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    I believe I have malassezia folliculitis that affects mainly my scalp. Ocassionally I get some pustules on my chest/back but my scalp is always affected.
    Alongside this I have seborrheic dermatitis which I've been able to keep at bay. My face/scalp can get a bit oily and flaky but I haven't had a serious outbreak for a long time.

    The pustules on my scalp however have been terrorizing me for the last years. I've been to the doctor but nothing they've prescribed me with has helped. It wasn't until recently through some searching on the internet that I found out about malessezia folliculitis. I'm going back to the doctor to see if I can a diagnosis of this.

    Since then I started taking oil of oregano and turmeric orally which I believe has helped a little bit. My scalp feels less itchy and so far I believe the amount of pustules have been reduced although new ones keep popping up.

    Does this condition cause hairloss? Sure male pattern baldness runs in my family but I've lost most of my hair and I'm fairly young.
    Some say it's diet related. I've been on a low carb/sugar and dairy/gluten free diet before for weight loss reasons and it didnt really help my seb derm/folliculitis though there was some cheating involved from time to time.
    Is it worth going on a strict yeast free diet or is that just a waste of time? The problem with such a diet is that I can't see myself commiting to it for the rest of my life.

    Some of the stuff I've tried are
    ketoconazole shampoo
    salicylic acid
    head and shoulders with 1% pyrithione zinc
    pyrithione zinc creams
    various antiseptic creams
    virgin coconut oil
    tea tree oil

    I also take supplements everyday so my body gets all the vitamins/minerals it needs.
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