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  1. Vitamin D... I'm finally clear!!

    If D3 doesnt work for you or breaks you out like it did for me try D2! D3 makes me greasy and gives me blackheads but D2 totally clears up skin, though I still have to watch my citrus intake. HTH
  2. AMVC spontaneous scarring
  3. AMVC spontaneous scarring

    I just wanted to report back after so many years that vitamin D2 has been an enormous help, if not the cure. I suspected a deficiency (low lab levels) but D3 form never helped (took D3 form for 15yrs). I finally decided to try the old fashioned and hard to find Vitamin D2 and feel I have found my answer. I now I no longer have to consume calcium supplements to keep my skin strong. I do however have to consume greens such as kale, spinach and chard otherwise my teeth start to hurt (I suspect vitamin K is involved here). D2 lowers my magnesium considerably (various symptoms) so I have to take a magnesium supplement twice a day (too much at the same time and it causes loss of magnesium with loose stools). I still can not consume large quanties of omega 3( dries out and thins my skin), but I no longer require large quantities of omega 6. D2 plus magnesium seems to have reduced 15yr old icepick scars about 30% in three months. First few months skin turnover was quick and I had some flaky skin plus few whiteheads that were different from my normal acne. Now my skin sloughs differently (normally!) and seems to renew from the bottom layers. I also no longer have dry heels or scalp build up/dandruff. Pores have reduced to nothing and texture is finally pretty! Nails are super hard and grow quickly. Lips dont peel anymore. Skin is normal skin tone instead of inflammed red. Oil has reduced 90% but now I have a healthy glow. Gut issues have improved as well. D3 (lanolin form-99% of d3 supplements on the market, even the 'dry forms') breaks me out with oily waxy skin and scalp (lanolin is a wax) with huge, deep blackheads. Discovered that citrus and tomatoes were cause of my cystic acne so perhaps vitamin D deficiency is involved with citrus allergy/acne. (?) Both my child and I have same reactions from D2 and D3 on our skin, scalp, heels so I suspect a genetic component. Since D3 also does not work for my child Im worried about the phasing out of D2 supplements in preference for D3 form which is considered the more 'active' form of vitamin D in scientific literature. Hope this helps. =) Would love to hear any feed back if you try D2. I could tell within a week that my skin was different and that I needed to stop taking my calcium. I also started dreaming more vividly during this time as well. To Finding Health.. My childs food allergies have been clearing up since taking D2.. I believe vitamin D lowers histamine and decreases allergies as well. Vitamin D is very involved in immune system.