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  1. FondBandage added a topic in Shaving   

    Please Recommend Me An Electric Razor.
    I have two electric razors: a Braun Series 3 (can't find the exact model) which cost about £60 / $100 and a top-of-the-range Phillips Aquatouch which cost me £180 / $300!

    The Braun did not provide a close shave but suited my skin. The Phillips provided a super close shave and destroyed my skin. Every time I used it, I would have whiteheads, redness, and painful bumps all over the jawline and neck for a number of weeks. Clearly, it gave a too close shave. Amusingly, this razor is recommended for people with sensitive skin!!!

    The Braun has now broken. I'm sure I can get another one but wanted to look at alternatives. Can anyone suggest an electronic razor which provides a decent shave but which does not eradicate sensitive skin?

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  2. FondBandage added a post in a topic Trouble Getting Hold Of Any Benzoyl Peroxide In The Uk?   

    Just checked and it appears that Quinoderm is out of stock at all online UK-based pharmacies.

    The Quinoderm website still says that there are problems importing it into the EU.

    Any ideas? I have PanOxyl but it's so much harsher on my skin than Quinoderm.
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  3. FondBandage added a post in a topic Trouble Getting Hold Of Any Benzoyl Peroxide In The Uk?   

    I just asked in Boots for Quinoderm and it's out of stock.

    I asked what other BP products they had and the answer was "none".

    I checked Quinoderm on a few online chemists and they don't supply it.

    Any ideas for a BP product that's in stock?

    First Panoxyl then Quinoderm! What's happening?!

    From Quinoderm website. It looks as if the EU have messed this up!

    Quinoderm Creams Supply
    Recent regulatory changes within the pharmaceutical industry have raised concerns about the supply of ingredients from some non-EU countries.
    This unfortunately will impact ongoing supply of all the Quinoderm Creams for the foreseeable future as one of the active ingredients is no longer available. We would like to apologise for the inconvenience this will cause.
    The quality, safety and continued supply of our products are at all times in accordance with the strictest pharmaceutical procedures and processes to ensure patient safety.
    Please be assured we do plan to bring back the Quinoderm creams to the UK market as soon as possible.

    Finally, as a laugh for you, there is an ebay seller selling one tube of Quinoderm 10 for £299!!!!
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  4. FondBandage added a post in a topic What has worked for me: SEA SALT   

    Well I tried sea salt on my neck for the first time today. I used the Maldon Sea Salt (see photo) by putting a liberal amount in a large glass bowl then adding boiling water and some cold water to cool it down. I splashed the liquid on my neck multiple times over a 10 minute period and just let it dry naturally (no towel). I am sceptical that this will help but let's see what happens. It's worth a try I suppose. My issue is that I have neck acne. The face and back are fine. Just the neck.

    Any ideas / comments / suggestions?

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  5. FondBandage added a post in a topic I found my ACNE CURE!!!!   

    Does this actually work? It's an 11 page thread but have been any success with this regime?
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  6. FondBandage added a post in a topic Panoxyl 2.5% And 5% Aquagel Discontinued   

    I went to Boots today and was told that Panoxyl has been discontinued. Totally. The woman said that it is not coming back.
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