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  1. fakeplasticgirl added a post in a topic What Did You Eat Today?   

    * Kefir for breakfast, followed by a clementine.

    * Some sunflower seeds and macadamia nuts for in-between snack.

    * A light leafy green salad with tuna for lunch.

    * Spiced sauteed sliced chicken cooked with peppers, onions and tomatoes for dinner.
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  2. fakeplasticgirl added a post in a topic Omega 3, 6, and 9 Fatty Acids   

    Could someone more knowledgable than me comment on this supplement:


    Good? No? Better off getting 'pure' Omega-3 fish oil?

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  3. fakeplasticgirl added a post in a topic How many supplements do you take daily?   

    * Vitex Chasteberry
    * B-Complex
    * Acidophilus Probiotic
    * Zinc
    * Milk Thistle (not every day, occassionally)

    Thinking of adding Omega 3, Turmeric + Saw Palmetto.
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  4. fakeplasticgirl added a post in a topic Liver cleanse! I love them! :)   

    I've always wanted to try a river cleanse, but I'm too scared... mainly because I'm a bit underweight, and when I don't eat, I feel really faint and nauseous..
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  5. fakeplasticgirl added a post in a topic Has anyone had any success?   

    I am always baffled by why anyone would bother coming to the nutrition forum only to make claims that 'living life and eating whatever I want' is the way to go. It's called discipline, awareness and respect for one's own health! Sure, maybe not everyone's acne is caused by food insensitivities, but by fixing your nutrition, you can thus fix some underlying causes of your acne, whichever they may be..gluten intolerance, dairy intolerance, high testosterone, low progesterone, etc. etc.. I find I am not gluten intolerant, but I do react badly to refined sugars, and my hormones are really out of whack, so I'm trying to approach my hormonal unbalance holistically, not by popping the BCP (which I had been doing for 3 years, finally went off)

    Anyway, to the OP..try a highly raw diet, I find that although it is difficult, it delivers good results for a lot of posters on this forum (including myself). ACV in water, as well as freshly squeezed lemon in water, also helps me.. but everyone is different! I do urge you to try eat more raw foods, but also FISH! Fish is just invaluable to me. I hardly eat meat, only turkey breast now and then, but I can't go on without fish
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  6. fakeplasticgirl added a post in a topic LOVING your skin   

    Lovely thread

    I realised how stupid I was for freaking out over every breakout (and they happen way more often than I'd like) when a person I was close to had a cancer threat. It all turned out benign in the end, but the two weeks that we spent waiting for the biopsies, etc. all I could think of was how blessed I am to actually be okay. Sure, I have hormonal imbalance, which results in spots, and I have some issues with digestion/liver functions that I am now addressing with a holistic diet approach and lots of healthy herbal supplements, but I am, generally speaking, a decently healthy person. And only when somebody close to you, or you yourself, come across a much more sinister health problem do you begin to reassess how lucky you really are.

    Needless to say, I still get depressed when my acne is particularly bad, but I always try to remember how blessed I am to have myself and my loved ones alive, happy and healthy.

    All the best to everyone
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  7. fakeplasticgirl added a post in a topic Apple Cider Vinegar   

    I've been drinking it every morning, 2-3 tsp in a glass of water. So far, it's only been a week so a little early to judge, but along with some diet changes (severe cutting of dairy, all refined sugars and most wheat/gluten), I haven't had any new zit attacks. Also, maybe I'm just imagining this and it's wishful thinking, but I feel as though the general texture of my skin is smoother. Will post again in a few weeks, see if there's any further changes.
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  8. fakeplasticgirl added a post in a topic Good Things For The Many Factors That Lead To Acne   

    Thanks for the reply. I'll check out her posts. It is frustrating, because most books and treatment suggestions for PCOS start with "...lose some weight" but clearly for me that isn't the issue at all.

    Oh, also, I have atopic dermatitis on top of all this! Had it since I was 4. It isn't severe, but I get red/itchy eyes and sometimes dry, red patches on my elbows. AGH! ACNE AAAND ECZEMA? Honestly. All of this makes me all the more certain that it must somehow be, even if loosely, related! Starting an anti-inflammation, mostly raw veg/some fruit diet as of next week, with some recommended herbs and teas. Will report on any progress!

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  9. fakeplasticgirl added a post in a topic Good Things For The Many Factors That Lead To Acne   

    Great post.

    I've been struggling with acne for about 8 years now. I'm a 21 year old female, and all the advice in regards to 'oh, you'll grow out of it', visits to over 10 different dermatologists, I'm beginning to realise it's stupid to treat the surface when quite clearly the source of the problem MUST be coming from within..

    I've recently been diagnosed with PCOS, but the doc was surprised because I'm not overweight. I am 5'4 and 103lbs, so far from it, in fact. But nonetheless, I now understand why I probably have acne. I'm statring to attempt to compile some sort of diet and supplement plan to tackle this problem, as I do want children in the near future..and I am very fed up with my acne.

    Also, have you looked into candida overgrowth? I have a strong suspicion I have this on top of PCOS, as the more research I seem to do, the more fitting it seems in regards to my symptoms.

    Anyway, I am now on a path to healthier eating (though to be honest, I've always eaten relatively well as I love fresh veg/fruit) -- but I guess I need to focus on certain herbs/vitamin sources more than others to balance my hormones and prevent the candida from overgrowing.

    Thanks again for the great thread!
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  10. fakeplasticgirl added a post in a topic Clearing pores, getting rid of tiny bumps   

    Hi everybody..
    I'm an acne sufferer for 5 years now, I'm 18. It's taken over my life. I have moderate acne with some improvements/progressions into mild acne from time to time, but I always end up with break-outs all over again.
    My problem is that I have far too many clogged pores and whiteheads on my cheeks/forehead..clusters and clusters which can usually only be seen in the sunlight or other particular lighting..
    Apart from that I get pustules and papules but I believe a lot of they time they just develop fromt he clogged pores/whiteheads, right?..

    Anyway 2.5 weeks ago I started using Jan Marini's Bioclear Cream and I had a 'breakout' 2 days later but it was just all the cloggies coming to the surface..well not all, but many. Anyway, then I continued using it and there was slihgt imrpovement, but I noticed that new whiteheads still managed to form and I was not really getting too clear.. although my skin was softer and smoother.
    Anyway, 2 days ago I experienced a really bad breakout.. I have zits all over my cheeks and forehead, and I just look absolutely terrible and embarrassed to leave the house..

    Does anyone think this is because of Bioclear? a bad sign that my skin can't take it? Or is this part of the necessary process? I just feel so repulsive right now..

    Worst of all , I still have no idea what to use in inflammatory acne.. BP just doesn't cut it for me. never really did, too.

    My regimen is very simple right now.

    Jan Marini Bioglycolic Cleanser
    Avene oil-free moisturizer

    Jan Marini Bioglycolic Cleanser
    Jan Marini Bioclear
    (wait 30 mins, spot-treat with Dan's BP)


    so my questions are:

    - do you think my breakout is because of bioclear? (2.5 weeks into it)
    - do you think its because I made a mistake and bought the CREAM not the lotion?
    - what are some efficient spot treatments for papules and pustules since BP doesn't imrpove anything for me?..
    - does GC work better, overall, at cleaning out pores than bioclear?..

    thanks very very much..I am so lost and confused right now. and..depressed. :(
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