeding all that wheat to the people of the world (animals consume way more wheat than people would) -everyone would be fed and no animals would be slaughtered.
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  11. veggie girl added a post in a topic why are vegans disliked?   

    I can only speak from my experience as a long time Vegetarian. I made my choice long ago for my own personal reasons.
    When I eat around meat eaters I always get asked why do I not eat meat. Truth is, people don't really want to know. They get offended if I tell them my reasons, even if THEY ASKED ME!
    Most of my family consists of meat eaters. I don't harp on them, I try not to judge them, I don't try to change them, but they continually remind me to "make sure I eat enough protein" and "make sure I take a multi-vitamin" and "make sure I eat enough" and "make sure I don't get sick" . Which just shows their ignorance. Does anyone know of anyone who has a protein deficiency??? -they are very rare. Most people consume way to much protein for their body weight. Every food contains some protein with the exception of fruit!
    I'd say dislike over Vegans a/o Vegetarians probably boils down to ignorance, judgement, maturity (lack of), and use of stereotypes . Every Vegan/Vegetarian is different and not all preach or act better than others. I also think there is a difference between trying to help or educate people and getting in someone's face about your issue when they have no interest.
    I say do what is best for you and mind your own business.

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  12. veggie girl added a post in a topic Powder Brushes   

    My favorite brushes for minerals are from I really like their concealer brush!
    I also have & like some from You can get quality, professional type brushes from
    For foundation & powder brushes, I would look for natural hair versus synthetic which can be too harsh for skin. Cheaper brushes use pony tail hair, but in my experience, squirrel and badger are softest & fuller.
    Make sure to wash all brushes before using, some are dyed and can cause irritation to skin. I also recommend washing brushes at least every 2-3 days (I try to wash mine after 2 uses)! Bacteria, dead skin cells, and oil accumulates on the brush, which not only contaminates your make-up, but you reapply it to your face every time you apply your make-up, which can cause breakouts!
    Wash brushes with a gentle soap and avoid getting the ferrule wet, which can make the hairs fall out. Let them dry upside down, either by hanging upside down in a brush holder, or you can rubber band them to drawer handles.
    Hope that helps!
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  13. veggie girl added a post in a topic New BP gel vs. Old BP gel   

    Hate it. Something in it really irritates my skin, burns, and makes my face tomato red for at least half an hour after application, and I only use a small amount.
    I am no longer using it, something that irritates so much cannot be good.
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  14. veggie girl added a post in a topic Stupid makeup   

    I wouldn't put anything else on over it! Apply the BE as you would, then use one shade lighter as a concealer on blemishes/red spots. Don't apply any extra powder or concealer over it. When you get oily later in the day, then apply a tiny amount of powder to the areas you need it.
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  15. veggie girl added a post in a topic Hair gel   

    Why not try Fruit of the Earth's 100% Pure Aloe Vera Gel!? It says on the label you can use it as hair gel (not to mention it is great for blemishes & red marks!)! You can get a 20oz pump bottle for only $2.99 @ Walmart!
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