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  1. So I'm in my 2nd year of implanon and in the past 2 months developed awful under the skin spots on jaw, chin and cheeks. It's really getting me down. I'm 31, female and have had acne since age 12. I can't remember clear skin or the feeling of not being anxious or sad about my skin. I'm booked to get the implant removed on 31/08/16 and my gp has started me on dianette 1 week ago. My skin is awful. Horrible and bumpy. Red and brown marks, huge pores with these bumps just everywhere and OIL. I have been on accutane twice before, found it ok, definitely no cure. I found 2 boxes of expired (July 2015) 20 mg accutane which I may start every other day. Hoping that removing implant, starting dianette and possibly this accutane will help things. Skincare I use la Roche posay effaclar 3 step anti blemish. Hate leaving house at the minute and just so TIRED of how acne makes me feel and controls my life. Any thoughts / experiences on implant etc welcome. Spiro is about the only thing I haven't tried due to not being available in uk. Think it would be a great option.