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  1. cruella22 added a post in a topic which is gentler, cetaphil or purpose?   

    When I use other face washes, they dry out my skin but then a few hours later I get very oily. When I wash with Cetaphil it doesn't dry out my skin and my skin pretty much stays the same throughout the day. Sometimes it can dry out my skin if I use too much though.
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  2. cruella22 added a post in a topic HELP! NEED WATERPROOF MAKEUP TIPS!!   

    Revlon Colorstay or any mineral makeup is practically waterproof, even though they don't make claims. Ive gone to the beach and swimming in my pool with them on, stayed on great.
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  3. cruella22 added a topic in Over-the-counter acne medications and products   

    which is gentler, cetaphil or purpose?
    Does anyone have an opinion on which is gentler cetaphil or purpose or..spectrojel? cetaphil makes my face dry and red!
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  4. cruella22 added a post in a topic new with questions   

    I don't believe in proActiv, its very irritating to my sesnsitive oily skin and mad eme break out worse! in fact the only cleansers that I can use are Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash and Cetaphil right now. I think that your breakouts are hormone related because they are around your mouth = female hormones. If you are trying to get pregnant than have the baby and then go back on birth control, in the mean time you can try topical things.I think the pimples on your forehead are due to a reaction of ProActiv. ProActiv's ingredients are very similar to alot of products in your drugstore, but ones I wouldn't advise to use. Anyways, In my own experience, you shouldn't wash with an acne cleanser but applyan acne medication after using a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil Gentle, Purpose, Oil of Olay Fresh Foam Sens. Skin, or SpectroJEl. Then this is where you can do your experimenting. See if you have better results with Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid. If you have had bad results in the past, forget them because I have to. This is because you can't use more than one acne treatment when you have sens. skin (even a cleanser counts). I would say start with SA because its milder and doesnt cause redness or peeling like BP. Apply 1% or 2% in the morning only. Good Luck!
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  5. cruella22 added a comment on a gallery image Almost A Full Year on BP!   

    Okay boys & girls...this is a pic I posted to compare to when I started the regimen. I have absolutely not one stich of makeup on. I started the regimen in December of 2004 and have followed it faithfully since then. I am so happy with my skin now!

    Here is my regimen:

    Shower-wash face with Dove bar soap (sensitive)
    Apply Dove day lotion (with SPF 15) to eye area only
    Apply BP to entire face & spot treat neck
    Wait 10 minutes
    Apply Dove day lotion (with SPF 15) to entire face and neck
    Make sure to wash my hands before applying makeup

    Exact same steps

    For you newbies out there feel free to send me a line with any questions. There can be pitfalls and frustrations to this whole deal, but ultimately it's worth it. If you can get through the first 3 months, it's smooth sailing after that.
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  6. cruella22 added a post in a topic Open Pores   

    You cant decrease pore size, but what you can do is make them appear smaller. Oil causes the pores to appear larger and can sometimes permanantly casue a large pore. Keeping your skin dry by washing twice a day will make your pores appear smaller and using a mask at night on larger pores will work good. Try putting a thin layer of Phillips Milk of Magnesia (original) on larger pores before bed. It sounds funny, but it works.
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  7. cruella22 added a post in a topic Is anyone else bothered more by their oily skin?   

    I have a solution for oily skin that worked for me. It was suggested by Paula Begouin (cosmetics cop, was seen on the today show, abc, and cbs, website: that spreading a thin layer of Phillips Milk of Magnesia over entire face before makeup willl keep your makeup matte for 7-8 hrs! Mine stays matte for 5-6 hours because I have very oily skin and thats without blotting! Plus it doesnt overdry skin. The main ingredient in MOM is magnesium hydroxide that draws out oil from the skin. What I do is apply a thin coat to my face, let dry, apply another, then apply my makeup. Checkout the makeup forum for more info.
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  8. cruella22 added a post in a topic Ways to Fight Oily Skin   

    I used to wash my face 3x a day. I noticed that when i started doing this my skin was even more oily and more broken out. The oil would come back with in 30 min. after washing. It was horrible! I'm not dumb though, and I quickly figured out that it was caused by me overwashing and my skin trying to compensate for its loss of oil. Heartless, OC8 is available in the U.K. at Boots. A good Oil absorber that I use during the day is Phillips Milk of Magnesia so search the forums if you are interested,
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  9. cruella22 added a post in a topic Covergirl Aquasmooth foundation   

    I am using Buff Beige too but it's way too light. Its making me look dead, so you must have really pale skin. I'm going to look for a better shade tomorrow at cvs.
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  10. cruella22 added a topic in Cosmetics & grooming   

    Covergirl Aquasmooth foundation
    I have never tried a cream to powder makeup before and all i have to say is that they are awesome. this one covers like a foundation and stays matte all day because it dries like a powder for a matte finish. it's oil-free, has vitamins b5 b3 and e and makes skin feel really smooth, i guess why "aquasmooth" is the name. im tossing out my old revlon colorstay foundation.
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  11. cruella22 added a post in a topic Please advise...   

    I also reccomend Revlon Colorstay, good coverage and covers up flakes.
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  12. cruella22 added a post in a topic Foundation for Dry Skin?   

    Neutrogena Visibly Firm Moisture Makeup w/ active copper is a makeup that does not completely sink into skin, unlike Revlon Colorstay which practically evaporates! It is very moisturizing, but is oil-free. It also helps with redness.
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  13. cruella22 added a post in a topic Please advise...   

    Neutrogena Visibly Firm Moisture Makeup works really good for flaky skin. I have Seborrheic dermatitis which is a lot of flaking on the skin, and it has helped ALOT for me. Plus, it's cheaper than dept. store makeup brands.
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  14. cruella22 added a post in a topic Makeup That Helps Acne   

    1) If your a guy, apply it lightly and it can work for you, otherwise your skin will look too flawless if you apply This makeup is so awesome!

    2) It is a compact powder, so the powder puff comes with it in the case. And it has great coverage!

    3) Retinol? I didn't even know that was one of the ingredients. What is the purpose of retinol on the skin?
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  15. cruella22 added a topic in Over-the-counter acne medications and products   

    Makeup That Helps Acne
    The makeup that I use does not say "Skin Clearing" or "Blemish-Fighting Makeup" it is actually just a regular makeup, but from my personal experiences using this full-coverage powder, it reduces pimples size and inflammation during the day. It is the only makeup that i use! without it my skin would be much worse! Makeup that I have used from Shiseido, MAC, Clinique, etc. have never worked so good for my skin like this makeup. And it is from Neutrogena! A drugstore brand! Well it is called Neutrogena Healthy Defense Protective Powder spf 30. It is my favorite makeup.
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