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  1. *DarkHeart* added a post in a topic Deep Acne Scar Will It Ever Fade In Time?   

    I'd like to see befores too You look great!
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  2. *DarkHeart* added a post in a topic The Ignorance Is Overwhelming.   

    I never realized that Skrillex had any scarring I don't really listen to his music, but I always thought he was kind of attractive (I like long haired guys...lol) Anyway, I saw what you meant. I looked at one of his videos on YouTube and saw people saying crap like "stop smoking", but then I also saw many people defending him, explaining what the scars were from, and saying he is perfect. So not everyone is horrible at least. I then read that his haircut, that so many people copied, was a result of him trying to be more confident in his skin and shaving off a portion of his hair so that he couldn't hide behind it any more. I kind of like him more than I did now

    Anyway, I think most people know what acne scars are and what they look like. It seems like it is probably mostly kids that are ignorant and don't realize that scars like that are caused by acne. There will always be ignorant people. Whether it is about skin or something else. It can be hard to just try not to care what people think, but unless we want to explain to every person we see why our skin is the way it is, there will be people judging us. Personally, I am more concerned about accepting myself, than I am other people accepting me. If I could get over that fact that I have bad skin, it wouldn't even matter to me any more. To Hell with what other people think.
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  3. *DarkHeart* added a post in a topic Acne Is (Mostly) A Fungal Infection   

    Interesting! My son had a very flaky scalp when he was born, then all his hair fell out and regrew. His scalp is ok now, but he gets little patches of eczema that nothing seems to help. I wonder if that is fungal? I am also dealing with mild yet stubborn acne on my face. I had already been thinking of trying tea tree oil but am even more interested now. Do you dilute it? My skin is very sensitive. And is it ok to put on a toddler (he is 18 months) or is it too strong?
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  4. *DarkHeart* added a post in a topic Acne In The Media   

    Yep, I don't think he has acne anymore, but James Hetfield has some scars.
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