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  1. Tenax86 added a post in a topic Legumes: How Come ?   

    i'd suggest to everybody to avoid Soy anyway

    talking with some people who ate it for a while, like me, and made some research about their problems, it turns out but it's likely soy the cause
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  2. Tenax86 added a post in a topic Legumes: How Come ?   

    by the way, trying to understand, i came to this conclusion:

    I have eaten for too long foods with high LECTINS content:

    SOY milk + CEREALS + OAT meal for breakfast

    whole WHEAT pasta (400gr day)
    canned BEANS

    whole WHEAT bread (200gr day)

    SOY protein powder (before gym)

    chicken breast (cheap one, feed with lectins grains)

    it might create some intolerances in me, or it might damaged my gut so foods generates inflammation in my body

    reflecting on my habits, I think this might be exactly what happened
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  3. Tenax86 added a post in a topic Legumes: How Come ?   

    Only change has been diet

    But its a massive one

    Yes, in italy i was eating regular milk and cereals

    But milk in italy is from family farms and grass feed

    Cereals were the basic plain one

    Pasta even american barilla is made in the us with us grains

    I'm 100% sure Us grains, wheat, soy, corn are feed with something chemicals

    Im serene here, so no strees involved

    Its just the change of diet that in 6-7 months changed something inside my body I guess

    And im now kind of intolerant for some kind of foods
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  4. Tenax86 added a topic in Diet & holistic health   

    Legumes: How Come ?
    I moved here in the Us 6 months ago from Italy
    never had acne in my life
    i'm 27
    in last few months i experiences sudden breakouts
    i was eating bad I guess
    whole wheat pasta, soy milk, cereals with added sugar, low priced meat (with hormones i guess) lot of canned beans, lot of whole bread
    i changed my diet
    only organic eggs, meat, veggies and fruits
    no milk only greek yogurt
    no bread
    only "made in italy" pasta
    everything cleared up sincerly after 1 week
    yesterday i wanted to eat lentils cause i love legumes and i need proteins
    i soaked them for 24h
    cooked in hot water for 20min
    this morning i wake up and I can see some acne coming out
    WHAT ??????
    what's the story ?
    i remember I ate legumes in Italy and never had problems
    is something related to US legumes ? the way they farm them ?
    IS THERE NO BEAN/LEGUMES SAFE for me ? what might be the problem ?
    if I buy them at Whole Foods, they'll be better ?
    Thanks so much
    I think now I'm fine with my diet but I really need to eat some legumes sometimes
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  5. Tenax86 added a post in a topic New To Usa, Having Acne For The First Time: Be Careful   

    Reading and browsing around i found out that maybe the problem is that in few months i ate a huge quantity of Lectins

    Now im starting with soaking for beans cause i cant avoid them at all
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  6. Tenax86 added a topic in Diet & holistic health   

    New To Usa, Having Acne For The First Time: Be Careful
    Hello guys

    I think my story might be useful

    I lived for 27 years in Italy

    Eating pretty everything being part of the Mediterranean diet: pasta, greens, meat, fish, bread, fruits and vegetables

    Never had acne except for some isolated pimples very seldom

    Im living in the Us for 10 months now and in last 3 months im experiencing bad acne expecially on neck, cheek and sonetimes nose

    I had in my forehead a red area for weeks

    I got the something was wrong with diet

    I was eating soy milk, cornflakes, lot of pasta, lot of bread, big breast chicken, meat

    Somebody told me that cheap chickes is fed with hormones

    I cut it

    I cut it soy milk


    I reduced a lot pasta and bread

    I think Usa has serious issues with foods

    Never had a problem in italy

    Now everything is getting better after 2/3 weeks replacing wheat, soy and sugars

    Now im eating greek yog, fruits, seeds, almonds, green tea, greens, veggies, meat, fish, few pasta and lot of legumes/beans

    In last days i had a little breakout

    Im trying to understand what caused it

    A question:

    Is there a relation, something in common between soy, wheat, cereals (that im sure here in the Us are bad for me) and beans/lentils (my hint is last breakout was caused by them) ?

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