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  1. Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

    Currently on day 163 of isotretinoin. For anyone who is curious about starting a course, these are the side effects I have experienced to date (not all at the same time): Extremely dry lips (requires warm water and vaseline) Extremely dry eyes (difficult to keep my eyes open unless I use plenty of drops) Nose bleeds in the morning Severe eczema breakouts Hair thinning Flushing Constipation (this one is horrible and is prevented by drinking lots of water) Flank pain Weird hallucinations (has happened three times... last night I thought the bed was covered with spiders) Slight brain fog Joint pains after running Dry ears  
  2. I just want normal skin that is clear and free of blemishes. I've been on isotretinoin for about 24 weeks and it has stopped my acne, but the damage has been done. My skin just looks dull and blemished, it doesn't look right. Other guys my age have clear skin that just looks "normal". I don't know how else to describe it. When will it be my turn? I am sick of wasting time and effort on my skin. I've been self concious about my skin from 11 years of age and I need a fucking break.
  3. Kidney pain from accutane?

    Hi, Since yesterday I have been having pain on my left flank, just below the rib cage. I've just done a quick search on accutane and the kidneys and it seems to be where the pain is. I'm worried now. This pain has come out of the blue. I've been on accutane for 162 days.
  4. Currently on day 160 of isotretinoin and no active acne My hair however, is paying the price right now.