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  1. Calumma added a post in a topic a combo of AHA, retinol, and benzyl peroxide   

    I really love the combo of BHA, retinol an for the extremely rare case of a zit, BP as a spot treatment. I think AHA might bring similar results.
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  2. Calumma added a post in a topic Accutane And Closed Comedones On Chin   

    I have no clue about accutane, but about closed comedones. A chemical peel will kill those. I use Paulas Choice 2% BHA and it works for me. There are much stronger chemical peels available in the USA, like the ones by MUAC. But you could just try the PC stuff. i use them every night and evening, and 3 times a weeks replace the evening application with an 10% AHA Peel
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  3. Calumma added a post in a topic Has Anyone Been In The Sun   

    Yes, but BP in the sun without sufficient sunscreen will cause terrible irritation and acme flare ups ( been there...)
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  4. Calumma added a post in a topic Donuts Seem To Be The Culprit   

    That is what I would have guessed. They use sunflower oil here in europe and probably soy oil in the USA. I still eat fried foods, but I switched to coconut oil if i fry things. I avoid liquid oils whenever possible, and use coconut fat or butter by grass-fed cows. If I can't avoid them, I use olive oil.
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  5. Calumma added a post in a topic It Turns Out Weather Was A Huge Part Of My Acne   

    Yes. Just explain it to your derm. And give your skin the chance to show if you might have grown out of it ., as you are still young and chances are good that this is the case.
    Get a pack of Iso and store it at home. And if you start breaking out again in summer, start your accutane .
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  6. Calumma added a post in a topic Donuts Seem To Be The Culprit   

    I do not find that surprising. I guess very likely they are fried in oil that can have inflammatory influence on acne ( like sunflower oil) and then they also have tons of sugar that influence your hormones . Fried sweet stuff used to make me break out a lot before spiro. Donuts and a latte macchiato ....hmm...I loved it but I always knew that I would have to pay for this bitterly: oil, sugar, caffeine and dairy. Can't get anyworse acne- wise I think...
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  7. Calumma added a post in a topic Nicest Thing That Someone Has Said About Your Acne   

    I told men that I like their acne scars. Because it was true.
    Well I think I am not a scar- fetish weirdo, but I have met quite a few males, where scars added that extra- masculine appearance and it was just hot and some kind of beautiful.
    I also met acne- scarred girls that I found very attractive. Not in spite of their scars, but to a certain degree because of them.
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  8. Calumma added a post in a topic Oil Cleansing Method - Ruined My Skin And Now I Can't Fix It No Matter What I Do! Please Help!   

    Once you start adding the AHA to the regimen, your skin will look glowing and young again. I started using AHA and BHA 2 months ago for clogged pores and comedones. Now not only those are gone, it also erased the little wrinkles here and there, and my skin is the best ever since I was..well..probably 11 which was the age before I started having acne LOL
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  9. Calumma added a post in a topic Advice On Starting Spiro And Retin-A?   

    The combination of Spiro AND Doxy can be a bit harsh on your stomach though, so meke sure you take it with enough to eat if you decide to do that
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  10. Calumma added a post in a topic When Can I Stop   

    I can also tell you it worked all the time, over 20 years. The skin only adjusts to it in a way that it does not not get irritated by it any more, but it keeps on preventing breakouts . I could lower my dosage from a lot of gel of 5 % twice a day to only a tiny amount ( size of a dried pea) once in the evening, but whenever I stopped completely, I started to break out.
    I also had phases when my skin was worse and I had to use more. My skin tolerated the rising of the amount very well each time, never experienced a worsening of the skin as back then, when I started BP.
    But now I want to get off it because, you know, I reached an age when women want to prevent wrinkles and stuff, and those pruducts do not work well in combination with BP. And I had a bad phase of a rash / acneiform dermatitis from a copper IUD or antibiotics, my face went crazy so I just tried to switch to something else now, better adjusted for " older" skin. But I know BP would have worked until I have grandchildren;)
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  11. Calumma added a post in a topic When Can I Stop   

    Well as you see in my signature......maybe you will have to go on for a looooong time. But I can reassure you that my skin after all that time on BP does not look older than other people's at my age, just like normal skin. Accoding to my derm, my sklin is even less damaged than average skin at my age ( very likely because I always avoided sun or had sunscreen on because of the BP).
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  12. Calumma added a post in a topic Advice On Starting Spiro And Retin-A?   

    Hmm, i did not get a horrendous IB but My skin got a bit worse in the beginnings. My doc prescribed me doxy to avoid a badvinitisl breakout until my skin gets better . I would have doubts about starting both together, because this might give you the IB from hell. But at the other hand, I think when you are done with it, your skin will be great. And now if you clear it with spiro, you will probably get a frustrating relapse at the beginning of adding Retin A. But maybe you won't need it at all anyway, because the Spiro clears it. I love the combination of Spiro and AHA and BHA. The Spiro helped hast with the cysts, and the pauas choice got rid of the comedones
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  13. Calumma added a post in a topic Smt D002 - Androscience Corp Still Seems To Be Working On It!   

    It should work. This stuff seems to penetrate the skin very well and actually the bioavailability (is it called like that in english??) is far better when it is applied on the skin than taken internally (most of it is inactivated by the liver's first pass effect if taken orally). Actually due to this fact, there already exists OTC patches with it to treat bladder cramps and other issues.
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  14. Calumma added a post in a topic Smt D002 - Androscience Corp Still Seems To Be Working On It!   

    OK I think it is really possible that this is a breakthrough. I have always suffered from acne and needed BP to control it. Early weeks of 2013, I got a copper IUD that caused me persistent bladder infections. Because I had very painful bladder cramps with that, I was prescribed Oxybutynin which I took for quite a long time because I could not get rid of the infections. In those weeks ( I am talking about working really fast,, not slowly like spiro) my skin was the clearest ever , I stopped using BP and the rest. Then I was switched to a rather long term antibiotic which caused my whole body to freak out, and they took me off Oxybutynin. My skin turned crazy. I had the worst acne relapse ever since, my skin that had become so nice and dry suddenly got back to super-greasy and I had the breakout from hell. I blamed it on the copper in the IUD and had it removed, at the same time was put on spiro. Well today, I have no more infections and my skin is fine with the spiro, but I NEVER thought about my bladder pills being the reason for my great-skin-episode.

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  15. Calumma added a post in a topic I Burned My Skin With Tea Tree Oil. Help?   

    I once did that myself with tea tree oil long ago LOL, although it was a smaller space. I put on one of those sterile hydrogel compresses you put on burned wounds and can buy in pharmacies here. This lets the skin heal in a wet surrounding and less likely to scar. I would not put anything else on there that could irritate the skin further. The *killed* skin layers will now come off. Underneath there was red new skin and to be honest that red patch stayed there looong, but it did not scar.
    Of course seeing a doc would be my first advise, but I know that is always a bit difficult in the USA because of this insurance thing I still do not understand how it works.
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