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  1. Absolutely. My Acne is from high stress, and diet alone. It may have even always been that way, but i only understand it in recent years. I'll continue to mess around. I'm working on eliminating dairy from my diet completely, but it is very difficult to live normally/hassle free when you have to be so particular with the diet. I'm also a power lifter so I need to get the calories in large numbers pretty much daily. Carb cycling is something I try to reserve for weight loss, but maybe it'll be worth playing with even in a growth phase.
  2. Yes i understand. Seems like there isn't much i can take home from the experience though, when viewed like this.
  3.   i'm guessing it has a lot to do with insulin and androgen activity? The hormonal changes from consuming such low fat and calories in general probably had many negative side effects, but a `side`- side effect was lower acne.
  4. It was mostly oat powders and protein powders. I'm unsure if fat is anything to do with it, but i cannot go on a low fat diet as despite what people believe it is the most important macro you can get. I need to try eliminate ALL dairy i think. Then see how i react to my normal diet and play a game of deduction. the trouble is, being an avid strength athlete i have to consume quite a lot of food to progress, and cannot afford to be super strict otherwise it ruins my training.
  5. I've had a bout of depression which sucked away my appetite for a good 2 weeks. In this time i was living off of protein powder and oat powders as it was all i could make myself eat. In this time, I got almost 0 acne. My skin was looked the best i've seen it in a long time. How strange? i'm now thinking something i regularly consume gives me the mild acne i get these days. I thought it could be dairy. I did cut all major dairy sources out a while ago, but i still have it in the form of butter, and with dinner that my family prepares if it happens to be an ingredient. do any of you have any major triggers from food?
  6. I am naturally very pale, but when I am tanned, It is really difficult to notice them. But in my country we dont have a long summer. Not much I can do about it then. was looking at AHA and emu oil, but at this point i really am unsure about adding new things to the mix seeing as i know how to avoid my acne now days. Might try it on one cheek for a few months and compare it.
  7. I've had acne since i was 14, am now 21. these days i don't get much zits unless i am very stressed or eating like crap. however when I do get a spot, no matter what happens it always leaves a red mark that lasts for months! I never touch them at all. Even smaller ones will do this. Any inflammation or redness at all on the spot, and it will guarantee a red mark. As such, I have a lot of red marks but little actual acne, which is a very annoying predicament. The odd spot i get just adds up. I could try fade them, but I would rather understand why this happens to me and not most people that get acne.   EDIT: I also want to discuss my idea bout popping them. after a good 7 years of acne you kind learn how your body responds to things, like food, stress, chemicals, physical touch, etc. for me, I have noticed that if i leave a big or moderate spot, It always leaves a DEEP mark, usually purple for about 10 months. though on the occasions where i accidentally popped them while in development.... early.... they always seemed to make a big mess at first, but leave a much, much less severe red mark after. It would go in weeks instead of months. My theory is that by leaving it to get as inflamed as possible, the pimple gets more blood to it, and may cause more damage to the skin which leaves a worse red mark that takes longer to dissipate. the healing response is long. By poping it while inflammation is low and not much blood is present, you actually bypass that inflammation period which does damage and makes the blood trapped leaving a longer red mark.   The type of skin damage from an early pop is just like that on the other parts of your body... if you slightly grazed a hand or cut it.... normally it heals with no mark left in weeks. same idea here.