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  1. linnn added a topic in Back/Body/Neck acne   

    I Want To Try This For My Body Acne..
    I'm a female with very long curly hair that demands just as much attention as my skin literally right after i shower. See i don't know if anyone shares this struggle with me but here ill complain. My hair needs to be detangled immediately after showering. will i do it right away and get my back all wet and then need to put my hair back up only to risk not being able to wear it down because of ponytail dents and the way curly hair gets very fussy when touched and gathered up too much. i just cant wait for things to dry on my back while my hair is starting to become frizzy. Dan's AHA takes like 30 minutes to dry and its very inconvenient..for me. so many other reasons, including the whole sensitivity to sun thing. I like outdoor exercise, not tanning.
    So Im thinking about not putting anything on my body except aloe Vera gel. I'm thinking maybe some type of BP wash like panoxyl then aloe Vera gel to lightly moisturize. 
    or avg with a few drops of jojoba, anyone use jojoba on there body?
    or Im thinking about switching back to a SA wash, using a BP spot treatment and moisturizing with AVG
    I am very scared to use a moisturizer like cetaphil on my back and shoulders
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  2. linnn added a post in a topic New Regimen And Progress After Nervous Breakdown   

    aloe vera gel can help bring down the redness somewhat, also green tea can help with redness. sleep good tonight dont drink ANY alcohol just water and green tea. sal acid will help redness prob because of its close relationship 2 aspirin, not benzoil! dont apply any bp. maybe just a bit of sa on spots that can handle it.
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