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  1. faceandlms added a post in a topic Blunt Dating Advice For People With Acne   

    This only has validity provided you have the height, facial aesthetics, and low juvenile hairline to pull it off

    (I can see in your profile pic that you're blessed with dark hair and a low juvenile hairline in addition to olive skin)

    You wont see a guy with a long face, rosacea , a big/broad forehead and male pattern baldness with a cute girl.

    It's just like how most "jocks" have a naturally robust frame, tall, with broad shoulders.
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  2. faceandlms added a post in a topic Blunt Dating Advice For People With Acne   

    C'mon guys the shy/meek good looking guy will always win a 21 year old girl's heart over far more easily than an "alpha" tryhard guy with a big forehead/acne rosacea and receded hairline.

    Looks matter.
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  3. faceandlms added a post in a topic Blunt Dating Advice For People With Acne   

    Yes ugly confident guys are creepy or tryhards.

    You cant go wrong being good looking. Tall, clear skin, compact midface, and a low dark brown/black norwood 0 hairline.
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  4. faceandlms added a post in a topic Talking With Laadies   

    "Just be confident" LOL.

    I finally swallowed the red pill last year. You'll find countless dating experiments which proves looks (i.e FACE if you're a guy) is absolutely paramount in romantic endeavors. (especially teens and young adults under age 30)

    Working out is for the mostpart a waste of time unless you need to shed a lot of weight or are doing it for yourself. Girls try to snag partners with the best looking faces wheras guys are willing to overlook a girl's face/acne for a slim body.

    Your body is only a bonus if you have an aesthetically pleasing face.

    My advice is to take low dose accutane and focus on improving other aspects of your face (i.e hair transplants, mole removal, darkening your hair, latisse and eyelash tints to emphasize your eyes and detract attention away from your skin) I tried natural remedies for acne and they are all bunk with the exception of drinking water and avoiding milk.

    You are better off pursuing a good career/business than focusing on getting a girlfriend.

    If you live in Canada, US or UK girls all have a picture of their ideal guy. Usually a Brad Pitt, Brody Jenner, or Jake Gyllenhaal lookalike (with a triple figure salary if he's over 25). Our generation can afford to be more picky than our parents. Just look how more girls are enrolled in university than guys. Girls dont need providers so they are pursuing guys with the best looking faces. Just my two cents.
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  5. faceandlms added a post in a topic Ultra Low Dose Accutane Experiment   

    Is it true that I can avoid flushing/red face by taking low dose? (like 5mg/day ?)
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  6. faceandlms added a post in a topic Hair Transplant While On Accutane   

    What does of accutane did he prescribe? I'm considering doing low dose; 5mg/day.
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