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  1. Breakouts after 1 year on regime???

    maybe it was the exams.. i havent had any breakouts for a week now, hopefully it stays *fingers crossed* thanks for posting
  2. Breakouts after 1 year on regime???

    I dont wear makeup at all nor do I touch my face. Perhaps I might have done that while I was asleep but how would that contribute to this amount of breakouts? I change my pillow case regularly too. I am just hoping this breakout will clear up soon, really tempted to pick them (especially those with pus!) ugh
  3. Hi everyone, I'm female, at her early 20s and have been on the regime for 1 year now. During that period I had the best skin (had acne since i was 15) I was finally clear! But couple of days ago, I started breaking out, really badly. I wake up with 2-4 new pimples everyday. Desperate, I went to consult my dermatologist and he placed me on 2 weeks of tetracycline (250mg, 3 capsules each day) and 1 week of prednisolone (5mg, 3 pils each day). Has anyone experienced the same before? Does B.P stop working after a period of time? I always make sure that I'm eating healthy, I DO NOT consume any dairy products, no fast food, no sodas etc. I do not smoke or drink either. I also make sure that I have sufficient amount of sleep. I also FOLLOW strictly to the regime instructions. I make sure to follow the steps rigidity. I am unsure to why I am getting these breakouts. Someone help please!