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    Toxic Symptoms From Vitamin A, E And D
    So heres the deal....
    I started taking 16,000 iu vitamin A, 1,600 IU vitamin E and 2,000 IU vitamin D a day. I had been doing this for about 5 weeks. It has done wonders for my acne. I have light acne sometimes it can get to the light/moderate level. This cocktail completely cleared me up. However, two night ago I went out drinking and drank quite a lot. I woke up with what I think is toxic vitamin overdose symptoms. I had red, dry and swollen face and body skin. My hair felt weird. I had incredible mental fog and general fatigue. Am I right to think this was vitamin toxicity due from my vitamin intake and the consumtion of alcohol? If so, what should i bring my dose down to for each vitamin to ensure this wont happen again? I am reluctant to stop taking these vitamins all together because they really have cleared me up. Please refrain from the "stop drinking alcohol" advice. I'm 23 and I like to have fun.
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