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  1. upsi2284 added a post in a topic So When Do I Start Seeing Results?   

    Yup.. My acne is hormonal as I suffer from hormonal imbalance.
    But I'm working on it.. and also trying to eat healthy.. Avoiding dairy most of the time..

    I thought this regimen would be of some help as I have read on this forum about people with hormonal acne getting good results.. Just don't know when will be my turn..
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  2. upsi2284 added a topic in The Regimen   

    So When Do I Start Seeing Results?
    Hi All

    I feel a little demotivated right now.. I have been on this regimen for more than 13 weeks now.. and I see absolutely NO RESULTS..
    I still get new acne every single day and they all leave red marks

    How much longer do I have to wait to see if this regimen is at all for me???

    To add to that, my skin always stays a little red due to the BP.. and its a different color from my eye area.. I look like a freak show with no makeup on

    Also, I have been using the Store- brand AHA that Dan has suggested on this site just for spot treatment as it still burns when I try to mix it and use it with my moisturizer.

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