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  1. Tretinoin Ruined My Life

    I almost feel like the top layer of my skin has been stripped which is what is making my scarring appear worse... but I'm certain my skin texture hasnt been the same since. It looks dry and dull and just unhealthy. My makeup doesnt sit right anymore
  2. Tretinoin Ruined My Life

    I'm not even using it anymore but my skin hasnt been the same. I'm certain it gave me more scars
  3. Tretinoin Ruined My Life

    It's been about 3 weeks since I used it and I still feel that the texture of my skin has not returned to normal. The orange peel texture is weird... it only seems to be noticeable when I wear powder but I never had that issue before. It just looks like every pore on my cheeks has become more noticeable and obvious. I definitely have noticed new scars appearing also where I never had any before. My skin is just a mess right now. I'll try and post photos to show what I mean. I'm hoping it returns to normal texture with time but pretty gutted about the new/deeper scarring.
  4. I used it once and it ruined my skin completely. I have an orange peel texture on my pores, it caused my scars to be deeper and caused additional scarrimg where I had none before. I would give anything to have my old skin back. The derm wont believe that anythings been affected. Please tell me this can be fixed. I'm so depressed over this. Just want to go back and never use that shit. It also made me break out more than I ever did before which of course gave me new scars. No matter what I do it looks dry and scaly and my makeup just sits on top and looks awful. I cry everyday now when I look in the mirror. Would give anything to have my old skin back.