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  1. patrick92 added a post in a topic Patrick's Retin-A And Doxycycline Log   

    Yep i'm still clear. No side effects or anything. Can't understand why more people don't give retin-a a proper try. It does take a long time to work but give it 6 months or more and the results are amazing.
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  2. patrick92 added a post in a topic Patrick's Retin-A And Doxycycline Log   

    Well I had a lot of blackheads on my forehead to start off with but they certainly didn't get any worse. Right now I probably only have a few that are barely noticeable even when staring very closely at my face. Everyone's different though so it maybe that you get more blackheads but personally I wouldn't worry about them.
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  3. patrick92 added a post in a topic Patrick's Retin-A And Doxycycline Log   

    Glad your feeling more hopeful with your new treatment

    If your like me the flaking won't last much longer than a few weeks but even if it lasts for longer the end results are completely worth it!
    All I can say is stick with it...There were times when I wondered if Retin-A was really doing anything to my skin at all but once I was 4 - 5 months in I noticed a MASSIVE improvement with my skin. There are some people on here who say retinoids never did anything but make their skin worse, but IMO everyone (myself included) is so eager/impatient to see improvements in their skin they don't give retinoids enough time to start working properly. If you take anti-biotics to avoid initial breakouts and stick with retin-a, chances are you'll see improvements so good luck
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  4. patrick92 added a post in a topic Patrick's Retin-A And Doxycycline Log   

    Sorry about the late reply...I keep forgetting to check this thread

    When I used the regimen (or any bp treatment for that matter) I always had really really bad flaking - especially when I first started. Sometimes I would leave home thinking I had the dry skin sorted and then I'd look into a mirror after eating lunch or something and my whole chin would just be a giant flaky mess. Not nice and quite embarrassing. Personally with Retin-a I had very little flaking and it seemed to stop fairly quickly. It was so minimal it didn't bother me at all really.

    Your right that is a harder one to answer Well first off you only apply Retin-A at night so your not going to have to apply make up over the top of it unless you went out late at night for some reason. As for the flaking I guess it depends on the person as some might experience more flaking than others but for me personally I had so little flaking I don't think make up would have been a problem at all - especially compared to the flaking from the regimen
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  5. patrick92 added a post in a topic Patrick's Retin-A And Doxycycline Log   

    I had completely forgotten I was writing this ( not that anyone but me reads it anyway ) hence the massive gaps between posts.

    So now I'm around 5 months into using Retin-a so I should probably sum up the main things I have found/experienced so far.......

    1. My skin is now 95% clear. I still get one or two very small pimples every 2-3 weeks but they fade very very quickly and leave virtually no mark afterwards.

    2. When I first started using Retin-A I was also put on a 3 month course of doxy to prevent any initial breakouts. This worked very well as I had no noticeable initial breakout what so ever and haven't in the 2 months I've been off doxy either.

    3. It's well known that Retin-A can make your skin more prone to sunburn and possibly even dry/irritated. Personally I haven't noticed any increased sensitivity (even during the current hot summer weather) and I haven't been taking any extra precautions. Occasionally I may wake up with slightly flaky skin but that's the worst irritation I've experienced with Retin-A.

    4. It's also well known that Retin-a (and other retinoids) take a long time to start working properly. In my case this has turned out to be very true. In the first 3 months my skin remained pretty much the same - no worse than it had been but not significantly better either. Once I hit month 4 and 5 I really began noticing a change. I was hardly breaking out, my skin tone was nice and even , and hyper-pigmentation was fading faster. I haven't had an active pimple for 3 weeks now and the last one was tiny and faded in 2 days. There were times when I wondered if it was going to work for me but I can honestly say it was worth the wait.

    In a couple more weeks I will probably have flawless skin for the first time in 6 years or so. It's taking a bit of getting used to seeing my face with clear skin, but it's safe to say it's a good problem to have. The thing I don't yet know is how long I will have to use it for. Only time will tell but at the moment I'm planning to keep using it as long as possible to avoid going back to my old skin.

    If anyone should stumble across this and have any specific questions about using Retin-a feel free to ask.
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  6. patrick92 added a post in a topic Patrick's Retin-A And Doxycycline Log   

    Day 68:

    Haven't posted in a while because nothing has really changed over the past couple of weeks.

    My chin is still doing well. It has remained clear apart from one small pimple on the corner of my mouth and the little bit of hyper pigmentation there is also nearly completely gone.

    My forehead is still being difficult. I thought it had finally started to clear up as I hadn't had an active pimple there for a over a week and all the hyper-pigmentation was starting to fade nicely. Then a few days ago a broke out with 4 new spots around the center of my forehead which are very noticeable and have been constantly bleeding. I really though my forehead would have made a lot more progress by now considering how well my chin had been doing, however it's still better than when I started. I'm going upload more pics but will until I reach the 3 month point in a few weeks time.
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  8. patrick92 added a post in a topic Advice On Starting Spiro And Retin-A?   

    Being a guy I've obviously never done hormonal treatments for acne but I'm currently on 0.05% Retin-A and a 3 month course of doxy to prevent any initial breakout. I can honestly tell you I've experienced no worsening of my acne what so ever, probably mostly thanks to doxy I think. If I was you I'd just get started with both spiro and Retina-A at the same as doxy should prevent any bad initial breakouts. Also Retin-A takes a while to start working so the sooner you start, the sooner you'll begin to see improvements. I haven't moisturized much while on Retin-A purely because I haven't experienced bad flaking or irritation, but your skin can become more sensitive to the sun so maybe a good combined sunscreen/moisturizer such as neutrogena's oil free SPF15 moisturiser would be good. I currently use it if I'm going to be in the sun a lot and it hasn't broken me out at all.
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  9. patrick92 added a post in a topic Patrick's Retin-A And Doxycycline Log   

    It's not as serious as it sounds haha. And thanks, I just got back from the test, and luckily it and wasn't as bad as I was expecting

    That sounds way more interesting than what I study. If you do your maters does that lead on to working with people who have speech or hearing difficulties?
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  10. patrick92 added a post in a topic Patrick's Retin-A And Doxycycline Log   

    Set backs can be so frustrating but it's great that your skin is better than when you started. Everyone seems to live by the "3 month" rule with acne treatments, but different skin responds at different rates, and by the end of the year I bet you'll be strutting your stuff with nice clear skin haha. Keep it up!

    I'm doing a commerce (finance major) and science conjoint (maths major). I'll try and take your advice, but I have a particularly nasty test on Thursday which I'm not looking forward to . What are you studying?
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  11. patrick92 added a post in a topic Patrick's Retin-A And Doxycycline Log   

    I know right, it feels exactly like my school formal all over again as I didn't have anyone to take to that either. At least you got up the courage to go with that guy as I do regret the fact I didn't get to go to mine. I do know a few people who are going but I'd feel a bit pathetic asking them if they know anyone who'd go with me haha.

    I am pleased with the way my skin is going at the moment. There is still a long way to go, but at least I can now look in the mirror and tell that my skin has improved since I started. How's you skin going?

    And I hate this time of semester at uni. So many tests and assignments all due at once . There is light on the horizon though as my work load eases up at the end of this week.
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  12. patrick92 added a post in a topic Patrick's Retin-A And Doxycycline Log   

    day 49/ 7 weeks!

    My forehead is finally calming down thank god! I've been clear there for the past few days, and the hyper pigmentation is slowly fading. Unfortunately I've had a couple of pimples come up on my chin/jaw. They are only small, but are still annoying as before they popped up I had pretty much perfectly clear skin there :/ I think they might have been caused by all the stress of Uni at the moment.

    I'm also stressed about an event I have to go to in 3 weeks. Your required to have a partner/date and I have literally no one to ask or go with, and even if I did I doubt I'd have the courage to actually ask. Not sure what to do about this and everyone else seems to find someone so easily :/
    Oh well back to studying.
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  13. patrick92 added a post in a topic Antibiotics Or No Antibiotics?   

    I'm currently on a 3 month course of doxy 100mg as well and experienced no purging or breakouts when I started taking it. It did take 2 or 3 weeks before I noticed it having any positive effect on my skin though, so if you keep taking it I'm reasonably sure it will get your acne under control temporally. As many on this forum have experienced, antibiotics usually only work in the short-term though as acne often returns soon after you've finished your course. If I were you I'd keep taking doxy till you've finished your course but go back to your derm to ask about other treatments that will have a more lasting effect such as retinoids. Or if the bp is working well for you maybe you could give the regimen a try if you haven't already.
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  14. patrick92 added a post in a topic Patrick's Retin-A And Doxycycline Log   

    Yeh some improvement is definitely better than none. I've kept using the neutrogena dry touch sunscreen for when I'm out cycling, as even though it makes my skin look pale it's so strong I never have to worry about burning with it. For everyday use I actually went and bought that neutrogena spf moisteriser you suggested, which has been really good so far. I'm lucky that I don't burn that easily though so I don't use sunscreen everyday (probably should anyway though I'm just too lazy sometimes ).

    It's so true though, we are our own worse critics. Even though people may look at us and notice the acne, they probably couldn't care less. I don't find other people with acne unattractive and I often feel more comfortable around people that don't have clear skin. I know it's not an attractive trait to have, but I've seen plenty of people with acne who are still really really good looking. Staring was probably too stronger word to use. It's more like a longish glance when people walk past or sometimes I may inadvertently catch someone looking at me in class for some reason. Just little looks that make you feel I little uncomfortable or more self conscious if you know what I mean. Then again my low self esteem is probably just making sound like a crazy paranoid person haha. I'm sure people aren't looking for other better reasons, but it's a nice thought (dreams are free though right ).

    I hope we are all getting close to that point too. It is so important to keep active as whenever I occasionally cave and hide away I always feel worse in the long-run.
    And your right, we do all deserve to enjoy life and be happy so I hope your skin is continuing to improve and that your still gaining confidence
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  15. patrick92 added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    Today I just feel frustrated. One of those days where I wish I could just fast forward to when I have clear skin as I'm getting sick of waiting haha.
    Hopefully tomorrow is better.
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