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  1. Scarless Healing

    Wow, it's so incredible to see the tons of organizations working on scar-free healing.
  2. Scarless Healing

    Well they actually saw after hair got created in wounds that even fat cells got created instead of scartissue. You have to understand that scartissue is basically collagen overproduced by the so called myofibroblast. So why does a scar look different is because the collagen bundles created are not aligned in basket woven form instead a formed into one direction, second it does not contain any hair follicles and fat cells. Now as we know follicles and fat were considered impossible to be regrown in adults once lost. Now what happend in experiment is that they tried to create hair in wounds and also fat got created and the myofibroblast did not create the scar tissues, instead they changed to fat cells. They also found out that the hair follicle sends a signal in form of the BMP protein which tells the myofibroblast in wounds to change into fat instead of forming a scar. They also tried applying only bmp to a wound and it did also work out the same way. Since the scar cells are changed into fat, your skin will heal without a scar and looking like the surrounding skin Amazing! But now my other question is this... “We looked at isolated molecules from keloids, which are very big benign tumors that form on pierced ears, and are sometimes the size of golf balls,” Cotsarelis said. “If we can convert those cells to fat, it will be easier to treat scarring, including cancer surgery scars." So do they plan on 1) converting already scarred tissue into scar-free skin, 2) preventing scarring from taking place after a wound occurs, or 3) removing scars to regrow new skin through their method??
  3. Scarless Healing

    This sounds amazing if it will be a scar-free solution for skin regeneration. My only confusion is that this article claims that the cells found in wounded skin were transformed into fat, which, I assume, regenerated into normal skin? But then the article claims, “That fat will not form without the new hairs, but once it does, the new cells are indistinguishable from the preexisting fat cells, giving the healed wound a natural look instead of leaving a scar.” Does natural look mean regenerated skin? Or will it still leave a slight scar that just looks natural?
  4. Scarless Healing

    I don't know. You bring up good points. Maybe solutions will regrow the skin to match surrounding skin but not completely tighten the skin like skin of a new born?
  5. Scarless Healing

    God you are dumb if you think the above would do ANYTHING. It's obviously some scam bullshit Indian thing --look at the pics where they have some bandage wrapping some lame-ass arm. You think a bandage is gonna repair acne scarring or any scarring????? Okay Rez relax. I simply read an article that states scar free healing and posted it.
  6. Scarless Healing

    Another scar free study is being conducted.
  7. Scarless Healing

    My skin actually became severely scarred because of how badly I broke out while taking accutane.
  8. Scarless Healing

    What does aging have to do with scar-free healing? We're not asking for skin like a new born, we're asking for REGENERATED skin that would match the rest of the skin on our bodies. And believe it or not, it is very much so a possibility that might be in our very near future. It all depends on clinical trials and the medical process. Yes, or sunogel?
  9. Scarless Healing

    Dr. Sun said it about a year ago. Ahhh, but there's no timeline, correct?
  10. Scarless Healing

    Jack, how do you know they're preparing for human trials?
  11. Scarless Healing

    I just checked their facebook and can't find anything of the sort. What kind of questions were they asked and how did they respond? Look at the comments on their post from march 13th
  12. Scarless Healing

    If you go on Gemstone's facebook you can see some questions they just answered. They're not necessarily positive responses. ^This is good news, however. I guess
  13. Scarless Healing

    Okay I just want to summarize what we know so far about scar-free healing. 1) Dextran hydrogel: John Hopkins University Gemstone Biotherapeutics - In Maryland If you want to contact Gemstone: If you want to contact Dr. Sharon Gerecht: If you want to contact CEO George Davis: Excerpt from an article about Gemstone: "Dr. Harold Brem, chief, Division of Wound Healing & Regenerative Medicine at Winthrop University Hospital and leader of the Winthrop Wound Healing Center and his diverse and dynamic team of clinicians and support staff are now actively engaged in pre-clinical study with us, which will lead to product refinement and enhancements as well as establishing a seamless path to First-In-Human clinical trials at Winthrop." You can call Winthrop's Clinical Trials Center at: 516-663-9582. - However, None of the trials are related to scar free healing. - Winthrop is in Mineola, NY. Another excerpt from Gemstone: Our efforts moving into 2017 will focus on: Finalizing our scale-up manufacturing plan including synthesis cost optimization, Conversion and irradiation optimization as well as finalizing a packaged, sterilized, GMP-validated product, Completing FDA enabling studies, Submitting for 510(k) FDA clearance and Initiating First-In-Human studies. "As we continue to work diligently toward regulatory approvals and First-In-Human trials for our innovative advanced wound care solutions…" Moreover, this article is what confuses me: "All third-degree burns treated with Gemstone Bio’s advanced hydrogel technology achieved complete wound closure after two weeks, compared to only 14 percent of the control-treated wounds. " "The technology works by eliciting an earlier and more controlled inflammatory response, which stimulates rapid neovascularization, i.e. blood vessel formation, and supports efficient dermal reconstruction to close the wounds with minimal scarring. The “regenerated” skin demonstrated characteristics of uninjured skin. Wounds treated with the technology produced increased amounts of the dermal proteins collagen and elastin, which help to minimize scarring and strengthen the repaired tissue. These wounds were reinnervated throughout, with nerve fibers extending through the center of the reconstructed skin." “Our core hydrogel technology, the foundation for our biosynthetic scaffold product, facilitated a superior wound healing response by accelerating skin regeneration,” said Dr. Laura Dickinson, Gemstone Bio’s director of research and development. “Third-degree burns, which normally heal with thick distorted scars with permanent sensory loss, were healed with complete re-epithelialization (wound closure) and nerve ingrowth.” ....... says nothing about healing scar-free. So idk. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2) Sunogel: Sunogel Biotechnologies Inc - In Maryland Contact sunogel at: OR Contact Guoming Sun- founder of sunogel: I'm pretty Dr. Sun has a direct e-mail, I just couldn't find it. From Sunogel's Facebook: September 1, 2015: Recently, we were able to regenerate complete skin structure on acute deep wounds, including on scarred tissues. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3) Brooklyn start-up Suneris is creating a hydrogel, as well. ...........this is all the main info we have thus far. But guys, we need to contact these companies and contact these people if we ever want news on what is going on. If anyone is interested in participating in clinical trials or inquiring about them I suggest we all reach out in one form or another.