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  1. beeccc added a post in a topic Six Week On Duac Gel..... And Nothing! Help!   

    Oh wow ok. Does that mean it'll help with red scars?
    I have an appointment in about 2 hours so I'll ask for that!
    ps. Sorry for all the questions!
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  2. beeccc added a post in a topic Six Week On Duac Gel..... And Nothing! Help!   

    3 months!!!
    Thanks for the advice, what does Differin contain?
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  3. beeccc added a topic in Prescription acne medications   

    Six Week On Duac Gel..... And Nothing! Help!
    Hi guys,
    Never posted on a forum before so who knows if I'm doing this in the right place :S

    Since I was 13 (I am now 19) I've had pretty bad acne around my cheeks and mouth, and the occasional few on my forehead. I've had Akamin and been on the Pill, neither of which I can take anymore. Lately my skin is affecting my self esteem really badly (to the point of tears when I look in the mirror some nights! Probably just a girl thing ).
    Long story short, I begged my doc to give me something that would help and she prescribed me Duac Once Daily Gel with instructions to apply it twice a day. At first it seemed to improve it a little but this is my sixth (going on seventh) week of applying and no major improvements!

    Do I need to wait longer? Should I try something else? Is a cream or pill better for treating bad skin? Will any cleansers etc. help it along?

    I use a St Ives Green Tea cleanser daily and the scrub once a week, and I only moisturise will Simple Oil-Free moisturiser a few times a week because it seems to aggravate my skin.
    Any help is appreciated... sorry for the novel!
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