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  2. Scarless Healing

    I hope this isn't true.
  3. Scarless Healing

    Yes, call him and let him know that there are tons of other people who are interested in the process. Try and get him to check this thread and maybe he'll understand that there are people who are so happy and optimistic about what he has done so far and who would love to help with everything as much as possible
  4. Scarless Healing

    I can understand Rez's frustration and realism about the situation. But why is it impossible to believe that scar-free healing might actually be possible in the very near future? It's not like we're talking about anything THAT absurd ya know? And there has been scientific proof now that it basically is possible. It just depends on awareness and funding to speed up the process I believe.
  5. Scarless Healing

    I thought someone here said they plan on starting trials in 2017. It's not optimism, I'm just simply following a timeline that's been shared with the public.
  6. Scarless Healing

    I hope by "next year" they mean the beginning of next year, and not the end lol. If they started trials in the Winter or Spring I would be so happy.
  7. Scarless Healing

    I don't even think it's that people don't take it seriously. I think it's that people are led to believe that it's impossible, which is most likely untrue.
  8. Scarless Healing

    Yeah, I was also under the assumption that a device could be ready in 1 to 2 years.
  9. Scarless Healing

    I agree. It's false advertising, either that or these people really don't know the meaning of complete regeneration.
  10. Scarless Healing This is some other good news I guess^ I would like a solution within the next year tbh. I, as well as hundredss of others, have waited long enough constantly checking this forum for some sort of miracle.
  11. Scarless Healing

    I'm here! I've been here for over 3 years now, and I try to check this forum at least once every week or so. There's never any updates it seems though. Not much to talk about I guess. Disappointing really, I thought I'd see more progress by now.
  12. Scarless Healing

    I'm sorry but can someone just clarify something for me. The dextran hydrogel that worked on mice.. that's different from sunogel, correct? Did Dr. Sun work on the dextran hydrogel, or just the sunogel? Also, does anyone know the current updates on both?